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RKO 281 Quotes

RKO 281 is a television show that appeared on TV in 1970 . RKO 281 ended its run in 1970.

It features Su Armstrong as producer.

RKO 281 is recorded in English and originally aired in United States. Each episode of RKO 281 is 86 minutes long. RKO 281 is produced by Scott Free Productions and distributed by HBO.

The cast includes: John Malkovich as Herman J. 'Mank' Mankiewicz, Liev Schreiber as Orson Welles, James Cromwell as William Randolph Hearst, Melanie Griffith as Marion, and Roy Scheider as George.

RKO 281 Quotes

Melanie Griffith as Marion

  • (Melanie Griffith) "I swear, you and that guy Disney, in love with the damn rats."
  • (Melanie Griffith) "Did you need any of them?"
  • (James Cromwell) "I wanted them."
  • (Melanie Griffith) "And there is the difference between want and need."
  • (Melanie Griffith) "Screw you, Mr. Kane."

Liev Schreiber as Orson Welles

  • (Liev Schreiber) "Good afternoon. Today a man from Germany invaded Greece. He's already swallowed Poland, Denmark, Norway, and Belgium. He's bombing London as I speak. Everywhere this man goes he crushes the life and the freedom of his subjects. He sews yellow stars on their lapels, he takes their voices. In this country, we still have our voices. We can argue with them, and we can sing, and we can be heard because we are, for the moment, free. No one can tell us what to say or how to say it, can they? Gentlemen, I am one voice; that is all. My picture is one voice, one view, one opinion, nothing more. Men are dying in Europe now, and Americans soon will be so that we can surmount the tyrants and the dictators. Will you send a message across America that one man can take away our voices? So, who is Mr. Hearst, and who is Mr. Welles? Well, Mr. Hearst built a palace of brick and mortar, and little wars and corpses piled high. Mr. Welles built a palace of illusion. It's a, what we call a matte painting, it's a camera trick, it's nothing. Nothing but a dream. Today you have the chance to let the dream triumph. Thank you."
  • (Liev Schreiber) "Who are these men you're afraid of? WHo are these tiny f***ing men? They're accountants."
  • (Liev Schreiber) "We need to change the name."
  • (John Malkovich) "What? The title?"
  • (Liev Schreiber) "No, no. It's a grand title, "American." I was thinking more the character name. Charles Foster Craig doesn't have the "knives-out" poetry I was looking for."
  • (John Malkovich) "Okay."
  • (Liev Schreiber) "I was thinking of Kane."
  • (John Malkovich) "As in Abel?"
  • (Liev Schreiber) "K-A-N-E. One strong syllable, Kane."
  • (John Malkovich) "Craig is one syllable."
  • (Liev Schreiber) "Yes -- But it's not a great syllable."
  • (Liev Schreiber) "Everything I am, everything I could be is in that picture."

James Cromwell as William Randolph Hearst

  • (James Cromwell) "There is nothing to understand. Only this: I am a man who could have been great, but was not."
  • (James Cromwell) "My battle with the world is almost over. Yours is just beginning."
  • (Liev Schreiber) "Kane would've taken the tickets."

John Malkovich as Herman J. 'Mank' Mankiewicz

  • (John Malkovich) "All stars burn out, Orson. It's the flame that counts."
  • (Liev Schreiber) "To the flame."
  • (John Malkovich) "To the flame."
  • (John Malkovich) "Every man loves, Orson. Or has loved."
  • (John Malkovich) "Rosebud's a sled. Rosebud's a sled."
  • (John Malkovich) "What about Marion?"
  • (Liev Schreiber) "Another animal in his zoo."
  • (John Malkovich) "That is love to him. "I love you, I built you a beautiful cage.""

Roy Scheider as George

  • (Roy Scheider) "He shot five scenes, two with sound when he was only supposed to be doing a camera test."

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