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She Done Him Wrong Quotes

She Done Him Wrong is a TV show that debuted in 1970 . She Done Him Wrong ended its run in 1970.

It features William LeBaron as producer, John Leipold (uncredited) in charge of musical score, and Charles Lang as head of cinematography.

She Done Him Wrong is recorded in English and originally aired in United States. Each episode of She Done Him Wrong is 66 minutes long. She Done Him Wrong is distributed by Paramount Pictures.

The cast includes: Mae West as Lady Lou, Cary Grant as Captain Cummings, Grace La Rue as Frances, Fuzzy Knight as Rag Time Kelly, Louise Beavers as Pearl, Gilbert Roland as Serge Stanieff, David Landau as Dan Flynn, and Noah Beery Sr. as Gus Jordan.

She Done Him Wrong Quotes

Gilbert Roland as Serge Stanieff

  • (Gilbert Roland) "The men in my country go wild about women with yellow hair."
  • (Mae West) "I'm glad you told me. I wanna keep straight on my geography."
  • (Gilbert Roland) "I am delighted. I have heard so much about you."
  • (Mae West) "Yeah, but you can't prove it."
  • (Gilbert Roland) "I shall die to make you happy."
  • (Mae West) "But you wouldn't be much use to me dead."
  • (Gilbert Roland) "I swear I shall make you happy. I shall die to make you happy."
  • (Mae West) "Mmm, but you wouldn't be much use to me dead."
  • (Gilbert Roland) "They are wonderful but, uh, I like best that marvelous painting of you in the bar."
  • (Mae West) "Oh, yeah, I gotta admit that is a flash, but I do wish Gus hadn't hung it up over the free lunch."

Mae West as Lady Lou

  • (Mae West) "Why don't you come up some time and see me?"
  • (Unnamed) "Say, Lou, how 'bout give me another chance when I get out."
  • (Mae West) "When do you get out?"
  • (Unnamed) "Fifteen years."
  • (Mae West) "That's a date."
  • (Mae West) "You can be had."
  • (Mae West) "Come up again; any time."
  • (Gilbert Roland) "I shall, then I hope you will be alone."
  • (Mae West) "So do I, warm, dark and handsome."
  • (Mae West) "That's it. Loosen up. Unbend. You'll fell better."
  • (Mae West) "Diamonds is my career."
  • (Mae West) "You know, it was a toss up whether I go in for diamonds or sing in the choir. The choir lost."

Cary Grant as Captain Cummings

  • (Cary Grant) "Haven't you ever met a man that could make you happy?"
  • (Mae West) "Sure, lots of times."
  • (Cary Grant) "You bad girl."
  • (Mae West) "Mmm, you find out."
  • (Cary Grant) "I'm sorry you think more of your diamonds than you do of your soul."
  • (Mae West) "I'm sorry you think more of my soul than you do of my diamonds."
  • (Cary Grant) "Well, surely you don't mind my holding your hand?"
  • (Mae West) "It ain't heavy; I can hold it myself."
  • (Cary Grant) "Guess I'm taking your time."
  • (Mae West) "Wadda you suppose m' time's for?"

Grace La Rue as Frances

  • (Grace La Rue) "You know, ever since I sang that song it's been haunting me."
  • (Fuzzy Knight) "It SHOULD haunt you: You murdered it."
  • (Grace La Rue) "Say, Lou, you fallin' for that bloke?"
  • (Mae West) "Oh, it ain't nothin' serious, but there was somethin' just wonderful about him."

Noah Beery Sr. as Gus Jordan

  • (Noah Beery Sr.) "So you met a man who wouldn't fall for you, eh?"
  • (Mae West) "Who wants him to fall? Why he'd be the kind the woman'd have to marry to get rid of."

David Landau as Dan Flynn

  • (David Landau) "To get you, I'd even frame my own mother."
  • (David Landau) "What would you do if somebody tried to take her from you?"
  • (Noah Beery Sr.) "Probably nut'n'; to HER."

Louise Beavers as Pearl

  • (Louise Beavers) "I wouldn't want no policeman to catch me without no petticoat."
  • (Mae West) "No policeman? How about a nice fireman?"
  • (Louise Beavers) "Your bath is ready Miss Lou."
  • (Mae West) "You take it, I'm indisposed."

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