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Dirty Harry Quotes

Dirty Harry is a television show that first aired in 1970 . Dirty Harry ended its run in 1970.

It features Don Siegel as producer, Lalo Schifrin in charge of musical score, and Bruce Surtees as head of cinematography.

Dirty Harry is recorded in English and originally aired in United States. Each episode of Dirty Harry is 102 minutes long. Dirty Harry is distributed by Warner Bros..

The cast includes: John Vernon as The Mayor, John Mitchum as Doctor, John Larch as Chief, Josef Sommer as District Attorney Rothko, Lyn Edgington as Gonzales, William Paterson as Judge Bannerman, and Harry Guardino as Bressler.

Dirty Harry Quotes

John Larch as Chief

  • (John Larch) "Have you been following that man?"
  • (Harry Callahan) "Yeah, I've been following him on my own time. And anybody can tell I didn't do that to him."
  • (John Larch) "How?"
  • (Harry Callahan) "Cause he looks too damn good, that's how."
  • (John Larch) "Callahan? You willing to take the money to him?"
  • (Harry Callahan) "When will you people stop messing around with this guy? He's gotta be stopped now."
  • (John Vernon) "He's got a busload of kids and I can't take that chance. I gave my word of honor on it and he will not be molested. That's a direct order, Callahan."
  • (Harry Callahan) "Well, you can just get yourself another delivery boy."
  • (John Larch) "Mr. Mayor, Inspector Callahan"
  • (John Vernon) "All right. Let's have it."
  • (Harry Callahan) "Have what?"
  • (John Vernon) "You report. What have you been doing?"
  • (Harry Callahan) "Well, for the past three-quarters of an hour, I've been sitting on my ass waiting on you."

Lyn Edgington as Gonzales

  • (Lyn Edgington) "No wonder they call him "Dirty Harry", always gets the s*** end of the stick."
  • (Harry Guardino) "One more word out of you and you're chopped off at the ankles."
  • (Harry Callahan) "You from around here?"
  • (Lyn Edgington) "Yeah, but I went to school at San Jose State."
  • (Harry Callahan) "You play ball?"
  • (Lyn Edgington) "Uh, no, I boxed. Light heavyweight."
  • (Harry Callahan) "Just what I need, it's a college boy."
  • (Lyn Edgington) "You haven't found one thing you like about me?"
  • (Harry Callahan) "Well, it's early yet. Get your degree?"
  • (Lyn Edgington) "Sociology."
  • (Harry Callahan) "Sociology? Oh, you'll go far. That's if you live."
  • (Harry Callahan) "Couple of kids necking."
  • (Lyn Edgington) "Boys or girls?"

Josef Sommer as District Attorney Rothko

  • (Josef Sommer) "You're lucky I'm not indicting you for assault with intent to commit murder."
  • (Harry Callahan) "What?"
  • (Josef Sommer) "Where the hell does it say that you've got a right to kick down doors, torture suspects, deny medical attention and legal counsel? Where have you been? Does Escobedo ring a bell? Miranda? I mean, you must have heard of the Fourth Amendment. What I'm saying is that man had rights."
  • (Harry Callahan) "Well, I'm all broken up about that man's rights."
  • (Harry Callahan) "You know, you're crazy if you think you've heard the last of this guy. He's gonna kill again."
  • (Josef Sommer) "How do you know?"
  • (Harry Callahan) "'Cause he likes it."

John Mitchum as Doctor

  • (John Mitchum) "Sure, Harry. We can save the leg."
  • (Harry Callahan) "What are you going to do with those?"
  • (John Mitchum) "Going to cut your pants off."
  • (Harry Callahan) "No. I'll take them off."
  • (John Mitchum) "It'll hurt."
  • (Harry Callahan) "$29.50, let it hurt."

John Vernon as The Mayor

  • (John Vernon) "Callahan -- I don't want any more trouble like you had last year in the Fillmore district. You understand? That's my policy."
  • (Harry Callahan) "Yeah, well, when an adult male is chasing a female with intent to commit rape, I shoot the bastard; that's my policy."
  • (John Vernon) "Intent? How'd you establish that?"
  • (Harry Callahan) "When a naked man is chasing a woman through a dark alley with a butcher knife and a hard on, I figure he isn't out collecting for the Red Cross."
  • (John Vernon) "I think he's got a point."
  • (John Vernon) "Well where are you going?"
  • (The Killer) "I'll tell the pilot when I get on the plane. No alerts, nothing."
  • (John Vernon) "I guarantee you you will not be molested in any way."

William Paterson as Judge Bannerman

  • (Harry Callahan) "There must be something you can get him on."
  • (William Paterson) "Without the evidence of the gun and the girl, I couldn't convict him of spitting on the sidewalk."

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