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Rescue Me (U.S. TV series) Quotes

Rescue Me is a Comedy-drama that was first aired in 2004 on FX (TV channel). Rescue Me stopped airing in 2011.

Rescue Me was on for 7 seasons and 93 episodes. It features Denis Leary as producer, Christopher Tyng as composer, and Tom Houghton as head of cinematography. Rescue Me is executive produced by Jim Serpico. Rescue Me is created by Denis Leary.

Rescue Me is recorded in English and originally aired in United States. Each episode of Rescue Me is 40-50 minutes long. Rescue Me is produced by Peter Tolan and distributed by Sony Pictures Television.

Rescue Me Quotes

  • (Chief Jerry Reilly) "Blessed screaming Jesus on a whole-wheat god**** cracker."
  • (Unnamed) "Take a hike, wannabe."
  • (Kenny Lou) "You hake a tike."
  • (Kenny Lou) ""Mint p*****". Probably one of the worst Ben & Jerry's flavors ever."
  • (Chief Jerry Reilly) "There's no probably about it. I've seen the pictures. She's more of a man than I am."
  • (Janet Gavin) "You can rescue a little girl whom you don't even know from the third story of a burning building, but you can't keep an eye on your own son?"
  • (Tommy Gavin) "The harder I work, the luckier I god****ed get."
  • (Chief Jerry Reilly) "What in the sweet chocolate Christ is a metrosexual?"
  • (Tommy Gavin) "Listen, you can meet a guy's ex-girlfriend in a bar and feel her up."
  • (Kenny Lou) "Yes."
  • (Tommy Gavin) "You can be in a bar, meet a guy's ex-wife, and?"
  • (Kenny Lou) "Titty action."
  • (Tommy Gavin) "Titty action. You can even grab his sister's ass while the guy is in the same bar."
  • (Kenny Lou) "Yes you could."
  • (Tommy Gavin) "And it would all fall under the giant unbrella rule of, "Sorry, I was drunk.""
  • (Kenny Lou) "Like Visa and Mastercard, accepted the world over."
  • (Tommy Gavin) "In fact, that's why the rule was invented all those years ago, by the -- Romans?"
  • (Kenny Lou) "Earlier than that, my friend: the Druids."
  • (Tommy Gavin) "But girlfriend, ex-girlfriend, wife, ex-wife, sister, half-sister:"
  • (Tommy Gavin) "No p*****."
  • (Angie) "Oh no."
  • (Tommy Gavin) "What?"
  • (Angie) "My ex. He's outside. I can't believe it, this guy won't let it go."
  • (Tommy Gavin) "How did he even know we were here?"
  • (Angie) "I told you he follows me around."
  • (Tommy Gavin) "All right. I'm gonna put an end to this right now."
  • (Angie) "Tommy --"
  • (Angie) "I'm telling you, Sebastian's crazy."
  • (Tommy Gavin) "His name is Sebastian?"
  • (Sebastian) "Yeah."
  • (Tommy Gavin) "I think I can handle it."
  • (Tommy Gavin) "Hey asshole."
  • (Sebastian) "I know who you are. She's mine, she loves me."
  • (Tommy Gavin) "I got news for you, pal. She doesn't love you, she hates your guts, and I'm gonna tell you somethin' else. Next time you come around, I'm not calling the cops. I'm gonna kick your midget little ass myself. OK, "Sebastian"?"
  • (Sebastian) "OK, OK. That would be the next time you have the balls to take her out on a date. You got that?"
  • (Tommy Gavin) "Really?"
  • (Sebastian) "Yeah."
  • (Tommy Gavin) "Really?"
  • (Angie) "He's leaving?"
  • (Tommy Gavin) "Yeah. By the way, this guy's tiny. I've taken bigger s***s than this guy."
  • (Angie) "I'm telling you, Tommy."
  • (Tommy Gavin) "He knows kung-fu. Woooh, I'm scared."
  • (Tommy Gavin) "Who was that?"
  • (Sean Garrity) "Oh, nobody."
  • (Tommy Gavin) "You don't really need a phone to talk to "nobody"."
  • (Uncle Teddy) "Hey, Tommy. Check it out. I made chili tonight."
  • (Tommy Gavin) "Yeah, no s***. What did ya do, mix it with a god**** shotgun?"
  • (Tommy Gavin) "Bless me father for I sinned -- and so have you."
  • (Unnamed) "Um -- she's dead. Her neck is broken. Died instantly."
  • (Tommy Gavin) "I was just talking to her."
  • (Tommy Gavin) "When I was growing up, I had Sister Mary Shovel Face in school -- you get Sharon Stone."
  • (Tommy Gavin) "Let me tell you something, sister, you serve two purposes in this house; you can give me a blow job or make me a sandwich. I'm not in the mood for head and I had a late breakfast, so you're s*** out of luck."
  • (Chief Jerry Reilly) "Look at this; a meeting of the minds and the minds are a no-show."
  • (Tommy Gavin) "There's no golden ring at the end of the ride -- it's all bulls***."
  • (Uncle Teddy) "Is this heaven?"
  • (Tommy Gavin) "No, it's my garage."
  • (Sean Garrity) "Man, I'm gonna lose my 25 bucks."

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