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Above the Rim Quotes

Above the Rim is a television program that debuted in 1970 . Above the Rim completed its run in 1970.

It features James D. Brubaker as producer.

Above the Rim is recorded in English and originally aired in United States. Each episode of Above the Rim is 96 minutes long. Above the Rim is distributed by New Line Cinema.

The cast includes: Leon Robinson as Shep, Tupac Shakur as Birdie, Marlon Wayans as Bugaloo, Tonya Pinkins as Mailika, Wood Harris as Motaw, and David Bailey as Rollins.

Above the Rim Quotes

Leon Robinson as Shep

  • (Leon Robinson) "You think I came back here to work for you?"
  • (Tupac Shakur) "Come on, man, we brothers; wouldn't have you working for me. We'd be partners."
  • (Leon Robinson) "What, selling that s***? Are you that dumb?"
  • (Tupac Shakur) "Who the f*** you think you're talking to, man? This ain't Nutso. This ain't that dopehead on the roof taking orders from you. This ain't your same little brother following behind you trying to go outside. You ain't the motherf***in' man no more. I'm the one. s*** has changed. It's a new day, bro. If you can't clean up your act, I suggest you raise the f*** up and get the hell out of Dodge -- or get caught up."
  • (Leon Robinson) "It's time you and me played."
  • (Leon Robinson) "You hear that Nutso? The boy here says he owes me. HE owes ME. Are we even? ARE WE EVEN? You don't owe me nothin. You owe yourself and ones who cared to get you here. Believe me. I know."
  • (Leon Robinson) "All you gotta do is score, Kyle."
  • (Kyle-Lee) "Why are you doin this man? It's just a game."
  • (Leon Robinson) "Not to me."

Marlon Wayans as Bugaloo

  • (Marlon Wayans) "Yo Kyle, I didn't know you was uncircumcised. Yo, Your dick look like an anteater."
  • (Marlon Wayans) "Man, you look like Daffy Duck with his beak shot off."

Tonya Pinkins as Mailika

  • (Tonya Pinkins) "You're a runner, Tom. And I just don't have time for that."
  • (Tonya Pinkins) "Kyle, have you seen my keys?"
  • (Kyle-Lee) "I can't believe you going out with that toy cop again. I mean, what do you even know about him? At least tell me what time you're coming home."
  • (Tonya Pinkins) "Look who's worried about curfews."
  • (Kyle-Lee) "I'm worried about you."
  • (Tonya Pinkins) "Well, how does it feel? I was waiting up again last night. Where were you?"
  • (Kyle-Lee) "Chilling."
  • (Tonya Pinkins) "That's not good enough. Do I have to ground you?"
  • (Kyle-Lee) "You have to be home first."
  • (Tonya Pinkins) "I can ground you from a payphone, boy."
  • (Kyle-Lee) "You ain't no cop 'cause you knocking boots with Barney Fife."
  • (Tonya Pinkins) "Sit your 10-cent ass down. You don't pay rent, you don't pay bills, and you did not bring me into this world. Don't disrespect me again. Do you understand?"
  • (Kyle-Lee) "But I --"
  • (Tonya Pinkins) "But nothing."
  • (Tonya Pinkins) "What about you? Where does your mind run to?"
  • (Leon Robinson) "Nowhere. It's just stuck. It's the rest of me that does the running."
  • (Tonya Pinkins) "That's too bad. Folks either move past the things that happen to them, or they stop moving at all. But you're young. You can do anything, except sing."
  • (Leon Robinson) "I can sing a little bit."
  • (Tonya Pinkins) "Not even a little bit."

Wood Harris as Motaw

(We don't have any quotes for this character)

Tupac Shakur as Birdie

  • (Tupac Shakur) "Check this out. You ain't goin to college or any f***in where if the Bird Man don't win. You might be on the other team, but you playin for ME. Remember that."
  • (Tupac Shakur) "Motaw, you in."
  • (Tupac Shakur) "You, your ass is gone. If I catch anyone talking to Bugaloo, your ass is gone too."
  • (Tupac Shakur) "Recognize, motherf***er."

David Bailey as Rollins

  • (David Bailey) "Born with all the gifts, but you just gave up. Oh yeah, I'd say you owe plenty. If you ever plan on giving anything back, you better start right now. You can't do anything about your mom or Nutso, but you can about Kyle. It's all there for him, Shep, and he's blowing it."
  • (Leon Robinson) "Well, he won't be the first."
  • (David Bailey) "You forgot about your team."
  • (Kyle-Lee) "I had 22 points and 8 rebounds."
  • (David Bailey) "And we lost."
  • (Kyle-Lee) "Then maybe the entire team should be here instead of just me. It's not like anybody else had a good game."
  • (David Bailey) "You didn't give them a chance to. And that's just the sort of thing recruiters look at."
  • (Kyle-Lee) "Come on coach, we both know there's more to making it than what happens on the court."
  • (David Bailey) "What is that supposed to mean?"
  • (Kyle-Lee) "Nothing."

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