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Johnson Family Vacation Quotes

Johnson Family Vacation is a TV show that debuted in 1970 . Johnson Family Vacation stopped airing in 1970.

It features Andrew Sugerman; Cedric the Entertainer, Earl Richey Jones, Eric Rhone, Paul Hall, Todd R. Jones, and Wendy Park as producer, Richard Gibbs in charge of musical score, and Jeff Barnett, and Shawn Maurer as head of cinematography.

Johnson Family Vacation is recorded in English and originally aired in United States. Each episode of Johnson Family Vacation is 97 minutes long. Johnson Family Vacation is distributed by Fox Searchlight Pictures.

The cast includes: Cedric the Entertainer as Nate Johnson, Aloma Wright as Glorietta Johnson, Steve Harvey as Mack Johnson, Solange Knowles as Nikki Johnson, Vanessa Williams as Dorothy Johnson, and Cedric the Entertainer as D.J. Johnson.

Johnson Family Vacation Quotes

Aloma Wright as Glorietta Johnson

  • (Aloma Wright) "We gon' let Mack and Nate pray, uh see which one of 'em was paying more attention in sunday school"
  • (Steve Harvey) "well, well i guess since i'm the oldest i go first"
  • (Cedric the Entertainer) "fine, alright everyone uh, bow your heads and close your ears"
  • (Steve Harvey) "yo eyes, err'ybody close yo eyes, Gracious God, I come to you as humbly as i know how, Praising you and giving you thanks, for bringing us together yet another year,helpin us come together to help celebrate my victory, and Nate's agony of defeat, let us eat"
  • (Cedric the Entertainer) "Father God we thank you for allowing us to come together and share with one another, Father we know that you created the birds that fly and gave the dog the voice to bark"
  • (Cedric the Entertainer) ", But you wouldn't have to create the sun if you knew that Mack was gon' be sittin over there in that bright yellow shirt lookin all sunny side up like a rootie tootie, fresh and fruity"
  • (Steve Harvey) "Oh Lord, Lord, Lord, We Father God, also realize that you are the creator of earth and heaven, moon and the stars, dats how I know ain't no way you had nuttin to do with creating that tacky, gangsta lookin wheel spinning SUV, that uncle Earl had to drag outta here"
  • (Cedric the Entertainer) "hol' hol' hold on Father, Hold up wait a minute, what about the time you put the pepto bismol in the cool aid, and errybody had diorrhoea for the summer, don't let me have to mention that to momma"
  • (Steve Harvey) "hold' on, what about the time that you burned down all the bushes round the house, cuz you got tired of goin outside and gettin yo own switch"
  • (Cedric the Entertainer) "AAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHH,FAAAAAAATHHHHERRRRRR AAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHAAAAHA, need i have to remind Mack while momma standin here that uh, he the one that had Nannette Green in the backroom and was doin the nasty on momma good quilt, and thats why she couldn't get them stains off it"
  • (Aloma Wright) "In Jesus name, lets eat"
  • (Steve Harvey) "But Momma"
  • (Aloma Wright) "Nah uh"
  • (Steve Harvey) "But Momma look"
  • (Aloma Wright) "Y'all jus got through praying, don't let me cuss up in here"
  • (Cedric the Entertainer) "Memba it was that lamp head I broke"
  • (Aloma Wright) "uhh uh,I got all the stories now, it's great"

Cedric the Entertainer as Nate Johnson

  • (Cedric the Entertainer) "So, Where did you meet him? at so called accounting class?"
  • (Vanessa Williams) "so that's what this all about huh? me becomming a CPA?i thought we settled that argument when i moved out"
  • (Cedric the Entertainer) "oh so i'm the bad guy? because i wanted you to raise our kids"
  • (Vanessa Williams) "I can be a wife, a mother and pursue my career too, hey, my mother did it"
  • (Cedric the Entertainer) "rite,yeah thats why the last time we saw you brother he was your sister"
  • (Cedric the Entertainer) "Young man there's a place you can go"
  • (Cedric the Entertainer) "Hey, Don Judy. How you guys doing? It's a fine evening. Hey, why don't you get rid of the clothes and the kids? We're all playing butt-naked uno up in 304."
  • (Cedric the Entertainer) "Nikki, this better be FTD, cuz this Russian tail is old enough to be yo' grandaddy"
  • (Solange Knowles) "Not mom's big daddy"
  • (Cedric the Entertainer) "oh no. don't even think about it"
  • (Cedric the Entertainer) "Dang dad."
  • (Cedric the Entertainer) "Man what would i do without my Mike Tyson Griddle, tastes so good it'll bite cha back"

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