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Gentlemen Prefer Blondes (1953 film) Quotes

Gentlemen Prefer Blondes (1953 film) is a TV program that was first aired in 1970 . Gentlemen Prefer Blondes ended in 1970.

It features Sol C. Siegel as producer, Hoagy Carmichael in charge of musical score, and Harry J. Wild as head of cinematography.

Gentlemen Prefer Blondes (1953 film) is distributed by 20th Century Fox.

The cast includes: Marilyn Monroe as Lorelei Lee, Taylor Holmes as Esmond Sr., Jane Russell as Dorothy Shaw, Norma Varden as Lady Beekman, Tommy Noonan as Gus Esmond, Taylor Holmes as Mr. Esmond Sr., Elliott Reid as Ernie Malone, and George Winslow as Henry Spofford III.

Gentlemen Prefer Blondes (1953 film) Quotes

Jane Russell as Dorothy Shaw

  • (Jane Russell) "If we can't empty his pockets between us, then we're not worthy of the name Woman."
  • (Jane Russell) "I like a man who can run faster than I can."
  • (Jane Russell) "I like a beautiful hunk of man. But I'm no physical culture fan. Ain't there anyone here for love?"
  • (Jane Russell) "Remember, honey, on your wedding day it's All right to say "yes.""
  • (Jane Russell) "In bed by nine? That's when life just begins."
  • (Jane Russell) "Listen, either you hock some of that stuff or get the price of a diamond tiara out of him."
  • (Marilyn Monroe) "How much do you think a diamond tiara will cost?"
  • (Jane Russell) "Fifteen thousand at least."
  • (Marilyn Monroe) "Let's see, that'll take an hour and 45 minutes."
  • (Jane Russell) "Honey, did it ever occur to you that some people just don't care about money?"
  • (Marilyn Monroe) "Please, we're talking serious here."
  • (Jane Russell) "Bye bye baby. Remember you're my baby when they give you the eye."
  • (Jane Russell) "For instance, who's the young man who just tried to steal second base?"
  • (Elliott Reid) "Name is Malone."
  • (Jane Russell) "I'm Dorothy, well Mr. Malone --"
  • (Elliott Reid) "You're the most attractive girl in the room so I came over to tell you, do you mind?"
  • (Jane Russell) "No, I might as well warn you, flattery will get you anywhere."
  • (Elliott Reid) "In that case we haven't got any problems."
  • (Jane Russell) "When love goes wrong, nothing goes right. This one thing, I know."
  • (Marilyn Monroe) "When love goes wrong, a man take flight."
  • (Jane Russell) "And women get uppity-oh."

Marilyn Monroe as Lorelei Lee

  • (Marilyn Monroe) "There was an old man named Sidney -- Who drank till he ruined a kidney. It shriveled and shrank, but he drank and he drank -- He had his fun doing it, didn't he?"
  • (Marilyn Monroe) "Don't you know that a man being rich is like a girl being pretty? You wouldn't marry a girl just because she's pretty, but my goodness, doesn't it help?"
  • (Marilyn Monroe) "I want you to find happiness and stop having fun."
  • (Marilyn Monroe) "I've been wondering, what is your line, Mr. Malone?"
  • (Elliott Reid) "My line? My most effective one is to tell a girl she has hair like a tortured midnight, lips like a red couch in an ivory palace that I'm lonely and starved for affection. Then, I generally burst into tears. It seldom works."
  • (Marilyn Monroe) "Excuse me, but what is the way to Europe, France?"
  • (Jane Russell) "Honey, France is IN Europe."
  • (Marilyn Monroe) "Well, who said it wasn't?"
  • (Jane Russell) "Well -- you wouldn't say you wanted to go to North America, Mexico."
  • (Marilyn Monroe) "If that's where I wanted to go, I would."
  • (Jane Russell) "The dealer passes."
  • (Unnamed) "Hi. Remember me?"
  • (Marilyn Monroe) "Yes. You're one of the Olympic athletes."
  • (Unnamed) "I'm the only 4-letter man on the team."
  • (Marilyn Monroe) "You should be ashamed to admit it. No, don't say another word. No, don't say another word."
  • (Marilyn Monroe) "Dorothy, please, a lady never admits her feet hurt."
  • (Marilyn Monroe) "How do you put it around your neck?"
  • (Jane Russell) "You don't, honey, it goes on your head."
  • (Marilyn Monroe) "You must think I was born yesterday."
  • (Jane Russell) "Well, sometimes there's just no other possible explanation."
  • (Marilyn Monroe) "I always say a kiss on the hand might feel very good, but a diamond tiara lasts forever."
  • (Marilyn Monroe) "We're just two little girls from Little Rock."
  • (Marilyn Monroe) "If you've nothing more to say, pray scat."
  • (Marilyn Monroe) "A kiss on the hand may be quite continental, / But diamonds are a girl's best friend. / A kiss may be grand, but it won't pay the rental on your humble flat. / Or help you at the automat. / Men grow cold as girls grow old, and we all lose our charm in the end. / But square-cut or pear-shaped, these rocks won't lost their shape. / Diamonds are a girl's best friend."

Norma Varden as Lady Beekman

  • (Norma Varden) "You might be interested in my tiara. I always carry it with me. Afraid to leave it in the stateroom."
  • (Jane Russell) "And you're not afraid to show it to Lorelei?"
  • (Norma Varden) "It's a tiara."
  • (Marilyn Monroe) "You DO wear it on your head. I just LOVE finding new places to wear diamonds."
  • (Norma Varden) "You'll find I mean business."
  • (Jane Russell) "Oh, really? Then why are you wearing that hat?"

George Winslow as Henry Spofford III

  • (George Winslow) "All right. I'll help you. I'll help you for two reasons."
  • (Marilyn Monroe) "Never mind the reasons. Just help me."
  • (George Winslow) "The first reason is I'm too young to be sent to jail. The second reason is you got a lot of animal magnetism."
  • (George Winslow) "Hey, look someone's coming."
  • (Marilyn Monroe) "Oh dear, what'll I do?"
  • (George Winslow) "Quick. Hold this around your neck tight."

Elliott Reid as Ernie Malone

  • (Elliott Reid) "It's just not fair. Two against one. Take a man's pants."
  • (Elliott Reid) "I'm not that bad all the time. Sometimes I'm very nice. Sometimes I just speak without thinking."
  • (Jane Russell) "I get the picture. You're half sweet and half acid."
  • (Elliott Reid) "What are you girls made of? What was that?"
  • (Marilyn Monroe) "Just equal parts of scotch, vodka, brandy, and gin."

Taylor Holmes as Mr. Esmond Sr.

  • (Taylor Holmes) "Have you got the nerve to tell me you don't want to marry my son for his money?"
  • (Marilyn Monroe) "It's true."
  • (Taylor Holmes) "Then what do you want to marry him for?"
  • (Marilyn Monroe) "I want to marry him for YOUR money."
  • (Taylor Holmes) "Say, they told me you were stupid. You don't sound stupid to me."
  • (Marilyn Monroe) "I can be smart when it's important."
  • (Taylor Holmes) "Are you out of your mind?"
  • (Elliott Reid) "Mm-hmm, but I like it that way."

Tommy Noonan as Gus Esmond

  • (Tommy Noonan) "Dorothy Shaw. I want you to remember you're supposed to be the chaperone on this trip."
  • (Jane Russell) "Now lets get this straight, Gus. The chaperone's job is to see that nobody else has any fun. Nobody chaperone's the chaperone. That's why I'm so right for this job."
  • (Tommy Noonan) "Dear -- dear -- dear, stop that. It's most distracting."
  • (Tommy Noonan) "Is it the right size?"
  • (Marilyn Monroe) "Well, it can never be too big. Do you think that's too small, Dorothy?"
  • (Jane Russell) "Looks like it oughta have a highball around it."

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