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Starship Exeter Quotes

Starship Exeter is a TV show that debuted in 2002 on World Wide Web. Starship Exeter completed its run in 1970.

Starship Exeter aired for 2 episodes. Starship Exeter is executive produced by Jimm Johnson. Starship Exeter is created by Jimm & Josh Johnson.

Starship Exeter Quotes

  • (Jo Harris) "Captain, we don't know much about the Tholians. I'm not sure what the sensor range of their ship is."
  • (Captain Garrovick) "I have faith in your powers of scientific deduction, Commander. If you get us all blown up, I'll be very disappointed."
  • (Cutty) "This is suicide. And for what? We have no other bases in this sector."
  • (Captain Garrovick) "How many Tressaurians in this sector, Cutty? You estimated twenty million."
  • (Cutty) "And why do you care after what they've done?"
  • (Captain Garrovick) "In all our years aboard this ship, how many times did you think we were done for?"
  • (Cutty) "I don't know. Too many. Those locust things on Pollux, remember?"
  • (Cutty) "I remember. He always got us home. Tressaurians will pay."
  • (Captain Garrovick) "Captain's personal log. Maybe my past with the Tressaurians is cloudy. Cutty's question keeps ringing in my head. Why do I care? I hate the Tressaurians. I hate what they did to Kosnett, I hate what they did to me. On Tangaro I knew what I had to do. Now --"
  • (Captain Garrovick) "What do we know about the Tressaurians?"
  • (Yeoman Richards) "The Tressaurians are a bipedal reptilian species, believed related to the Gorn."
  • (Captain Garrovick) "That's good, ensign, but --"
  • (Yeoman Richards) "The most significant encounter to date was the so-called Toongaro insident in which Tressaurians fired upon a disabled and unarmed Federation transport. Among the survivors was current commander of this vessel, then cadet, John Quincy Garro --"
  • (Captain Garrovick) "Ensign Richards. I'm asking what we know about the disposition of Tressaurian forces in this sector."
  • (Dr. Azato) "All dead Captain, reading no signs of life."
  • (Captain Garrovick) "Do a manual sweep of the other decks. There may still be survivors."
  • (Dr. Azato) "They'll be just as dead in person --"
  • (Jo Harris) "Cheer up, Captain. If I screw up over there, you can take it up tomorrow with your next exec. I'm sure Commander Cutty will be far more tractile."
  • (Captain Garrovick) "Jo, if you screw up, we may not see tomorrow."
  • (Captain Garrovick) "Suplimentary Captain's Log. I've decided to remain in the area rather than return the captured device to Starfleet. Tressaurians are ruthless and agressive, but attacking a starbase and destroying a starship indicates something much bigger at work here. What is this device and what do they intend to use it for? Cutty thinks my past with the Tressaurians has affected my judgement. I wish I could be sure he was wrong."
  • (Captain Garrovick) "Stardate: 5713.1, Captain's log. Responding to a distress call from the Starship Kongo, we found the ship's main hull and the starbase it was protecting destroyed by an unknown weapon of unimaginable power. There were no survivors on the planet. We are now searching for the Kongo's stardrive section in the hopes that someone aboard it has survived."
  • (Captain Garrovick) "Space. Endless. Silent. Waiting. This is the new odyssey of the Starship Exeter, her five year mission: to guard the Federation fronteer, to patrol uncharted space and scout alien worlds. To brave the darkness of the last, vast unknown."

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