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Bowfinger Quotes

Bowfinger is a television show that first aired in 1970 . Bowfinger ended in 1970.

It features Brian Grazer as producer, David Newman (composer) in charge of musical score, and Ueli Steiger as head of cinematography.

Bowfinger is recorded in English and originally aired in United States. Each episode of Bowfinger is 97 minutes long. Bowfinger is distributed by Universal Pictures.

The cast includes: Eddie Murphy as Kit, Heather Graham as Daisy, Eddie Murphy as Jiff Ramsey, Jamie Kennedy as Dave, Christine Baranski as Carol, Kohl Sudduth as Slater, and Adam Alexi-Malle as Afrim.

Bowfinger Quotes

Adam Alexi-Malle as Afrim

  • (Robert K. Bowfinger) "And why is this going to work? Because Afrim here is a damn fine screenwriter, as well as accountant and part time receptionist. I said to Afrim "If you can write half as well as you can add-" Well I didn't even have to finish my sentence. Twelve days later he hands me this, this masterpiece. Afrim, tell them what it's called."
  • (Adam Alexi-Malle) "Chubby Rain."
  • (Robert K. Bowfinger) "Tell them why."
  • (Adam Alexi-Malle) "Because when the aliens come down to earth, they come inside raindrops, making the rain chubby. Chubby rain."

Eddie Murphy as Kit

  • (Eddie Murphy) "Oh, gosh, I'm really hoping to get a career running errands. That'd be a major boost for me."
  • (Kit's Agent) "This is a great script. Look, it's not Shakespeare, but it --"
  • (Eddie Murphy) "Hey, what did you just say?"
  • (Unnamed) "I said, 'it's not Shakespeare' --"
  • (Eddie Murphy) "'It's not Shake -- ', 'It's not Shake -- ' (to Freddy) Do you hear what he's doing?"
  • (Freddy) "I know he's doing something, I just can't put my finger on it. Yeah, yeah, yeah -- What's he doing?"
  • (Eddie Murphy) "Shakespeare, Freddy, Shakespeare."
  • (Freddy) "Shakespeare?"
  • (Eddie Murphy) "Shake a spear. Spearchucker. I'm a spearchucker now."
  • (Eddie Murphy) "Hey. Freddy?"
  • (Kohl Sudduth) "You heard me Kincade, don't act dumb. Where's the plutonium?"
  • (Eddie Murphy) "Hey, the plutonium is mine, its been registered for religious purposes."
  • (Kohl Sudduth) "You, you actually have some plutonium?"
  • (Robert K. Bowfinger) "He's got plutonium ?"
  • (Terry Stricter, MindHead Honcho) "Happy premise #1."
  • (Eddie Murphy) "Happy premise #1: There are no aliens."
  • (Terry Stricter, MindHead Honcho) "Happy premise #2."
  • (Eddie Murphy) "Happy premise #2: There is no giant foot trying to squash me."
  • (Terry Stricter, MindHead Honcho) "Happy premise #3."
  • (Eddie Murphy) "Happy premise #3: Even though I feel like I might ignite, I probably won't."
  • (Robert K. Bowfinger) "Would you be willing to cut your hair?"
  • (Eddie Murphy) "Well, yeah, but it would probably be better if someone else did it. I've had a few -- accidents."
  • (Eddie Murphy) "Them people can't speak English good."
  • (Eddie Murphy) "The sickness is deep."
  • (Eddie Murphy) "It's too cerebral. We're trying to make a movie here, not a film."
  • (Eddie Murphy) "The letter K appears in this script 1,456 times. That's perfectly divisible by 3."
  • (Freddy) "So what? So what you saying?"
  • (Eddie Murphy) "What am I saying? KKK appears in this script 486 times."

Heather Graham as Daisy

  • (Heather Graham) "I know what's going on. I may be from Ohio, but I'm not from Ohio."
  • (Robert K. Bowfinger) "-- but what are some of your favorite TV shows?"
  • (Heather Graham) "I love the Flintstones."
  • (Robert K. Bowfinger) "Oh I love the Flintstones too, that's so good, do you like that? Now, okay, do you like walks in the park?"
  • (Heather Graham) "In the rain."
  • (Robert K. Bowfinger) "Oh God, you know what, I want you to see the Music Man, because --"
  • (Heather Graham) "I've seen that. I love the Music Man."
  • (Robert K. Bowfinger) "Isn't Robert Preston good?"
  • (Heather Graham) "He's so good. Do you LOVE Smashing Pumpkins?"
  • (Robert K. Bowfinger) "Are you kid; I LOVE to do that."

Jamie Kennedy as Dave

  • (Robert K. Bowfinger) "Good camera."
  • (Jamie Kennedy) "Yeah. I gotta have it back in every night, or it's a felony. Years you get."
  • (Robert K. Bowfinger) "You'd get."
  • (Jamie Kennedy) "But movies cost millions of dollars to make."
  • (Robert K. Bowfinger) "That's after gross net deduction profit percentage deferment ten percent of the nut. Cash, every movie cost $2,184."

Christine Baranski as Carol

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