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The Ninth Gate Quotes

The Ninth Gate is a television show that first aired in 1970 . The Ninth Gate completed its run in 1970.

It features Roman Polanski as producer, Wojciech Kilar in charge of musical score, and Darius Khondji as head of cinematography.

The Ninth Gate is recorded in English and originally aired in France. Each episode of The Ninth Gate is 133 minutes long. The Ninth Gate is distributed by Bac Films, Araba Films, and Artisan Entertainment.

The cast includes: Lena Olin as Liana Telfer, Johnny Depp as Dean Corso, Frank Langella as Boris Balkan, James Russo as Bernie, Emmanuelle Seigner as The Girl, and Barbara Jefford as Baroness Kessler.

The Ninth Gate Quotes

James Russo as Bernie

  • (James Russo) "I already told him I had no part of this operation."
  • (Johnny Depp) "Except ten percent."
  • (James Russo) "Twenty percent. The Swiss was my client."
  • (Johnny Depp) "No deal."
  • (James Russo) "Fifteen. For my children's sake."
  • (Johnny Depp) "You don't have any children."
  • (James Russo) "I'm still young. Give me time."
  • (Johnny Depp) "Ten."

Barbara Jefford as Baroness Kessler

  • (Barbara Jefford) "My latest work: "The Devil: History and Myth"; a kind of biography. It will be published early next year."
  • (Johnny Depp) "Why the devil?"
  • (Barbara Jefford) "I saw him one day. I was fifteen years old, and I saw him as plain as I see you now. It was love at first sight."
  • (Johnny Depp) "You know, 300 years ago, you'd have been burned at the stake for saying something like that."
  • (Barbara Jefford) "300 years ago I wouldn't have said it."

Emmanuelle Seigner as The Girl

  • (Emmanuelle Seigner) "What do you plan to do if you see them?"
  • (Johnny Depp) "I'll probably hide behind you."
  • (Emmanuelle Seigner) "He's dead, who cares?"
  • (Johnny Depp) "I do. I could easily wind up the same way."
  • (Emmanuelle Seigner) "Not with me around, to look after you."
  • (Johnny Depp) "Oh, I see, you're my Guardian Angel, then."
  • (Emmanuelle Seigner) "If you say so."

Johnny Depp as Dean Corso

  • (Johnny Depp) "Where's the last engraving? I want it."
  • (Emmanuelle Seigner) "You're running low on gas."
  • (Johnny Depp) "It's an impressive collection. You have some very rare editions here. Are you sure you want to sell them all?"
  • (Old Man's Son) "They're of no use to father. Not anymore. Not since he's been this way. His library was his whole world. Now it's just a painful memory."
  • (Johnny Depp) "You killed for those. They're worth more than money."
  • (Frank Langella) "Infinitely more. But they happen to be mine -- not yours."
  • (Johnny Depp) "Stand aside."
  • (Frank Langella) "I credited you with more finesse."
  • (Johnny Depp) "You heard me. Stand back."
  • (Frank Langella) "Put that away. It's not your style."
  • (Frank Langella) "It seems you found your proper niche at last -- I like that."
  • (Johnny Depp) "I'll be damned."

Frank Langella as Boris Balkan

  • (Frank Langella) "Corso."
  • (Johnny Depp) "What were you expecting? An apparition?"
  • (Frank Langella) "You're not wanted here, Mr Corso. Leave."
  • (Johnny Depp) "I'm the only apparition you'll see tonight."
  • (Frank Langella) "You'll find a check at my New York office. Payment in full."
  • (Frank Langella) "It's miraculous I feel nothing. Nothing at all."
  • (Frank Langella) "Now you can watch. I'm entering uncharted territory. Taking the road that leads to equality, with God. You can't come with me -- I must travel alone but you may look on, and marvel."
  • (Johnny Depp) "That's very kind of you."
  • (Frank Langella) "Indeed it is. There have been men who have been burned alive or disemboweled for just a glimpse of what you are about to witness."
  • (Frank Langella) "Our relations have always been strictly commercial, and that's the way I like it. The professional and the personal should be mutually exclusive."
  • (Johnny Depp) "Listen, I came here to do some business, not shoot the breeze. If you want to expound your personal philosophies, write another book."
  • (Frank Langella) "Behold, I plunge my hands in fire. I feel no heat."
  • (Johnny Depp) "That's just great. Give us another."
  • (Frank Langella) "You don't like me, do you?"
  • (Johnny Depp) "I don't have to like you, you're a client and you pay well."
  • (Frank Langella) "You must see her again."
  • (Johnny Depp) "Are you kidding? Have you seen her secretary?"
  • (Frank Langella) "Try the lunch break."
  • (Frank Langella) "Look around you, all of you, what do you see? A bunch of buffoons, in fancy dress. You think the prince of Darkness would actually deign to manifest himself before the likes of you? He never has and he never will. Never."
  • (Frank Langella) "They form a kind of satanic riddle. Correctly interpreted with the aid of the original text and sufficient inside information, they are reputed to conjure up the Prince of Darkness in person."

Lena Olin as Liana Telfer

  • (Lena Olin) "Don't f*** with me."
  • (Johnny Depp) "I thought I already did."
  • (Lena Olin) "You work for money I take it."
  • (Johnny Depp) "What else?"
  • (Lena Olin) "I have a great deal of money."
  • (Johnny Depp) "I'm very happy for you."

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