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Prom Night in Mississippi Quotes

Prom Night in Mississippi is a television program that was first aired in 1970 . Prom Night in Mississippi ended in 1970.

It features Paul Saltzman as producer, Asher Lenz in charge of musical score, and Paul Kolycius as head of cinematography.

Prom Night in Mississippi is recorded in English and originally aired in United States. Each episode of Prom Night in Mississippi is 90 minutes long.

Prom Night in Mississippi Quotes

  • (Herself (Jessica)) "I feel sorry for her, because she was raised the way I was. But she's sticking to actually being racist."
  • (Himself (Anonymous)) "There's people around here that will disown their kids if they try to mix things up like that. A lot of parents, not just one or two."
  • (Herself (Al' Lisha)) "She was white and I'm black. In this school, the white always win."
  • (Herself (Jessica)) "I started hanging out with Calvin; and my parents threatened me and threatened me and threatened me."
  • (Himself (Freeman, Morgan)) "One of the things that surprised me most was that they have separate proms and separate homecoming queens- one white, one black. How stupid can that be?"
  • (Herself (Jessica)) "I can't get jobs in some places in town because the the racism is so bad here, because I have black friends. And I get judged by it every day."
  • (Himself (Jeremy)) "They can't think of a reason to hate us, because you take away our color, we all the same."
  • (Herself (Chasidy)) "It might be the fear your white daughter conceiving with a black man. That might be the fear. You're afraid of presenting, coming out white and you have a mixed baby."
  • (Himself (Padgett, Jeff)) "I have spoken to my clients and they do not wish to speak to you at this time for fear of being categorized as racists, or bigots, or hypocrites."
  • (Herself (female student)) "That's the American dream, anyway. To be better than the last generation. I don't know why they're afraid of change. I don't understand."
  • (Himself (student's father)) "Blacks have always taught black to hate whites. And the whites have always taught their kids to hate blacks. My daddy did it. My granddaddy did it. So, I'm gonna learn to do it."
  • (Herself (Jessica)) "God put us on Earth not to be racist. That's a ticket to hell, if you ask me."
  • (Himself (Padgett, Jeff)) "Really what it's about is having a party for all the kids, who happen to be white. And it's just a little prom for them."
  • (Himself (Anonymous)) "The white parents of the white prom won't talk to you, because they're racists. Really, it's what it comes down to. They're racist people. And they don't want the whole world to know they're racist."
  • (Himself (student's parent)) "She's never been on a date with him. That's my choice. It's not hers, because I have a little control still. I'm still the parent."
  • (Herself (McNair, Natashia)) "To me, it was a slap in the face, because the white kids can say whatever they like. But the black kids are supposed to keep their mouth shut and say nothing at all."
  • (Himself (Freeman, Morgan)) "You're not talking to the kids. You're not trying to change them. You're trying to change the people who teach them."
  • (Himself (Freeman, Morgan)) "We don't want separate proms. Then who does? Parents. School board."
  • (Herself (Kendall, Sheila)) "My grandmother always told us that we were all put on this Earth different. And when we all start integrating, there's not going to be any individuality. And we're all going to be the same. And if that's how God wanted us, he would have made us all the same to start with."

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