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Bastard out of Carolina (film) Quotes

Bastard out of Carolina (film) is a TV program that appeared on TV in 1970 . Bastard out of Carolina completed its run in 1970.

It features Amanda DiGiulio as producer, Van Dyke Parks in charge of musical score, and Anthony B. Richmond as head of cinematography.

Bastard out of Carolina (film) is recorded in English and originally aired in United States. Each episode of Bastard out of Carolina (film) is 98 minutes long. Bastard out of Carolina (film) is distributed by Showtime Networks.

The cast includes: Laura Dern as Narrator, Grace Zabriskie as Granny, Jennifer Jason Leigh as Anney Boatwright, Ron Eldard as Glen Waddell, Jennifer Jason Leigh as Ruth Anne 'Bone' Boatwright, Lindley Mayer as Reese, and Susan Traylor as Alma.

Bastard out of Carolina (film) Quotes

Jennifer Jason Leigh as Anney Boatwright

  • (Jennifer Jason Leigh) "Not my kids. I was never gonna have my girls know what it was like. I was never gonna have them go hungry or cold or scared. Never, you hear me? Never."
  • (Jennifer Jason Leigh) "I don't care what they say, Bone. I won't have anybody call you trash."
  • (Jennifer Jason Leigh) "Oh, Jesus, Glen. You don't know your own strength."
  • (Ron Eldard) "I guess I don't. But Bone knows I'd never mean to hurt her. Bone knows I love her. Hell, Anney, I love all of you. You know that."
  • (Laura Dern) "No, he never meant to hurt me. Not really, I told myself. But more and more those hands seemed to move before he could think."
  • (Jennifer Jason Leigh) "Glen's not like that."
  • (Grace Zabriskie) "You don't what that boy's like."
  • (Jennifer Jason Leigh) "I know he loves me."
  • (Grace Zabriskie) "Love. Can't even hold a job for more than a month."
  • (Jennifer Jason Leigh) "That's not true."
  • (Doctor) "How'd she break her coccyx?"
  • (Jennifer Jason Leigh) "Her what?"
  • (Doctor) "Her tailbone, lady. Her ass. What you been hitting' this child with, or maybe you just been throwin' her up against the damn wall."
  • (Jennifer Jason Leigh) "What are you sayin'? What are you sayin'?"
  • (Doctor) "Do you wanna talk about it, honey? How 'bout we ask your mama to leave, and then, maybe you can tell me what happened, okay?"
  • (Jennifer Jason Leigh) "Let me have my girl."
  • (Doctor) "This child's been beaten. This child's been beaten, and I'm gonna call the authorities."
  • (Jennifer Jason Leigh) "Hey, Bone. You sleepin'? You startin' to look like me, Bone. You're growin' up. What do you think, honey? You think I'm doin' the right thing?"
  • (Jennifer Jason Leigh) "I don't know."
  • (Jennifer Jason Leigh) "I think I am. I hope I am. Sometimes I just get so tired, you know? Sometimes I just want somebody strong to stand by me. To stay with me."
  • (Jennifer Jason Leigh) "I'll stay with you."
  • (Jennifer Jason Leigh) "I know you will, Bone."

Ron Eldard as Glen Waddell

  • (Ron Eldard) "We're movin'."
  • (Jennifer Jason Leigh) "What? Where?"
  • (Ron Eldard) "Found us a new place over by the JC Penney mill."
  • (Unnamed) "Why? What's wrong with this place?"
  • (Susan Traylor) "Damn you, Glen Waddell. Don't you take Anney so far away."
  • (Ron Eldard) "Bone, what're you doing up here? How many times you gonna make me call you, girl?"
  • (Jennifer Jason Leigh) "I didn't hear you."
  • (Ron Eldard) "Didn't hear you? I've been callin' you for five minutes. Your mama needs your help down there."
  • (Jennifer Jason Leigh) "I didn't hear you."
  • (Ron Eldard) "Don't you sass me. Don't you dare sass me. You think just 'cause your aunt died, you can talk to me like that? You're in my house, now. I am the boss of my house. Do you understand that?"
  • (Jennifer Jason Leigh) "Glen. Of all days, Jesus. Glen."
  • (Ron Eldard) "Anney. Anney., let me handle this. Please, let me handle this."
  • (Jennifer Jason Leigh) "No, Glen. No, Glen. Glen. Glen."
  • (Ron Eldard) "Doctor says it's gonna be a while, but she's doin' just fine. I know she's worried. She thinks if it's a girl I ain't gonna love it. It'll still be our baby. Even if she did have a girl, we'll just have another soon enough. I'll have my son. Anney and I will have our little baby boy. I know it. I just know it."
  • (Ron Eldard) "Anney, what the hell is this?"
  • (Jennifer Jason Leigh) "Earl was just tryin' to help, Glen. Good Lord."
  • (Ron Eldard) "How can you shame me like that? I'm a grown man, Anney. I don't need your brother to pay my damn way,"
  • (Ron Eldard) "you give that back to him tomorrow."
  • (Jennifer Jason Leigh) "Glen, that's crazy. We need this money."
  • (Ron Eldard) "You just do as I say and"
  • (Ron Eldard) "sell the damn radio, while you're at it."
  • (Ron Eldard) "The things I do ain't good enough for you. I put my hand in a honey jar, comes out piss. Nothing I do is right."
  • (Jennifer Jason Leigh) "Glen, everybody has troubles now and then, honey. Just give it time, sweetie. Things are gonna work out."
  • (Ron Eldard) "Shut up. You shut up, you don't give me that mama crap. You shut your mouth, you just shut up. Shut Up."
  • (Ron Eldard) "I'm sorry Anney. Anney, you know I don't mean to yell at you. I'm sorry, I'm sorry."
  • (Ron Eldard) "You know how much I love your mama."
  • (Jennifer Jason Leigh) "Oh, Jesus, Glen. You don't know your own strength."
  • (Ron Eldard) "I guess, I don't. But Bone knows I never mean to hurt her. Bone knows I love her. Hell Anney. I love all of you, you know that."
  • (Ron Eldard) "I never meant to beat her that bad. I swear I didn't. I would never. I'm sorry. I'm sorry, baby."
  • (Ron Eldard) "I talked to Annie, you know, and she's comin' back. She promised. She said she just needs a little time, time to make it up to you. She loves you more than I can understand. You know what your mama told me? She's not coming home till you come home too. You're gonna have to tell her it's alright. You're gonna have to tell her that we'll be together, again."
  • (Jennifer Jason Leigh) "No. I don't wanna live with you no more. I told mama she can go back. I told her she could. But I can't. I won't."
  • (Ron Eldard) "You won't? You won't live with me no more? You are still a child. You don't say what you do. I'm your daddy. I say you what to do."
  • (Jennifer Jason Leigh) "No."
  • (Ron Eldard) "I want you to try to be reasonable, girl. I want you to tell your mama, I want you to stop all this nonsense, before you make me really mad."
  • (Jennifer Jason Leigh) "I'd rather die than go back living with you."
  • (Ron Eldard) "I think you're the most beautiful woman I've ever seen."
  • (Ron Eldard) "Don't go, I can't live without you. Kill me. Please, baby. Kill me. Kill me. Kill me."
  • (Ron Eldard) "It's my one day off, and you gotta tear around here? Now just, just cool it, kid. You're a girl, not a racehorse."
  • (Jennifer Jason Leigh) "You're a girl, not a racehorse."
  • (Ron Eldard) "You little bitch. You little bitch. Come here."

Laura Dern as Narrator

  • (Laura Dern) "The day I was born started off bad and only got worse. I guess I was lucky I got born at all."
  • (Laura Dern) "I lived in a world of shame. I hid my bruises as if they were evidence of crimes I had committed. I didn't tell Mama. I couldn't tell Mama."

Grace Zabriskie as Granny

  • (Grace Zabriskie) "Ruth Anne's all right, but Mattie Raylene would've been better. 'Course nobody bothered to ask me."
  • (Jennifer Jason Leigh) "Nobody bothered to ask you? Nobody bothered to ask me. It's my baby."
  • (Grace Zabriskie) "That's your own damn fault for sleepin' three whole days."
  • (Jennifer Jason Leigh) "I had a concussion, Mama."
  • (Grace Zabriskie) "How many babies I had, and did I sleep through any of 'em? I don't think so."

Lindley Mayer as Reese

  • (Lindley Mayer) "You made him mad, Bone. You better be careful."

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