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Caged Quotes

Caged is a television program that debuted in 1970 . Caged stopped airing in 1970.

It features Jerry Wald as producer, Max Steiner in charge of musical score, and Carl E. Guthrie as head of cinematography.

Caged is recorded in English and originally aired in United States. Each episode of Caged is 96 minutes long. Caged is distributed by Warner Bros..

The cast includes: Eleanor Parker as Marie Allen, Betty Garde as Kitty Stark, Hope Emerson as Evelyn Harper, Sheila MacRae as Helen, Agnes Moorehead as Ruth Benton, Gertrude Hoffmann as Millie, Lee Patrick as Elvira Powell, and Ellen Corby as Emma Barber.

Caged Quotes

Hope Emerson as Evelyn Harper

  • (Hope Emerson) "Let's you and me get acquainted honey. You may be a number to others but not to me. Sit down in this chair, it's kinda roomy."
  • (Hope Emerson) "Come on you tramps; line up for Christmas."
  • (Hope Emerson) "Home sweet home. Just like the big cage in the zoo; only you clean it up instead of the keeper. Bucket and brush is in the corner closet."
  • (Eleanor Parker) "Mrs. Benton said I was going to work in the laundry."
  • (Hope Emerson) "I'm the boss here. Start scrubbin'."
  • (Eleanor Parker) "But Mrs. Benton told me --"
  • (Eleanor Parker) "Where do I begin, Mrs. Harper?"
  • (Hope Emerson) "Now you're gettin' hip."

Betty Garde as Kitty Stark

  • (Unnamed) "I'll tell Evelyn."
  • (Betty Garde) "Don't kid me, Harper's first name is filth."
  • (Smoochie) "She's a real lady, Georgia, only she married some guy who likes spendin' other people's dough, so he got her to write a bunch of bouncers. I got news for ya. Georgia gives this place class."
  • (Betty Garde) "She ain't the only one. I had two real mink coats and a closetful of black lace nighties and a shelf full of real French perfumes that my girls lifted right out of one of the swankiest stores in town."
  • (Smoochie) "Don't rub it in. All I had was a different pair of shoes for every night."
  • (Betty Garde) "You see kid, in this cage, you get tough or you get killed. Better wise up before it's too late."
  • (Betty Garde) "Quit shaking the tambourine."
  • (Betty Garde) "Don't let it throw you, honey. You're still a kid. If you get paroled soon enough, there'll be a lotta guys that'll tumble for ya. You can even get hitched and have another kid if you're dope enough to want to. The trick's to flop out as soon as you can. Like I said, the boys can get your parole movin' fast. How 'bout it? Don't it make sense, honey? Think it over, sweetioe, but get this through your head: if you stay in here too long, you don't think of guys at all; you just get out of the habit."

Agnes Moorehead as Ruth Benton

  • (Agnes Moorehead) "You'll find all kinds of women in here, just as you would outside. But every large institution must have rules, and the matrons are here to see that the rules are obeyed."
  • (Agnes Moorehead) "You weren't sent here to be punished; just being here is the punishment, that's all."

Sheila MacRae as Helen

  • (Sheila MacRae) "What shall I do with her file?"
  • (Agnes Moorehead) "Keep it active. She'll be back."
  • (Sheila MacRae) "What shall I do with her file?"
  • (Agnes Moorehead) "Keep it active. She'll be back."

Ellen Corby as Emma Barber

(We don't have any quotes for this character)

Eleanor Parker as Marie Allen

  • (Eleanor Parker) "I feel a little sick."
  • (Infirmary Nurse) "Get that way often?"
  • (Eleanor Parker) "Yes, the last week or so."
  • (Infirmary Nurse) "Say, you expecting company?"
  • (Eleanor Parker) "I don't know."
  • (Infirmary Nurse) "Another pregnant one. Get up --. You know who the father is?"
  • (Eleanor Parker) "My husband."
  • (Eleanor Parker) "Well, ain't we gettin' respectable. Could he help with the expenses?"
  • (Eleanor Parker) "He's dead."
  • (Infirmary Nurse) "Another bill for the state. Get dressed."
  • (Claire Devlin - Inmate) "How much time you pullin'?"
  • (Eleanor Parker) "One to fifteen years. But I come up for parole in ten months."
  • (Smoochie) "Just a hot minute. What's your rap?"
  • (Eleanor Parker) "Robbery."
  • (Smoochie) "Hmph. Society. Larcenists don't talk to CPs."
  • (Eleanor Parker) ""CPs"?"
  • (Smoochie) "Are you kiddin'?"
  • (Betty Garde) ""CP"; common prostitute."
  • (Smoochie) "Where you been livin', the moon?"
  • (Betty Garde) "Her name's Smoochie."
  • (Eleanor Parker) "Glad to meet you."
  • (Smoochie) "Got news for ya': she's all right."
  • (Eleanor Parker) "For that forty bucks I heisted, I certainly got myself an education."
  • (Eleanor Parker) "Kill her. Kill her. Kill her."
  • (Infirmary Nurse) "I hope your batch is cleaner than the last lot. I had to scrub them with brooms."
  • (Infirmary Nurse) "Eyes okay -- No drugs in the ears -- Open your mouth wide -- I said wide."
  • (Infirmary Nurse) "No drugs in mouth. Teeth sound."
  • (Infirmary Nurse) "Lung tap sound -- Heart excited, but strong enough."
  • (Infirmary Nurse) "What's the matter?"
  • (Eleanor Parker) "I feel a little sick --"
  • (Eleanor Parker) "For that forty bucks I heisted I sure got myself an education."

Gertrude Hoffmann as Millie

  • (Gertrude Hoffmann) "I'm a tall weed in the grass and the grapevines bloomin'."

Lee Patrick as Elvira Powell

  • (Lee Patrick) "I didn't know what kind of a heel Harper is. She's like a cop I was sweet on once. He had to work guys over for no reason at all, just because it made him feel important. If I'd known I wouldn't have started on you."

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