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Macrocosm (Star Trek: Voyager) Quotes

Macrocosm (Star Trek: Voyager) is a television show that was first aired in 1970 . Macrocosm ended in 1970.

It features Dennis McCarthy (composer) in charge of musical score.

Macrocosm (Star Trek: Voyager) Quotes

  • (Tom Paris) "What -- What is that?"
  • (The Doctor) "You don't want to know."
  • (Captain Janeway) "Well, Ambassador; I'd say we've got an unexpected guest."
  • (Neelix) "Somehow I don't think he's the diplomatic type."
  • (The Doctor) "As for the larger versions of the viruses; what I've termed the 'macrovirus'; I would suggest a fly swatter."
  • (Captain Janeway) "You have a genuine flair for diplomacy, Mr. Neelix. I may have to promote you; from morale officer to ambassador. With all the species we're bound to meet, I could use a man like you at the front door."
  • (Neelix) "Ambassador Neelix; I like the sound of that."
  • (Captain Janeway) "Why are you firing at us?"
  • (Tak Tak) "The Garan mining colony infected. We purified them. Your distress call received: Voyager infected. We are purifying you."
  • (Neelix) "Uh, Captain; it sounds like our guest has brought a few friends."
  • (Captain Janeway) ". I've put together what you might call an antigen bomb. Now all I've got to do -- is Drop It."
  • (Tom Paris) "Well, so much for lunch."
  • (B'Elanna Torres) "I may never look at food again."
  • (Tom Paris) "I thought Klingons didn't get nauseated. You have a redundant stomach."
  • (B'Elanna Torres) "Well, right now, they're both unhappy."
  • (Captain Janeway) "Take Jefferies tube 11."
  • (Captain Janeway) "What's wrong?"
  • (The Doctor) "I've been studying the ship's infrastructure, and I'm familiar with most of it, but how do I get there from here?"
  • (Captain Janeway) "Jefferies tube 11. Take a left at section 31, and straight down past the tractor beam emitter until you hit deck 10. Get out at section 3 and follow the corridor all the way around until --"
  • (The Doctor) "-- until I hit the shuttle bay. Then I crawl through access port 9, go past three airlocks, and then two decks down. Environmental control's at the end of the hall. Now I remember."
  • (The Doctor) "Who designed this ship, anyway?"
  • (Tak Tak) "Astonishment. Your vessel; purified."
  • (Captain Janeway) "And we'd be willing to share the cure with you, if you'd be kind enough to forgo destroying our ship."
  • (Neelix) "It's getting awfully hot in here."
  • (Captain Janeway) "When environmental controls fail, heat from the warp plasma conduits can't be vented. Expect a heat wave before long."
  • (Neelix) "No problem, I'm used to it. I grew up near the Rinax marshlands. Our summers were the hottest in the sector. 50 degrees Celsius at 90 percent humidity, and the most vicious lavaflies you've ever seen."
  • (Captain Janeway) "Summers in Indiana were pretty similar when I was growing up."
  • (Neelix) "Except that we had three suns, and the lavaflies grew to be six centimeters long."
  • (Captain Janeway) "Six centimeters, eh?"
  • (Neelix) "Insect repellent was a booming business."
  • (The Doctor) "Hold on. Stop."
  • (Garan Miner) "You -- you've got to help us."
  • (The Doctor) "I intend to but first I must return to my ship and prepare an antidote."
  • (Garan Miner) "Take me with you."
  • (The Doctor) "I'm afraid that's not possible. We'd risk infecting the crew."
  • (Garan Miner) "You can't leave me -- please."
  • (The Doctor) "Commander Chakotay, perhaps if we established a forcefield around Sickbay and beamed victims directly to --"
  • (Commander Chakotay) "I'm sorry but I'm afraid we can't take the chance."
  • (The Doctor) "But these people need --"
  • (Commander Chakotay) "Doctor, Away team guidelines specifically forbid the transport of unknown infectious --"
  • (The Doctor) "-- of unknown infectious agents onto a starship without establishing containment and eradication protocols. I understand."
  • (The Doctor) "I'll do my best to help you."
  • (Tak Tak) "Good health, strong body, clear mind."
  • (Neelix) "And you; your hospitality, your generosity, your patience; many thanks."
  • (The Doctor) "One down, ten billion to go."
  • (The Doctor) "Captain. Needless to say, I -- I thought you were something else."

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