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Dance, Fools, Dance Quotes

Dance, Fools, Dance is a TV show that was first aired in 1970 . Dance, Fools, Dance stopped airing in 1970.

It features Charles Rosher as head of cinematography.

Dance, Fools, Dance is recorded in English language and originally aired in United States. Each episode of Dance, Fools, Dance is 80 minutes long. Dance, Fools, Dance is distributed by Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer.

The cast includes: Lester Vail as Bob, Joan Crawford as Bonnie, William Bakewell as Rodney, William Holden as Stanley Jordan, Clark Gable as Jake Luva, and Cliff Edwards as Bert Scranton.

Dance, Fools, Dance Quotes

Clark Gable as Jake Luva

  • (Clark Gable) "You got me going, sister."
  • (Joan Crawford) "Can I depend on it?"
  • (Clark Gable) "In a big way."

Cliff Edwards as Bert Scranton

  • (Cliff Edwards) "You'll learn, kid. Clearness, condensation. Where, what, when, and why -- that's the idea. Say, don't let those guys on the copy desk bother ya. They're just a lot of butchers at heart. Why, you know what they'd do if they got a chance?"
  • (Joan Crawford) "What?"
  • (Cliff Edwards) "They'd cut the Lord's Prayer down to a one line squib. You know, "now I lay me down to sleep.""

Joan Crawford as Bonnie

  • (Joan Crawford) "No, don't touch me. That's all over with. Nice of you to be so generous, but I must be going. I have a heavy date tonight."
  • (Joan Crawford) "I'm hitting the pace now, and I like it."
  • (Joan Crawford) "I know, the auction's in full wing -- going, going, gawn."
  • (William Bakewell) "It's a tough break being left stranded like this. Why, we're paupers."
  • (Joan Crawford) "Well, there's no use crying about it. Buck up. Put on your spurs and gauntlets and give the world a battle."
  • (Joan Crawford) "Swat 'em in the eye."
  • (William Bakewell) "Yeah? Just how?"
  • (Joan Crawford) "Go to work. I'm not afraid."
  • (William Bakewell) "You? Why, what could you do? Open up a tea shoppie? "Bonnie Jordan's orange pekoe blend." Go to it."

Lester Vail as Bob

  • (Lester Vail) "What's the matter? You've kissed me before, haven't you?"
  • (Joan Crawford) "Yes, but that wasn't a permanent arrangement, was it?"
  • (Lester Vail) "Aren't you being clever?"
  • (Joan Crawford) "And aren't you being vague as usual?"
  • (Lester Vail) "All right, if that's what you want, I'll set you up in a real establishment anytime you like. You don't have to make your living off of Jake Luva, dancing in his nightclub. I can do much better for you than that. Now, is that less vague?"
  • (Joan Crawford) "That's very clear. Now we understand each other. I'm a cheap little dancer in a night club, and you thought you could have me on your own terms. Well, you're mistaken. I can still pick my own men, Mr. Townsend, and right now it's Jake Luva."
  • (Lester Vail) "You know I'm very much in love with you, don't you?"
  • (Joan Crawford) "Are you?"
  • (Lester Vail) "I'm crazy about you, and you know it."
  • (Joan Crawford) "I didn't know."
  • (Lester Vail) "Well, you know it now. What about it?"
  • (Joan Crawford) "That's it -- what?"
  • (Lester Vail) "Going to make me stand on ceremony?"
  • (Joan Crawford) "You think I'm so old-fashioned?"
  • (Lester Vail) "I hope not."
  • (Joan Crawford) "You're right. I'm not. I believe in -- in trying love out."
  • (Lester Vail) "On approval?"
  • (Joan Crawford) "Yes, on approval."

William Holden as Stanley Jordan

  • (William Holden) "Must you smoke before breakfast?"
  • (Joan Crawford) "Well, I must if I want to keep thin, darling."
  • (William Holden) "Oh, you little minx. Sometimes I'm sorry you're too old to spank."

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