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Spur of the Moment (The Twilight Zone) Quotes

Spur of the Moment (The Twilight Zone) is a television show that appeared on TV in 1970 . Spur of the Moment completed its run in 1970.

It features composed by Rene Garriguenc, conducted by Lud Gluskin in charge of musical score.

Spur of the Moment (The Twilight Zone) Quotes

  • (Robert Blake) "I almost feel sorry for him."
  • (Mr. Henderson) "But not quite?"
  • (Narrator) "This is the face of terror: Anne Marie Mitchell, forty-three years of age, her desolate existence once more afflicted by the hope of altering her past mistake; a hope which is, unfortunately, doomed to disappointment. For warnings from the future to the past must be taken in the past; today may change tomorrow but once today is gone, tomorrow can only look back in sorrow that the warning was ignored. Said warning as of now stamped 'not accepted' and stored away in the dead file in the recording office of the Twilight Zone."
  • (Narrator) "This is the face of terror: Anne Marie Henderson, eighteen years of age, her young existence suddenly marred by a savage and wholly unanticipated pursuit by a strange, nightmarish figure of a woman in black, who has appeared as if from nowhere and now, at driving gallop, chases the terrified girl across the countryside, as if she means to ride her down and kill her; and then suddenly and inexplicably stops, to watch in malignant silence as her prey takes flight. Miss Henderson has no idea whatever as to the motive for this pursuit, worse, not the vaguest notion regarding the identity of her pursuer. Soon enough, she will be given the solution to this twofold mystery, but in a manner far beyond her present capacity to understand, a manner enigmatically bizarre in terms of time and space; which is to say, an answer from; The Twilight Zone."
  • (Robert Blake) "Anne? Anne, honey."
  • (Anne Henderson) "Bob."
  • (Robert Blake) "Oh, baby."
  • (Mrs. Henderson) "Anne."
  • (Robert Blake) "What happened, baby?"
  • (Mrs. Henderson) "Tell me, what is it? Oh, honey, honey. What is it? What happened?"
  • (Robert Blake) "Anne, what happened?"
  • (Robert Blake) "Take it easy. Take it easy."
  • (Mrs. Henderson) "Try to get ahold of your breath, darling."
  • (Mr. Henderson) "Take a deep breath, Anne, and tell us. What happened Anne?"
  • (Anne Henderson) "There was a woman out there."
  • (Mrs. Henderson) "Woman? Who? What woman?"
  • (Mrs. Henderson) "I don't know. I don't know, I never saw her before."
  • (Mrs. Henderson) "Well, what did she do?"
  • (Anne Henderson) "She chased me."
  • (Mrs. Henderson) "Chased you?"
  • (Anne Henderson) "She -- she was on horseback --"
  • (Robert Blake) "Take it easy. Take it easy."
  • (Anne Henderson) "And she chased me. She tried to cut me off and run me down. I think if she -- I think if she caught me, she would've killed me."
  • (Mrs. Henderson) "WHAT? ANNE."
  • (Anne Henderson) "Oh, God, the way she looked at me --"
  • (Mrs. Henderson) "Oh, honey."
  • (Mr. Henderson) "Where was this, Anne?"
  • (Anne Henderson) "I don't know."
  • (Mr. Henderson) "Try to remember. Take it easy."
  • (Mrs. Henderson) "John, John, hadn't you better get on that phone, and get somebody to look for her?"
  • (Mr. Henderson) "Out in the meadow? Near the hills?"
  • (Anne Henderson) "Daddy."
  • (Mr. Henderson) "All right, dear. I'll take care of it."
  • (Robert Blake) "It's over now, baby. Everything's gonna be all right."
  • (Mrs. Henderson) "Darling, what a fright you must've had."
  • (Mrs. Henderson) "Come on, now. Take it easy. Now it's all right. Get your breath."

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