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Rascals (Star Trek: The Next Generation) Quotes

Rascals (Star Trek: The Next Generation) is a television show that debuted in 1970 . Rascals completed its run in 1970.

It features Dennis McCarthy (composer) in charge of musical score.

Rascals (Star Trek: The Next Generation) Quotes

  • (Young Jean-Luc Picard) "I believe you're in my chair."
  • (Captain Jean-Luc Picard) "Look at these fragments. They're -- they're very nearly in perfect condition, and yet they're 700 years old."
  • (Guinan) "So is my father."
  • (Commander William T. Riker) "The Enterprise computer system is controlled by three primary main processor cores, cross-linked with a redundant melacortz ramistat, fourteen kiloquad interface modules. The core element is based on an FTL nanoprocessor with 25 bilateral kelilactirals, with twenty of those being slaved into the primary heisenfram terminal. Now, you do know what a bilateral kelilactiral is?"
  • (Morta) "Well, of course I do, Human. I am not stupid."
  • (Commander William T. Riker) "No, of course not. This is the isopalavial interface, which controls the main firomactal drive unit; don't touch that. You'll blow up the entire firomactal drive."
  • (Morta) "Oh, what -- what i -- , er, wait, er, what is a-a-a -- a firomactal drive? Just explain it to me."
  • (Commander William T. Riker) "That is the firomactal drive unit. It controls the ramistat core and keeps the ontarian manifold at 40,000 KRGs. The firomactal drive is powered by --"
  • (Young Guinan) "We look like children. Maybe it's time we started acting like children."
  • (Young Ro Laren) "Where did you get the idea that being short and awkward is some kind of wonderful gift?"
  • (Young Jean-Luc Picard) "He's my number one dad."
  • (Commander William T. Riker) "You don't really think I'm going to help you."
  • (DaiMon Lurin) "I think that the mines on Ligos 7 can be very hazardous."
  • (Young Guinan) "You know, you make a pretty cute kid."
  • (Doctor Beverly Crusher) "How do you feel?"
  • (Captain Jean-Luc Picard) "I feel fine. Everything -- seems a little smaller."
  • (Young Ro Laren) "This is the first time these Jefferies tubes haven't seemed cramped."
  • (Young Guinan) "How much farther do we have to go?"
  • (Young Ro Laren) "About fifty meters. Don't tell me you're tired."
  • (Young Guinan) "I'm not as young as I used to be."
  • (Young Guinan) "I bet you were a jumper."
  • (Young Ro Laren) "I should be doing something instead of just standing around waiting for them to find a cure."
  • (Young Guinan) "You're right. Let's go play."
  • (Young Ro Laren) "What?"
  • (Young Guinan) "I haven't been young for a long time, and I intend to enjoy every minute of it."
  • (Young Jean-Luc Picard) "I want my father, I want my father."
  • (Counselor Deanna Troi) "Have a second childhood; without the pain of growing up again."

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