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Romper Stomper Quotes

Romper Stomper is a TV show that first aired in 1970 . Romper Stomper completed its run in 1970.

It features Ian Pringle, and Daniel Scharf as producer, John Clifford White in charge of musical score, and Ron Hagen as head of cinematography.

Romper Stomper is recorded in English and originally aired in Australia. Each episode of Romper Stomper is 94 minutes long. Romper Stomper is distributed by Village Roadshow.

The cast includes: Russell Crowe as Hando, Alex Scott as Martin, Leigh Russell as Sonny Jim, Tony Le-Nguyen as Tiger, Jacqueline McKenzie as Gabe, John Brumpton as Magoo, James McKenna as Bubs, Eric Mueck as Champ, Christopher McLean as Luke, Frank Magree as Brett, Daniel Wyllie as Cackles, and Daniel Pollock as Davey.

Romper Stomper Quotes

Leigh Russell as Sonny Jim

  • (Leigh Russell) "Time to die, gook, time to f***in' die."
  • (Leigh Russell) "I vote we get a 45 automatic and blow the head gook back to Singapore."
  • (Russell Crowe) "Saigon, stupid."
  • (Leigh Russell) "I fired a 45 at a range once. It was fine."
  • (James McKenna) "You never fired a 45, don't s*** me Sonny."
  • (Leigh Russell) "What would you know, baby bubs? An anti-static gun is big news for you."
  • (Russell Crowe) "We can get any sort of gun we want from Billy the Reverend. All we need is the cash, and we needed up front."
  • (Megan) "If you lot are going to shoot people --"
  • (Tracy) "-- we're going."
  • (Russell Crowe) "Then go. We don't want any f***in' passengers from here on in. So f*** off."
  • (Tracy) "Sonny do you want to come with us?"
  • (Leigh Russell) "No. I want to kill gooks, gooks, gooks."
  • (Tracy) "We could go fruit pickin'."
  • (Leigh Russell) "I hate the f***in' country, don't I."
  • (Megan) "All right then -- you'll all end up f***ed."
  • (Russell Crowe) "You'll end up f***ed if you don't piss off."
  • (Leigh Russell) "Time to die gook, time to f***ing die."

Russell Crowe as Hando

  • (Russell Crowe) "Come on. Come on, you filthy f***in' slope head scum."
  • (Russell Crowe) "What the f*** are you afraid of? This is our place. No more running. We stop them here. You look like a bunch of scared f***in' rabbits."
  • (Russell Crowe) "What?"
  • (Daniel Pollock) "Hando, ah, Magoo."
  • (Russell Crowe) "Magoo."
  • (John Brumpton) "Way to go."
  • (Russell Crowe) "f***in' Magoo. What are you doing here?"
  • (John Brumpton) "Didn't have time to tell you we were coming, mate. Didn't know we were coming actually, just keep on driving forgot to f***in' stop. Check this out."
  • (Flea) "Joined up a couple months ago."
  • (Russell Crowe) "What for?"
  • (Flea) "Needed a job, didn't I? Put you through school. At least you get to keep the hair short, bud."
  • (Russell Crowe) "You look like a f***in' hippie with hair that long."
  • (Leigh Russell) "I thought you wanted to shoot guns, mate."
  • (Flea) "I gonna get in a f***in' sub, fire torpedos."
  • (Russell Crowe) "Haaa."
  • (Russell Crowe) "Nice place you got here."
  • (Alex Scott) "Who the hell are you?"
  • (Leigh Russell) "We came to wreck everything, and ruin your life. God sent us."
  • (Russell Crowe) "What'd you run into me for?"
  • (Tony Le-Nguyen) "I didn't mean it, mate, that guy pushed me."
  • (Russell Crowe) "What'd you run into me for? What are you doing here? What are you doing here?"
  • (Russell Crowe) "I'm gonna tell you something."
  • (Russell Crowe) "I want you to listen to me now, OK? This -- is -- not -- your -- country."
  • (Flea) "Nice p-party mate. I got to get the first bus back to base"
  • (Russell Crowe) "You enjoy being cannon fodder for the system?"
  • (Flea) "-- It's a job. See you Hando"

John Brumpton as Magoo

  • (John Brumpton) "What are you doing here? And why don't you bloody well do what you're told woman?"
  • (John Brumpton) "What are you doin'? Why don't you keep your f***in' mind on the f***in' job, woman?"
  • (John Brumpton) "What are you doing here? And why don't you bloody well do what your told, woman?"

Christopher McLean as Luke

  • (Christopher McLean) "We hate you gook, we'll never let you go."
  • (Russell Crowe) "This is our place gook boy, our place. What are you going here? Hey? The only thing for you here is pain."
  • (Christopher McLean) "We don't love you."
  • (Russell Crowe) "Understand? Understand? I hope you do, mate because I don't speak monkey talk."

Tony Le-Nguyen as Tiger

  • (Youngest Son) "Tiger. f***in' skinheads. They got my brothers."
  • (Tony Le-Nguyen) "Get the guys. Get the guys. Skinheads."
  • (Nguyen's Eldest Son) "Tiger. f***in' skinheads. They got my brothers."
  • (Tony Le-Nguyen) "Get the guys. Get the guys. Skinheads."

Eric Mueck as Champ

  • (Eric Mueck) "Hey, Roland says you had some gooks in here last week."
  • (Harold) "So? What's it to you?"
  • (Christopher McLean) "Well, what were they doing here?"
  • (Frank Magree) "Yeah, this is our place, mate."
  • (Harold) "No, this is my f***in' place, mate."
  • (Daniel Wyllie) "Oh, yeah, but you had gooks here, eh?"
  • (Harold) "Doesn't bother me. You got a problem with that, that's your f***in' problem."
  • (Eric Mueck) "We hate you gook, we'll never let you go."
  • (Russell Crowe) "This is our place gook boy, our place. What are you going here? Hey? The only thing for you here is pain."
  • (Eric Mueck) "We don't love you."
  • (Russell Crowe) "Understand? Understand? I hope you do mate because I don't speak monkey talk."

Jacqueline McKenzie as Gabe

  • (Jacqueline McKenzie) "That's a picture of my mum. Isn't she beautiful? Everyone says I look like her. I'm not saying I'm good looking, I'm not saying that, but we do look alike. She's dead now. Was a car accident. She had her head chopped off. I think it's good to be able to talk about these things without cracking up, you know. Besides I know she's still with me somehow. I think that when I have kids, she will be one of them, sort of reincarnated."
  • (Jacqueline McKenzie) "Why do you have all this stuff?"
  • (Russell Crowe) "Because I don't want to be a white cooly in my own country. 'Cause it's not our country anymore. 'Cause rich people, and powerful people brought in boat loads of human trash. Cheap labour, gooks mainly, and there's gonna be more. I want people to know I'm proud of my white history and white blood. One day it might be all I have. I don't want to go the same way as the f***in' Abo. See that map?"
  • (Russell Crowe) "That's all the gook properties on Barkley Street. A few years ago it was a white area."
  • (Russell Crowe) "Mein Kampf. Do you know it?"
  • (Jacqueline McKenzie) "It's about war isn't it?"
  • (Russell Crowe) "This book was written by Adolf Hitler. It turned into a joke by other people who don't want to know Hitler's view of the world. It's simply about, the ongoing struggle of the white race and the enemies it faces. You don't know who the enemy is, you can't win the war. Listen. "All the noble cultures of the past declined, because the purity and vigour of the originally created race faded out. They were compromised by the seed of lesser races that were attracted to the works of the superior men. The undeniable reason for their decline was then due to a kind of racial blood poisoning. Racial blood must be perserved in its purity at all costs.""
  • (Jacqueline McKenzie) "Stay."
  • (Jacqueline McKenzie) "What's the matter with you?"
  • (Russell Crowe) "You. You dumb slut."

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