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Phantasms (Star Trek: The Next Generation) Quotes

Phantasms (Star Trek: The Next Generation) is a television program that debuted in 1970 . Phantasms stopped airing in 1970.

It features Dennis McCarthy (composer) in charge of musical score.

Phantasms (Star Trek: The Next Generation) Quotes

  • (Counselor Deanna Troi) "Dreams are the royal road to the knowledge of the mind."
  • (Lieutenant Worf) "Mmm -- Delicious."
  • (Lt. Cmdr. Data) "What kind of cake are you eating?"
  • (Lieutenant Worf) "It is a cellular peptide cake -- with mint frosting."
  • (Lt. Cmdr. Data) "Perhaps Dr. Freud was correct. The knife I dreamed about is the embodiment of my unconscious desire to inflict violence."
  • (Counselor Deanna Troi) "Data, even Freud said: sometimes a cigar is just a cigar."
  • (Capt. Picard) "How long before we have warp power again?"
  • (Lt. Commander Geordi La Forge) "Well, we're gonna have to manufacture a new conduit, that's at least six hours work."
  • (Capt. Picard) "Six hours? The banquet will be completely over by then; that's very unfortunate."
  • (Lt. Commander Geordi La Forge) "I could try and speed things up a bit."
  • (Capt. Picard) "Oh, no. No, uh -- I wouldn't want to sacrifice the safety of the ship."
  • (Lieutenant Worf) "Ever since you gave Alexander that music program, he's been playing it all night. Every night."
  • (Commander William T. Riker) "Just wanted to broaden his horizons. Besides, he likes it."
  • (Lieutenant Worf) "It is screeching, pounding dissonance. It is not music."
  • (Commander William T. Riker) "Worf, It's better than music. It's jazz."
  • (Counselor Deanna Troi) "Data, you must be the first person who's come into my office and been excited at the prospect of a new neurosis."
  • (Capt. Picard) "Mr. Data, what kind of cake is this?"
  • (Lt. Cmdr. Data) "It is a cellular peptide cake."
  • (Lieutenant Worf) "With mint frosting."
  • (Capt. Picard) "Ensign Gates, set course for starbase 219, warp 6 -- engage."
  • (Capt. Picard) "Engage -- Bridge to Engineering. Mr. La Forge, why isn't my ship moving?"
  • (Dr. Sigmund Freud) "Kill zem. You must kill zem all, before it's too late."
  • (Lt. Cmdr. Data) "He will need to be fed once a day. He prefers feline supplement number 25."
  • (Lieutenant Worf) "I understand."
  • (Lt. Cmdr. Data) "And he will require water. And you must provide him with a sandbox; and you must talk to him. Tell him he is a pretty cat, and a good cat --"
  • (Lieutenant Worf) "I will feed him."
  • (Lt. Cmdr. Data) "Perhaps that will be enough."
  • (Lt. Cmdr. Data) "I have often wondered what Spot dreams about. His twitching and rapid breathing would seem to suggest anxiety. But Spot has never seen a mouse, or any other form of Rodentia. He has never encountered an insect or been chased by a canine."
  • (Lieutenant Worf) "Spot. Come here."
  • (Commander William T. Riker) "Something wrong, sir?"
  • (Capt. Picard) "I just got a message from Starfleet Command."
  • (Commander William T. Riker) "Bad news?"
  • (Capt. Picard) "You could say that. I've been invited to the annual Starfleet Admirals' banquet."
  • (Commander William T. Riker) "My condolences."
  • (Capt. Picard) "I've managed to avoid it for the past six years, but now it would seem that my luck has run out. I can't think of anything more tedious; fifty admirals shaking hands, making dull conversation, uninteresting food, boring speeches --"
  • (Commander William T. Riker) "Can't you think of some excuse to get out of it?"
  • (Capt. Picard) "After six years, Number One, I don't think I have any excuses left. Besides, I've been invited by Admiral Nakamura, the Sector Commander. He'd consider it an insult if I turned him down."
  • (Commander William T. Riker) "We could cause a diplomatic crisis. Take the ship into the Neutral Zone and attack the Romulans. That should get you out of the banquet."
  • (Capt. Picard) "I wouldn't count on it."
  • (Lt. Cmdr. Data) "Geordi, you do not seem to appreciate Ensign Tyler's enthusiasm."
  • (Lt. Commander Geordi La Forge) "Mm, she's enthusiastic, all right; about me."
  • (Admiral Nakamura) "Are you expecting to have this problem fixed soon, or shall we send out a tow ship to bring you in?"
  • (Dr. Sigmund Freud) "Answer it."
  • (Dr. Sigmund Freud) "Nein, nein, nein. Do not be so literal. When I say answer it, I mean respond to it, to zem."
  • (Dr. Sigmund Freud) "I believe you are experiencing a classic dismemberment dream. Or in your case, being a mechanical man, a dismantlement dream."
  • (Lt. Cmdr. Data) "I wonder. What would Dr. Freud say about the symbolism of devouring oneself?"
  • (Counselor Deanna Troi) "Data; sometimes a cake is just a cake."
  • (Lt. Commander Geordi La Forge) "This oughta be a lot of fun."
  • (Commander William T. Riker) "Talk about going nowhere fast."
  • (Lt. Commander Geordi La Forge) "You know, I'm curious. What were you dreaming about when we woke you up?"
  • (Lt. Cmdr. Data) "I have not fully assimilated its impact. I would prefer to study the images further before discussing them."
  • (Lt. Commander Geordi La Forge) "Mm -- Sounds like it must've been pretty strange."
  • (Lt. Cmdr. Data) "'Strange' -- is not a sufficient adjective to describe the experience."
  • (Admiral Nakamura) "You're not trying to avoid this particular engagement, are you, Picard?"
  • (Capt. Picard) "No, no, certainly not. I'm -- really looking forward to it."
  • (Admiral Nakamura) "Good. I'll expect you soon. Nakamura out."
  • (Commander William T. Riker) "I think he's on to you, sir."

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