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Anna's Dream Quotes

Anna's Dream is a television program that first aired in 1970 . Anna's Dream completed its run in 1970.

Anna's Dream is recorded in English and originally aired in United States. Each episode of Anna's Dream is 90 minutes long.

The cast includes: Lindsay Felton as Anna Morgan, Cara DeLizia as Beth Morgan, and Connie Sellecca as Leslie Morgan.

Anna's Dream Quotes

Cara DeLizia as Beth Morgan

  • (Cara DeLizia) "That girl is personally responsible for the worldwide proliferation of all blonde jokes."
  • (Cara DeLizia) "You know, Sheila's not insensitive on purpose, it just comes to her naturally."
  • (Cara DeLizia) "Oh, make it stop."
  • (Lindsay Felton) "Sorry. I just can't do it again today."
  • (Cara DeLizia) "Who are you talking to?"
  • (Lindsay Felton) "God."
  • (Cara DeLizia) "Cool. Tell him I can't do it either."

Lindsay Felton as Anna Morgan

  • (Lindsay Felton) "I don't have to do this. Everyone would understand. I'll just stay in my room for the rest of my life, and write poetry like Emily Dickinson. All right. One more day and that's it. I mean it."
  • (Cara DeLizia) "God again?"
  • (Lindsay Felton) "Yeah."
  • (Lindsay Felton) "Are you sure you want to turn your math sheet in with "Craig" doodled all over it?"
  • (Cara DeLizia) "What? I mean, I know this thing for Craig isn't, like, love or anything. It's more like a --"
  • (Lindsay Felton) "Addiction? Obsession? Psychosis?"
  • (Cara DeLizia) "I was thinking "crush"."
  • (Lindsay Felton) "Same thing."
  • (Cara DeLizia) "Crush sounds better."
  • (Lindsay Felton) "Puppy love?"
  • (Cara DeLizia) "Makes me feel like I am six years old."
  • (Lindsay Felton) "Okay, fine. Stick with crush, then. I mean, crushes are acceptable at our age. Just don't have this crush child."
  • (Cara DeLizia) "I feel bad talking to you about this."
  • (Lindsay Felton) "Why? It's not like no one will ever love me, you know."
  • (Cara DeLizia) "Well, maybe you will meed somebody at the dance."
  • (Lindsay Felton) "It's a dance. People go there to dance. I think boys don't really take me for the dancing type anymore. I'm sorry. Sometimes I guess I'm not as okay with it as I think I am. But, hey, it's okay that you can walk. It's okay that you can dance. It's even okay if you get a better grade on this math test although I think the chances of that are pretty remote at this point."
  • (Lindsay Felton) "Oh, too late. See ya."
  • (Lindsay Felton) "So, I have decided that I'm going to the dance."
  • (Sheila) "Huh?"
  • (Cara DeLizia) "Really? When did you decide this?"
  • (Lindsay Felton) "During the last 15 minutes of math class. I was there done with my test and everyone else was still grinding it out, and I realized that I need more of a life. I mean, if I'm so understanding about why no boy is interested in me, I shouldn't not go to the dance because no boy is interested in me."
  • (Cara DeLizia) "You -- You lost me at, "If I'm so understanding"."
  • (Lindsay Felton) "It's all right. I'm not entirely clear on it myself. Let's just say that I decided to go. So I'm going."
  • (Cara DeLizia) "Wow. You're so decisive. You should be a judge or something."
  • (Lindsay Felton) "Or a dictator. An empress-conqueror in a wheelchair."
  • (Cara DeLizia) "Anna the Hun."
  • (Lindsay Felton) "Anna the Nun."
  • (Cara DeLizia) "Anna the Hun-Nun."
  • (Sheila) "Wow. Anna, you have the best attitude for a girl whose life is just so terrible."
  • (Sheila) "Did I say something funny? I don't normally say something funny."

Connie Sellecca as Leslie Morgan

  • (Connie Sellecca) "You're going to the dance?"
  • (Lindsay Felton) "Didn't Dad tell you not to make a big deal about this?"
  • (Connie Sellecca) "Yes, but you know I don't listen to him."
  • (Lindsay Felton) "Well, maybe you should try it sometime."
  • (Connie Sellecca) "maybe when we're old. So, you're going. You sure this is a good idea? I mean, you should do this kind of thing eventually, but maybe this is pushing things a little too fast. I don't know. What do you think?"
  • (Lindsay Felton) "I think that I'm going to the dance. It's not that big of a deal."
  • (Connie Sellecca) "Okay. Okay, then."
  • (Lindsay Felton) "You know, this is just the corny reaction I was trying to avoid."
  • (Connie Sellecca) "I can't help it."
  • (Lindsay Felton) "You know, Dad didn't hug me. He just gave me a pat and a wink. And he really wanted to hug me, I could tell."
  • (Connie Sellecca) "Your father's stronger than I am. You tell him I said that, you die."

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