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My Dog Skip (film) Quotes

My Dog Skip (film) is a television program that appeared on TV in 1970 . My Dog Skip completed its run in 1970.

It features Mark Johnson (producer) as producer, William Ross (composer) in charge of musical score, and James L. Carter as head of cinematography.

My Dog Skip (film) is recorded in English and originally aired in United States. Each episode of My Dog Skip (film) is 95 minutes long. My Dog Skip (film) is distributed by Warner Bros. Pictures.

The cast includes: Frankie Muniz as Willie Morris, Kevin Bacon as Jack Morris, Luke Wilson as Dink, Peter Crombie as Junior Smalls, Diane Lane as Ellen Morris, Clint Howard as Millard, Caitlin Wachs as Rivers Applewhite, Susan Carol Davis as Mrs. Jenkins, Nathaniel Lee, Jr. as Sammy, Bradley Coryell as Big Boy Wilkinson, Daylan Honeycutt as Henjie Henick, and Cody Linley as Spit McGee.

My Dog Skip (film) Quotes

Frankie Muniz as Willie Morris

  • (Frankie Muniz) "Canine 4-F. I can't believe it. He obeys orders really well, I know."
  • (Frankie Muniz) "And he can do all those tricks. I don't know what got into him."
  • (Caitlin Wachs) "Maybe he just got scared."
  • (Frankie Muniz) "You're saying my dog's a chicken?"
  • (Caitlin Wachs) "No, I'm not saying your dog's chicken. I'm just saying maybe he might got scared."
  • (Susan Carol Davis) "Dink's coming home, Willie. Dink's coming home. My boy's coming home."
  • (Unnamed) "Yes, Dink's coming."
  • (Frankie Muniz) "How long does it take mail to get from here to Europe?"
  • (Diane Lane) "Where in Europe?"
  • (Frankie Muniz) "Where Dink is, Foxhole in the south of France."
  • (Frankie Muniz) "Are you for Roosevelt, boy?"
  • (Frankie Muniz) "What do you think about Hitler?"
  • (Frankie Muniz) "Haven't seen you around much."
  • (Luke Wilson) "Yeah, I've been pretty busy."
  • (Frankie Muniz) "I'm playing some ball now, ya know."
  • (Luke Wilson) "Oh yeah? That's good."
  • (Frankie Muniz) "Yeah. Right. Well, see ya. Dink, It's opening day. That's what they call the first game of the season, and well, I was sort of wondering if -- I was hoping that maybe -- you might come."
  • (Luke Wilson) "Yeah, sure kid. That'd be fine."
  • (Frankie Muniz) "Really? Ok, great. Well, I better get on down there. See ya."
  • (Luke Wilson) "Thanks for picking my number."
  • (Frankie Muniz) "You want to know how to throw a curve?"
  • (Frankie Muniz) "Dink's gonna show me how when he gets home."
  • (Nathaniel Lee, Jr.) "Who's Dink?"
  • (Frankie Muniz) "Where are you from? Mars?"
  • (Nathaniel Lee, Jr.) "Nope. Right across town over there."
  • (Frankie Muniz) "And you haven't heard of Dink Jenkins?"
  • (Frankie Muniz) "He's only the best ballplayer anywhere around here. Ever."
  • (Nathaniel Lee, Jr.) "Well you haven't seen Waldo Grace."
  • (Frankie Muniz) "He a colored boy?"
  • (Nathaniel Lee, Jr.) "Yep, and the best in the whole world."
  • (Frankie Muniz) "Does it ever itch or hurt, like it's still there?"
  • (Kevin Bacon) "Yes, it hurts."
  • (Frankie Muniz) "But they gave you a medal for it, didn't they?"
  • (Kevin Bacon) "I'd rather have the leg."
  • (Frankie Muniz) "WHAT'D YOU DO TO HIM? THAT'S MY DOG. SKIP."
  • (Peter Crombie) "I told you to keep that damn mutt out of here."

Luke Wilson as Dink

  • (Luke Wilson) "You bawling like a big baby 'cause you lost that ball game?"
  • (Frankie Muniz) "What do you know about it? You didn't come you big liar. Leave me alone."
  • (Luke Wilson) "That's how it is, isn't it? You're a hero today, and then you're a goat tomorrow. Now I didn't come because games don't mean nothing to me anymore."
  • (Frankie Muniz) "It's not the game. It's Skip. He's gone for good."
  • (Luke Wilson) "For good? Now how do you know that? You some kind of fortune teller?"
  • (Frankie Muniz) "I got mad at him and I hit him. And he ran away. Just like you ran away. Skip was never afraid of nothing."
  • (Luke Wilson) "You think I don't know what folks are saying? That old Dink's a coward? Huh? Well I know. And you know what? They're right. I got scared. And I ran. You think it was 'cause I was afraid of dying? Because I wished I was dead plenty of times."
  • (Frankie Muniz) "Then what was it?"
  • (Luke Wilson) "It ain't the dying that scary, boy. It's the killing. Now look, that dog ain't lost. You just need to know where to find him. There's gotta be at least one place around here that you hadn't thought of to look at, right?"
  • (Kevin Bacon) "Sometimes he gets mad and says things he doesn't mean. He gets it from his mother. When I got back from Spain, I got into accounting. I figured I could hide behind a desk. I looked down, and I didn't so much as look up for a whole year. When I finally did, people weren't staring at me anymore. I guess they kind of forgot about it."
  • (Luke Wilson) "Well, Mr. Morris. You got a purple heart. I got a yellow stripe. You can trust me. They don't forget about cowards."
  • (Kevin Bacon) "Well, folks like to keep things small, Dink. Fit you into one pocket or the other. Give a man a label, and you never really need to get to know him. My son, he looks up to you, Dink. Not because you can run or throw a ball. You're his hero because you're his friend. And that's what he needs. A friend."
  • (Luke Wilson) "It's not the dying that scares me, it's the killing."

Bradley Coryell as Big Boy Wilkinson

  • (Bradley Coryell) "Deserters, puppy dogs and now girls. Guess we were wrong about you, Willma."
  • (Frankie Muniz) "Skip's lost. We gotta find him."
  • (Caitlin Wachs) "Won't you help us find him?"
  • (Bradley Coryell) "'Won't you help us find him?'"
  • (Frankie Muniz) "Listen, Skip's missing. We're gonna find him. You wanna help? Fine. You don't, you can stick it up your big fat butt."
  • (Bradley Coryell) "Who said I didn't want to help? Let's go."
  • (Frankie Muniz) "Okay. Spread out. Look everywhere and ask everyone."
  • (Bradley Coryell) "Not a bad run Willie, for a sissy."

Peter Crombie as Junior Smalls

  • (Peter Crombie) "Listen to me, you little worm. You tell anybody about where we're hiding here this bust-head, you'll wake up to find a dead pooch on your porch."
  • (Peter Crombie) "See, I've been needing me a new billfold."
  • (Peter Crombie) "I think one made out of genuine dog-hide would be right slick."
  • (Peter Crombie) "Now you look like a smart kid. You move so much as one little pinkie before the sun comes up, you better start think good and hard about life without that mutt."
  • (Clint Howard) "Everybody needs a friend."
  • (Peter Crombie) "Come on."
  • (Peter Crombie) "Think I scared him enough?"
  • (Clint Howard) "I think he peed his pants."
  • (Peter Crombie) "Gonna have to change those shorts."

Kevin Bacon as Jack Morris

  • (Kevin Bacon) "You know I.C.? Colored fellow at the service station?"
  • (Diane Lane) "Sure."
  • (Kevin Bacon) "His son came back from Europe today."
  • (Diane Lane) "Wonderful."
  • (Kevin Bacon) "In a box."

Cody Linley as Spit McGee

  • (Cody Linley) "One night, a boy about our age, looked through her window and what he saw, chilled him right to the bone. He saw her murder two men with her bare hands. The boy ran and told the cops, and they got up a posse and chased that witch right into Miller's swamp. Before they could catch her, she got stuck in quicksand."
  • (Cody Linley) "And slowly as she sank in the quicksand, she swore two thing: First, one day she'd rise up from her grave and burn down the whole town. And the other thing she swore was, she'd find that boy who ratted on her and drag him down to hell."

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