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No Highway in the Sky Quotes

No Highway in the Sky is a TV program that first aired in 1970 . No Highway in the Sky stopped airing in 1970.

It features Louis D. Lighton as producer, Malcolm Arnold in charge of musical score, and Georges Périnal as head of cinematography.

No Highway in the Sky is recorded in English and originally aired in United Kingdom. Each episode of No Highway in the Sky is 98 min. long. No Highway in the Sky is distributed by 20th Century Fox.

The cast includes: Jack Hawkins as Dennis Scott, Janette Scott as Elspeth Honey, James Stewart as Theodore Honey, Marlene Dietrich as Monica Teasdale, Glynis Johns as Marjorie Corder, and Felix Aylmer as Sir Philip.

No Highway in the Sky Quotes

Marlene Dietrich as Monica Teasdale

  • (Marlene Dietrich) "All those people there, makes you wonder which one you would pick out to save if you were God, which one would matter much?"
  • (Marlene Dietrich) "All the people who'll come to my funeral, that'll be quite an occasion."
  • (James Stewart) "Do you have a family, Miss Teasdale?"
  • (Marlene Dietrich) "No, not even a husband at the moment, but there's my agent. oh he'll be so sad, he had five more years at 10%. Then there's Lorene Calvart, oh she'll cry the most. She'll give a beautiful performance, and then she'll try to get the part in the picture I was going to make. I suppose that's why I don't feel the way I thought I would."
  • (Marlene Dietrich) "But you had a chance to play God for a little while, why did you pick me out?"
  • (James Stewart) "Oh but you ought to live, the work you do."
  • (Marlene Dietrich) "I've learned quite a lot about Mr. Honey and I know he isn't crazy like they're saying out there. That funny little man is brave and kind and on the level, and he believed what he was telling me. But even I can see it's going to be awfully easy to settle a lot of things by throwing him to the wolves, to say he's crazy and let it go at that. That's why I wanted to meet the people he worked for, to see if they're going to stand behind him, somebody has to."
  • (Marlene Dietrich) "The scientist says the plane is going to crash, the captain says it's not. Your vote doesn't count because you have to side with the captain which means it's a tie."
  • (Marlene Dietrich) "What's that?"
  • (Glynis Johns) "He seems to be saving fuel."
  • (Marlene Dietrich) "He wouldn't do that without a reason."
  • (Marlene Dietrich) "We were going to take off, only he told them they shouldn't, and the lever was right there, he just pulled it. You've never seen such a commotion in your life. I guess a thing like that has never happened before in the history of the world."
  • (Marlene Dietrich) "I would have stopped working a long time ago if I could have figured out what to do with myself."
  • (Marlene Dietrich) "He told me to sit on the floor in the men's room. If that's not an odd idea I'd like to meet one."
  • (Glynis Johns) "I think he was just telling you the best place to be if there was an accident."
  • (Marlene Dietrich) "At this altitude?"
  • (Glynis Johns) "I think he's right about it being the safest place."
  • (Marlene Dietrich) "If he's right about that, he may be right about the tail falling off."
  • (Marlene Dietrich) "Just a minute, if I'm going to meet my Maker, I'd like to know about it."
  • (Marlene Dietrich) "My gift to posterity is a few cans of celluloid on a junk heap someday."

James Stewart as Theodore Honey

  • (James Stewart) "It's about the condition of this airplane, I'm afraid we're in very serious danger. I'm rather afraid that the tail may drop off at any moment. Now when that happens --"
  • (Marlene Dietrich) "Is that so?"
  • (James Stewart) "Yes. When that happens, there may be a little time to go to the men's room and sit on the floor. The partition there is very rigid because the galley stove is bolted to the floor on the other side. If you survive the first impact, try to get out of the escape hatch and get on a life raft. They may pick you up when they search for us in the morning."
  • (James Stewart) "I think I know more about this than either you or the captain. I think I know what's going to happen, and if it does happen, at this altitude ther'ell be a little less than three minutes before we hit the water. Now there's one place in this airplane where a personmight stand a chance to survive that impact. Come with me. Now at the first sign of trouble, go in here and sit on the floor with your back against the partition. This partition is very rigid because the stove here is bolted to the floor. I tried to tell Miss Teasdale that because I felt I owed her something."
  • (James Stewart) "It just folded up. It folded right up and sat down."
  • (James Stewart) "Oh there'll really be a delay for everybody now won't there?"
  • (Glynis Johns) "I don't think there's any doubt about that. Tell me why --"
  • (Marlene Dietrich) "He did do it, didn't he?"
  • (Glynis Johns) "Yes I'm afraid he did."
  • (Marlene Dietrich) "If you believe in something, you believe in doing something about it, don't you?"
  • (James Stewart) "Well they wouldn't listen to me and the lever was right there so I just keh pulled it."
  • (Marlene Dietrich) "That's sticking your neck out pretty far isn't it if you just thought it was going to crash?"
  • (James Stewart) "I tried to get them to ground the airplane, they wouldn't listen to me and the lever was right there so I just, I --"
  • (Marlene Dietrich) "You just pulled it. Don't those things cost an awful lot of money?"
  • (James Stewart) "Oh a tremendous amount of money. This is going to cause a good deal of trouble."
  • (Marlene Dietrich) "I should think it might."
  • (James Stewart) "I don't know what they're going to do. I've never had any experience with anything like this before."
  • (Marlene Dietrich) "I should think nobody has. I think this is a kind of world record."
  • (James Stewart) "I estimated a required speed of 420 miles per hour to bring the forces into equilebrium. This can be obtained by a dominal flight path of 27 degrees below the horizontal. That angle would keep us from plunging straight in although at that speed the impact would be rather severe, see?"
  • (Marlene Dietrich) "I see, I don't see it all of course, but I do understand that when you think something out, you don't stop halfway do you?"
  • (James Stewart) "I expect for the tail to fall off."
  • (James Stewart) "You're talking about me because of what I did in Gander, and this isn't personal, I didn't invent the mathematics that made me believe what I did and I still believe in my work, test or no test. And when you believe in something, that's what you've got to do isn't it? If you want to live with yourself. Now I don't know wh at I'm going to do about this, I sat there and I thought maybe I'd write the Times a letter but I don't think they'd understand either. So the first thing I'm going to do is to resign right here and now, so the establishment won't be mixed up in it. And then, every time a Reindeer is going to take off that shouldn't, I'm going out there and keh right. Now you may put me in jail, you may put me in jail, but they wrote a lot about me when I wrecked that one in Gander and they'll write more about me here. And people just won't get on those airplanes. And I'm going to tell you something else. The minute anything does happen to one of these Reindeers, you're going to have to think of something better to say than anything I've heard here this afternoon. That's all. Good day. That's all."

Glynis Johns as Marjorie Corder

  • (Glynis Johns) "What happeend?"
  • (James Stewart) "Nothing, nothing happened at all, my figures clearly said that the tail should fall off and the tail didn't fall off. It's 7% above my figure, it didn't fall off."
  • (Glynis Johns) "Oh I'm sorry, what happens now?"
  • (James Stewart) "I've been thinking about that on the way home, I'll go to the inquery and stand up and I'll explain my figures to a group of very angry men and they'll reject the whole thing. I'll sit down, I'll sit down and listen to them say that I'm insane because of what I did in Gander, and perhaps I am, I'm not sure you know. A wualified psychiatrist will testify to that, I talked to 3 of them this afternoon, no that was yesterday, wasn't it? They showed me a page of ink blots and asked me if it reminded me of elephants and tigers, I said no it didn't remind me of elephants and ti; they were just ink blots."
  • (Glynis Johns) "Miss Tesdale, would you like your coffee in your own seat?"
  • (Marlene Dietrich) "No, put it over here. Oh as a matter of fact, let's go back there where we won't wake anybody no matter how much we talk. That way i can say my prayers if I feel like it."
  • (Glynis Johns) "If you believe something is right, you have to do something if you want to live with yourself. If you don't, you'll have to pay for it sooner or later."
  • (Glynis Johns) "Man kills airplane. There's apt to be a lot in the papers about that."
  • (Glynis Johns) "Just what was it that you think you did wrong? You did think there'd be a crash didn't you?"
  • (James Stewart) "Yes but what I should have done is offer my hypothesis to the captain in an orderly manner and let him make his own decision but I didn't do that. No, when they wouldn't listen to me I kept thinking about you lying dead in Labrador like that other stewardess and Miss Teasdale, and all the rest of them and I wasn't orderly at all. not at all and the lever was right th ere so I keh pulled it."
  • (Glynis Johns) "Amd that seemed wrong to you."
  • (James Stewart) "Of course it seemed wrong. How is anybody going to take my work seriously if I go around doing things like that? you know they're saying that I'm crazy now? And I don't blame them."
  • (Glynis Johns) "You don't mean that if you had it all to do again, you'd just let it go ahead and crash."
  • (James Stewart) "That's just the point, I'd probably do it all again."

Felix Aylmer as Sir Philip

  • (Felix Aylmer) "Listen Scotty, pilots and desks, dogs and cats, natural enemies. We've got a theme song, you can laugh, pilot's error. Whenever anything goes wrong with their calculations and there's a smash up, pilot's error. Rosie. You remember Harry Ward?"
  • (Jack Hawkins) "Yes I do."
  • (Felix Aylmer) "Well look at what they did to him. He was piloting that Reindeer when it flew into the hill at Labrador a couple of motnhs ago. All in little pieces, nothing to go on. Pilot dead, so pilot's error."
  • (Jack Hawkins) "You don't think it was pilot's error."
  • (Felix Aylmer) "With Harry Ward, Scott? You can't be serious. They said he was dropping off altitude in an overcast. He wouldn't do a crazy thing like that, he'd be tried. Rosie, if you can tear yourself away from the salt mines for a couple of minutes, we would like a couple of wodkas."
  • (Felix Aylmer) "Scotty, meet Rosie, she's a spy. Wait till you see her bedroom, it's absolutely papered in blueprints."

Janette Scott as Elspeth Honey

  • (Janette Scott) "This is like Christmas, only more so."
  • (Janette Scott) "When my father's thinking, I keep very quiet."
  • (Jack Hawkins) "What about your mother? Does she help you keep quiet?"
  • (Janette Scott) "My mother is dead, Mr. Scott, the V-2 in the war."
  • (Janette Scott) "Have you got your sandwich?"
  • (James Stewart) "Yes, yes I have."
  • (Janette Scott) "Tomoto, cheese, and there were some nice fish."

Jack Hawkins as Dennis Scott

  • (Jack Hawkins) "I see: the scientists do the thinking for the world, and the rest of us just live in it, is that it?"
  • (Janette Scott) "Yes."
  • (Jack Hawkins) "What other games do you play?"
  • (Janette Scott) "Oh well there's pyramidology."
  • (Jack Hawkins) "Pyramid-?"
  • (Janette Scott) "Ology."
  • (Jack Hawkins) "Pyramidology."
  • (Janette Scott) "That's the science of the Great Pyramid. My father made it up too, the game I mean, here it is, excuse me. It was built in the year 3,234 B.C., it's very scientific, it was built in direct relationship to the stars, so it has an astronomical significance. It's the only known architectural example of squaring the circle. That is the area of the base is directly equal to that of a circle, but the height of the structure of its radius. It has the most wonderful maximal."
  • (Jack Hawkins) "One of the more difficult sciences I imagine."
  • (James Stewart) "What's that? Oh, oh yes. You know I didn't find that very satisfactory. They seem to have much different problems with their children than I've ever had with Elspeth."

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