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Land of the Dead Quotes

Land of the Dead is a TV show that first aired in 1970 . Land of the Dead ended its run in 1970.

It features Mark Canton, Bernie Goldmann, and Peter Grunwald as producer, Reinhold Heil; Johnny Klimek in charge of musical score, and Mirosław Baszak as head of cinematography.

Land of the Dead is recorded in English and originally aired in Canada, France, and United States. Each episode of Land of the Dead is 97 minutes long. Land of the Dead is distributed by Universal Pictures.

The cast includes: Dennis Hopper as Kaufman, Shawn Roberts as Mike, Simon Baker as Riley, Robert Joy as Charlie, Pedro Miguel Arce as Pillsbury, Krista Bridges as Motown, John Leguizamo as Cholo, Asia Argento as Slack, Sasha Roiz as Manolete, Alan van Sprang as Brubaker, and Tony Nappo as Foxy.

Land of the Dead Quotes

Robert Joy as Charlie

  • (Robert Joy) "What happened, Riley, did you get f***ed?"
  • (Robert Joy) "Nice shooting."
  • (Simon Baker) "Good shooting, Charlie. No such thing as nice shooting."
  • (Robert Joy) "Riley likes to be alone. He might take me, because he says being with me is just like being alone."

Shawn Roberts as Mike

  • (Shawn Roberts) "It's like a bad dream."
  • (Robert Joy) "I have bad dreams. Hell, yes. Just look at me, you can tell I have terrible dreams."
  • (Shawn Roberts) "They're pretending to be alive --"
  • (Simon Baker) "Isn't that what we're doing? Pretending to be alive?"

John Leguizamo as Cholo

  • (John Leguizamo) "Still workin' for the man. Kaufman send you to kill me, huh?"
  • (Simon Baker) "Yes."
  • (John Leguizamo) "Takes a true friend to stab you right in the front, doesn't it."
  • (John Leguizamo) "Looks like God left the phone off the hook."
  • (John Leguizamo) "There are three things a man must do alone; be born, die and, well, we all know the other one."
  • (John Leguizamo) "What the hell's that?"
  • (Alan van Sprang) "Oh, that's just target practice."
  • (Veteran Soldier) "There's nothing there, man."
  • (John Leguizamo) "OK, so what the hell's that, screaming practice?"

Pedro Miguel Arce as Pillsbury

  • (Pedro Miguel Arce) "I came here to do something. So, we are gonna stand around, or we are gonna do something?"
  • (Pedro Miguel Arce) "Yellow to red."
  • (Krista Bridges) "What the f*** does a Samoan know about hot-wiring a f***ing car?"
  • (Pedro Miguel Arce) "50,000 cars stolen in Samoa every year."
  • (Krista Bridges) "Well, a million in Detroit."
  • (Pedro Miguel Arce) "Detroit has 50 million cars. Samoa, 50,000. Every one stolen."

Dennis Hopper as Kaufman

  • (Dennis Hopper) "f***ing Spic bastard."
  • (Dennis Hopper) "You're dead. You really are dead."
  • (Dennis Hopper) "Careful when you open that door."
  • (Dennis Hopper) "Get back here, you son of a bitch. You've got the f***ing keys."
  • (Dennis Hopper) "Zombies, man. They creep me out."
  • (Dennis Hopper) "You have no right."
  • (Unnamed) "What's in the bags?"
  • (Dennis Hopper) "Money."
  • (Unnamed) "Whose money?"
  • (Dennis Hopper) "Watch out, Get down. Quick."
  • (Dennis Hopper) "-- Ours."

Simon Baker as Riley

  • (Arena Policeman) "What the hell is going on here?"
  • (Simon Baker) "Someone shot the little fat man."
  • (Simon Baker) "Put that thing away and put on your best Sunda smile. Just, just try to be friendly."
  • (Robert Joy) "I am friendly."
  • (Simon Baker) "Take us north."
  • (Simon Baker) "What the f*** are you doing?"
  • (Asia Argento) "I'm making myself useful."
  • (Simon Baker) "Now shoot."

Tony Nappo as Foxy

  • (Tony Nappo) "It's Denbo and his idiot."
  • (Tony Nappo) "It's your call man."
  • (John Leguizamo) "Nah, I always wanted to see how the other half lives."

Asia Argento as Slack

  • (Asia Argento) "You take care of him, huh?"
  • (Robert Joy) "Hell, yeah. He pulled me out of the fire. It was bad -- Just look at me, you can tell it was bad."
  • (Asia Argento) "What's your story, Riley?"
  • (Simon Baker) "I don't have one, nothing bad ever happened to me."
  • (Asia Argento) "He thinks he's taking care of you."
  • (Simon Baker) "He does. Without his guns I'd be dead by now."
  • (Asia Argento) "Without you he'd be dead by now."
  • (Simon Baker) "Fair trade."
  • (Asia Argento) "Charlie, why do you lick your rifle?"
  • (Robert Joy) "Catches the light."
  • (Asia Argento) "What light? How can you see anything?"
  • (Robert Joy) "Good eye."

Sasha Roiz as Manolete

  • (Sasha Roiz) "Do you really think they can cross the river?"

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