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Glory (1989 film) Quotes

Glory (1989 film) is a television show that debuted in 1970 . Glory completed its run in 1970.

It features Freddie Fields as producer, James Horner in charge of musical score, and Freddie Francis as head of cinematography.

Glory (1989 film) is recorded in English and originally aired in United States. Each episode of Glory (1989 film) is 122 minutes long. Glory (1989 film) is distributed by TriStar Pictures.

The cast includes: Morgan Freeman as Rawlins, Denzel Washington as Trip, Morgan Freeman as John Rawlins, Jihmi Kennedy as Sharts, Bob Gunton as All, Jihmi Kennedy as Jupiter Sharts, and Cliff De Young as Col. Montgomery.

Glory (1989 film) Quotes

Denzel Washington as Trip

  • (Denzel Washington) "I ain't fightin' this war for you, sir."
  • (Colonel Robert G. Shaw) "I see."
  • (Denzel Washington) "I mean, what's the point? Ain't nobody gonna win. It's just gonna go on and on."
  • (Colonel Robert G. Shaw) "Can't go on forever."
  • (Denzel Washington) "Yeah, but ain't nobody gonna win, sir."
  • (Colonel Robert G. Shaw) "Somebody's gonna win."
  • (Denzel Washington) "Who? I mean, you get to go on back to Boston, big house and all that. What about us? What do we get?"
  • (Colonel Robert G. Shaw) "Well, you won't get anything if we lose."
  • (Denzel Washington) "Tear it up. Tear it up. TEAR IT UP."
  • (Denzel Washington) "I ain't much about no prayin', now. I ain't never had no family, and -- killed off my mama. Well, I just -- Y'all's the onliest family I got. I love the 54th. Ain't even much a matter what happens tomorrow, 'cause we men, ain't we?"
  • (Colonel Robert G. Shaw) "So what do you want to do?"
  • (Denzel Washington) "Don't know, sir."
  • (Colonel Robert G. Shaw) "It stinks, I suppose."
  • (Denzel Washington) "Yeah, It stinks bad. And we all covered up in it too. Ain't nobody clean. Be nice to get clean, though."
  • (Colonel Robert G. Shaw) "How do we do that?"
  • (Denzel Washington) "We ante up and kick in, sir. But I still don't want to carry your flag."
  • (Denzel Washington) "See the way I figure, I figure this war would be over a whole lot sooner if you boys just turned right on around and headed back on down that way, and you let us head on up there where the real fighting is."
  • (10th Connecticut soldier) "We got men dyin' up that road."
  • (Denzel Washington) "And there wouldn't be nothing but rebs dyin if they'd let the fifty-fourth in it."

Morgan Freeman as John Rawlins

  • (Morgan Freeman) "Lord, we stand before you this evening, to say thank you. And we thank you, father, for your grace, and your many blessings. Now I run off, leaving all my young'uns and my kinfolk, in bondage. So I'm standing here this evening, Heavenly Father, to ask your blessings on all of us. So that if tomorrow is the great getting-up morning, if that tomorrow we have to meet the Judgement Day, O Heavenly Father, we want you to let our folks know that we died facing the enemy. We want 'em to know that we went down standing up. Amongst those that are fighting against our oppression. We want 'em to know, Heavenly Father, that we died for freedom. We ask these blessings in Jesus' name. Amen."
  • (Morgan Freeman) "I ain't sure I'm wantin' this, Colonel."
  • (Colonel Robert G. Shaw) "I know exactly how you feel."
  • (Morgan Freeman) "That's right, Hines. Ain't no dream. We runaway slaves but we come back fightin' men. Go tell your folks how kingdom come in the year of jubilee."
  • (Morgan Freeman) "Where about you from?"
  • (Denzel Washington) "I'm from around Tennessee. I ran away when I was 12 years old and I ain't never looked back."
  • (Jihmi Kennedy) "What ya doin' since then?"
  • (Denzel Washington) "I run for President."
  • (Denzel Washington) "I didn't win though."
  • (Morgan Freeman) "The town is clean sir. Ain't no rebs here, just some women."
  • (Cliff De Young) "You hear that. Let's clear er out."
  • (Colonel Robert G. Shaw) "What are you doing?"
  • (Cliff De Young) "Liberating this town in the name of the Republic."

Cliff De Young as Col. Montgomery

  • (Cliff De Young) "Prepare your men to light torches."
  • (Colonel Robert G. Shaw) "I will not."
  • (Cliff De Young) "That is an order."
  • (Colonel Robert G. Shaw) "An immoral order, and by the Articles of War, I am not bound to follow it."
  • (Cliff De Young) "Then, you can explain that at your court-martial -- after your men are placed under my command."
  • (Cliff De Young) "That wouldn't have been necessary if that sesesh woman hadn't started it. They never learn. You see sesesh has to be cleared away by the hand of God like the Jews of old. Now I will have to burn this town."

Jihmi Kennedy as Jupiter Sharts

  • (Jihmi Kennedy) "Good book, brother?"
  • (Cpl. Thomas Searles) "Yes it is, actually. The name's Searles, Thomas Searles."
  • (Jihmi Kennedy) "Jupiter Sharts, sir. What it 'bout, that book?"
  • (Cpl. Thomas Searles) "It's a collection of essays, actually -- Fourier, Emerson -- all the transcendentalists."
  • (Jihmi Kennedy) "It got pictures?"
  • (Jihmi Kennedy) "Tommorrow we goes into battle, so Lordy, let me fight with the rifle in one hand, and the Good Book in the other. So that if I may die at the muzzle of the rifle -- die on water, or on land, I may know that you blessed Jesus almighty are with me -- and I have no fear."
  • (Jihmi Kennedy) "I wonder when they gonna give us the blue suits."
  • (Denzel Washington) "Where you from, boy?"
  • (Jihmi Kennedy) "South Carolina."
  • (Denzel Washington) "South Carolina? Well, then you ought to know better than that, boy."
  • (Sgt. Mulcahy) "Left. Right. Left."
  • (Sgt. Mulcahy) "What the hell are you doing, boy? Don't you know your right from your left?"
  • (Jihmi Kennedy) "N-n-no, sah."
  • (Sgt. Mulcahy) "No? How many here do not know right from left?"
  • (Sgt. Mulcahy) "Jesus have pity."
  • (Sgt. Mulcahy) "THIS is your FRONT."
  • (Sgt. Mulcahy) "THIS is your REAR."
  • (Sgt. Mulcahy) "THIS is your RIGHT."
  • (Sgt. Mulcahy) "And THIS --."
  • (Sgt. Mulcahy) "Now you're learnin', boy-o."

Bob Gunton as All

  • (10th Connecticut soldier) "Give 'em Hell, 54."
  • (Bob Gunton) "Give 'em Hell, 54."

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