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Buffalo Soldiers (2001 film) Quotes

Buffalo Soldiers (2001 film) is a TV program that first aired in 1970 . Buffalo Soldiers ended in 1970.

It features Rainer Grupe as producer, and Oliver Stapleton as head of cinematography.

Each episode of Buffalo Soldiers (2001 film) is 98 minutes long. Buffalo Soldiers (2001 film) is distributed by Miramax Films.

The cast includes: Dean Stockwell as Gen. Lancaster, Joaquin Phoenix as Ray Elwood, Glenn Fitzgerald as Hicks, Gabriel Mann as Knoll, Anna Paquin as Robyn Lee, Elizabeth McGovern as Mrs. Berman, and Sheik Mahmud-Bey as Sgt. Saad.

Buffalo Soldiers (2001 film) Quotes

Joaquin Phoenix as Ray Elwood

  • (Joaquin Phoenix) "Jesus Christ, this is not fun."
  • (Anna Paquin) "What's the matter? You scared?"
  • (Joaquin Phoenix) "Of course I'm not scared."
  • (Anna Paquin) "I won't push you --"
  • (Joaquin Phoenix) "Yeah, I'd appreciate that."
  • (Unnamed) "What'sa matter, Elwood, your fitness lacking? You want to do the confidence course a few times, get you back into shape?"
  • (Joaquin Phoenix) "No thanks, Top. I'll be fine."
  • (Joaquin Phoenix) "There's basically two types of guys in the army; the motherf***ers and the motherf***ed. Sergeant Saad is the third kind- he f***s the motherf***ers -- which is doable when you're the chief MP by day and the director of retail heroin sales by night."
  • (Joaquin Phoenix) "So how come they assigned you here?"
  • (Gabriel Mann) "I put in for it. My fiancée is here on base, so we arranged for a transfer together."
  • (Joaquin Phoenix) "Oh, how sweet. Who's she?"
  • (Gabriel Mann) "Margolis, Carol-Anne. Private first class."
  • (Joaquin Phoenix) "You call her by her last name? What do you do, salute in bed?"
  • (Joaquin Phoenix) "These were my guys. Fighting the dull fight. Soldiers with nothing to kill except time. They know that war is hell; but peace, peace is f***ing boring."
  • (Joaquin Phoenix) "Uh, guys."
  • (Joaquin Phoenix) "Guys. Guys."
  • (Joaquin Phoenix) "Uh, just letting you know, Parsons is dead."
  • (Joaquin Phoenix) "Three things I love about Germany: my Mercedes-Benz, no speed limit on the autobahn and a black market for anything I can get my hands on."
  • (Joaquin Phoenix) "War is hell, but peace is f***ing boring."
  • (Joaquin Phoenix) "Let's just say cooking smack's like preparing Thanksgiving dinner where one of the ingredients is a hand grenade."
  • (Sheik Mahmud-Bey) "This s*** explodes?"
  • (Joaquin Phoenix) "Kaboom."
  • (Joaquin Phoenix) "60's a heavy mother."
  • (Unnamed) "So am I."
  • (Joaquin Phoenix) "Say, do you ever have falling dreams?"
  • (Anna Paquin) "Sure, I think so."
  • (Joaquin Phoenix) "I have the same dream all the time where its really high and I'm kind of floating and then I fall. Is that the same as yours?"
  • (Anna Paquin) "Kind of."
  • (Joaquin Phoenix) "Well, why? What happens in yours?"
  • (Anna Paquin) "I wake up before I hit the ground."
  • (Joaquin Phoenix) "I always hit. I don't wake up."
  • (Anna Paquin) "That's not normal."
  • (Joaquin Phoenix) ""When there is peace, the warlike man attacks himself"; that's Nietzsche, and his point is that there really is no peace. There's always some war, somewhere, with someone. And there are no winners or losers either -- just those who are still around to fight another day."
  • (Joaquin Phoenix) "Sir, you've got to relax --"
  • (Unnamed) "Don't you tell me to relax, goddammit. You're an E4. I'm a goddamm full bird colonel. You don't talk to me like that. You understand, soldier?"
  • (Joaquin Phoenix) "Yes, sir."
  • (Unnamed) "Oh, Jesus, Elwood, I'm -- I didn't mean to take it out on you -- Elwood, I'm -- I'm sorry."
  • (Joaquin Phoenix) "That's OK sir, I understand the kind of pressure you're under."
  • (Joaquin Phoenix) "Why are you putting your arms up like that?"
  • (Unnamed) "What is this? What have we here?"
  • (Joaquin Phoenix) "Just some requisitions, sir."
  • (Unnamed) "One thousand gallons of Mop & Glow -- my God, do we really need that much?"
  • (Joaquin Phoenix) "Well, cleanliness is next to godliness."
  • (Unnamed) "Heroin, cocaine, marijuana, lysergic acid, deithyl -- whatever the hell that is; amphetamines, traces of barbiturates, estrogen. Estrogen? McCovey was on the pill? -- How could this be possible?"
  • (Joaquin Phoenix) "He might have taken it by mistake, sir."
  • (Unnamed) "What?"
  • (Joaquin Phoenix) "Birth control pill. He might've thought it was something ele."
  • (Unnamed) "Well, fine. But he didn't take heroin, speed and cocaine by mistake, did he?"
  • (Joaquin Phoenix) "It seems unlikely, sir."

Dean Stockwell as Gen. Lancaster

  • (Dean Stockwell) "My belief is if you come from dirt, you fight better because you dont want to go back to the dirt. The best fighters in the world are people with nothing to lose."

Glenn Fitzgerald as Hicks

  • (Radio Operator) "Bravo Two Zero, Bravo Two Zero come in. Bravo Two Zero, Bravo Two Zero come in."
  • (Glenn Fitzgerald) "s***, turn that down man, turn down the f***ing music."
  • (Radio Operator) "Bravo Two Zero please respond, what's going on Hicks?"
  • (Glenn Fitzgerald) "Uh -- Bravo Two Zero here."
  • (Radio Operator) "Bravo Two Zero commence tactical maneuver area two nine alpha romeo, take position on three nine foxtrot delta four seven."
  • (Glenn Fitzgerald) "f***. What the hell is -- two nine -- alpha romeo?"
  • (Glenn Fitzgerald) "You got anything?"
  • (Joaquin Phoenix) "Depends on what you want."
  • (Glenn Fitzgerald) "Uh, some horse."
  • (Joaquin Phoenix) "Can't help you."
  • (Glenn Fitzgerald) "You know, f***, Elwood -- I outrank you so don't give me any crap."
  • (Joaquin Phoenix) "I appreciate that but I can't help you."
  • (Glenn Fitzgerald) "What was that bump?"
  • (Unnamed) "Oh s***, man, we just ran over a car. We just squashed a car."
  • (Glenn Fitzgerald) "What kind of car?"
  • (Unnamed) "A Volkswagen. A f***ing beetle."
  • (Glenn Fitzgerald) "Oh, no. We squashed a beetle."

Anna Paquin as Robyn Lee

  • (Anna Paquin) "You know he's gonna cut your balls off, right? So, am I worth it?"
  • (Joaquin Phoenix) "Yeah, sure. Why not."
  • (Anna Paquin) "He murdered your car?"
  • (Anna Paquin) "You have a serious problem. My dad's a pretty heavy guy. He'll really f*** you up."
  • (Joaquin Phoenix) "When you say 'f*** me up', what do you mean?"
  • (Anna Paquin) "I mean f*** you right up. He's done three tours of Vietnam; he's killed a lot of people."
  • (Joaquin Phoenix) "Whoa. You're saying he's going to kill me?"
  • (Anna Paquin) "I don't know, but he's not a guy to mess with."
  • (Joaquin Phoenix) "Why are you telling me all this?"
  • (Anna Paquin) "I guess I don't want him to f*** you up."
  • (Joaquin Phoenix) "You realize that's probably the nicest thing anyone's said to me -- in my whole life?"
  • (Anna Paquin) "What will it take to make you jump?"
  • (Joaquin Phoenix) "A parachute."

Elizabeth McGovern as Mrs. Berman

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