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Super 8 (2011 film) Quotes

Super 8 (2011 film) is a TV show that was first aired in 1970 . Super 8 ended in 1970.

It features J. J. Abrams, and Bryan Burk; Steven Spielberg as producer, Michael Giacchino in charge of musical score, and Larry Fong as head of cinematography.

Super 8 (2011 film) is recorded in English and originally aired in United States. Each episode of Super 8 (2011 film) is 112 minutes long. Super 8 (2011 film) is distributed by Paramount Pictures.

The cast includes: Joel Courtney as Joe Lamb, Ryan Lee as Cary, Gabriel Basso as Martin, Elle Fanning as Alice Dainard, Riley Griffiths as Charles, Kyle Chandler as Jackson Lamb, Ron Eldard as Louis Dainard, David Gallagher as Donny, Jessica Tuck as Mrs. Kaznyk, Jessica Tuck as Mr. Kaznyk, AJ Michalka as Jen Kaznyk, Kyle Chandler as Deputy Tally, Noah Emmerich as Nelec, Glynn Turman as Dr. Woodward, Brett Rice as Sheriff Pruitt, and Zach Mills as Preston.

Super 8 (2011 film) Quotes

Elle Fanning as Alice Dainard

  • (Elle Fanning) "I Know I don't know you at all. Even though it sort of feels like I do. Do you not feel like that?"
  • (Joel Courtney) "No, no, I totally do. I'm just kind of in shock at this entire conversation."
  • (Elle Fanning) "So how am I supposed to be a zombie?"
  • (Joel Courtney) "Oh, um -- Pretty much be a lifeless ghoul, with no soul. Dead eyes. Scary. Did you ever have Mrs. Mullin?"
  • (Elle Fanning) "For English? Yeah."
  • (Joel Courtney) "Yeah. Kind of like her, but hungry for human flesh. Like she wants to turn somebody into a zombie. 'Cause that's kind of what zombies do."
  • (Joel Courtney) "Oh, my God, yeah. Thats really good."
  • (Joel Courtney) "Not bad."
  • (Elle Fanning) "Really?"
  • (Joel Courtney) "Really."
  • (Elle Fanning) "What was that necklace? The one you were holding at the train crash. Was it your mom's?"
  • (Joel Courtney) "My dad gave it to her the day I was born. She wears it all the time. Well, used to. And -- It was bad how she died and -- But my dad got it back."

AJ Michalka as Jen Kaznyk

  • (AJ Michalka) "I asked Charles about you and he said you're a great guy."
  • (David Gallagher) "I totally am."
  • (AJ Michalka) "Will you hate me if I start our relationship by asking a favor?"

Ryan Lee as Cary

  • (Ryan Lee) "Stop talking about production value, the Air Force is going to kill us."
  • (Ryan Lee) "Hey, p*****. Stop taking the fries away."
  • (Riley Griffiths) "I ordered these fries for a reason."
  • (Ryan Lee) "Excuse me, can we get another order of fries because my friend here is fat."
  • (Riley Griffiths) "Funny chompers, atleast I don't need to use a booster-seat."
  • (Ryan Lee) "What's he doing?"
  • (Joel Courtney) "He's making a model."

Riley Griffiths as Charles

  • (Riley Griffiths) "They look like white Rubik's cubes or something."
  • (Riley Griffiths) "I don't want to die."
  • (Riley Griffiths) "I can't believe we're breaking into the school. Who does that? Nobody does that. Idiots do that."
  • (Riley Griffiths) "Joe, pass me that thing off the curtain. Ok, this is going to hurt a lot."
  • (Gabriel Basso) "OWWWWWWWWW. OUCH. AWWWWWW."
  • (Riley Griffiths) "Jesus Martin. I haven't done it yet."
  • (Riley Griffiths) "I know that's your camera, sir, but technically, that's my film."

Zach Mills as Preston

(We don't have any quotes for this character)

Gabriel Basso as Martin

  • (Gabriel Basso) "Am I the only one here who doesn't know what we're talking about?"
  • (Ryan Lee) "Probably, Smartin."
  • (Gabriel Basso) "I don't like it when you call me that."
  • (Ryan Lee) "I'm sorry, Smartin, let's go cry about it."

Joel Courtney as Joe Lamb

  • (Joel Courtney) "It's -- It's so weird. Watching her like this. Like she's still here. She used to look at me this way, like really look, and I just knew I was there, that I existed."
  • (Elle Fanning) "He drank that morning, My dad. He missed his shift."
  • (Elle Fanning) "Your mom took it for him, the day of the accident,"
  • (Elle Fanning) "He -- He, um -- He -- He wishes -- I know he wishes it was him instead of her. And sometimes I do, too."
  • (Joel Courtney) "Don't -- Don't say that. He's your dad."
  • (Joel Courtney) "I wouldn't have given you this information if we hadn't served together in Vietnam."
  • (Zach Mills) "Those were bad times."
  • (Joel Courtney) "I'd rather not talk about it."
  • (Joel Courtney) "She used to look at me -- this way, like really look -- and I just knew I was there -- that I existed."
  • (Joel Courtney) "Have you seen Lucy?"
  • (Kyle Chandler) "No. I'm sure she's around here somewhere. I left you two slices in the fridge."
  • (Kyle Chandler) "Oh, I ate those. Sorry, kid --"
  • (Joel Courtney) "I know bad things happen. Bad things happen. But you can still live. You can still live."
  • (Joel Courtney) "Just because mom died, doesn't mean you know anything about me, you don't. And you don't know anything about Alice either, she's kind."
  • (Kyle Chandler) "No listen."
  • (Joel Courtney) "She's nice to me."
  • (Kyle Chandler) "I don't care what she is. Her father's an irresponsible selfish son of a bitch."

Brett Rice as Sheriff Pruitt

  • (Brett Rice) "Kids walking around with their own stereo is just what we need. It's a slippery slope my friend."

David Gallagher as Donny

  • (David Gallagher) "You dorks are alive?"
  • (David Gallagher) "Dorks, no shoes on my upholstery."
  • (David Gallagher) "What the f***?"

Kyle Chandler as Jackson Lamb

  • (Kyle Chandler) "I hope we're clear on that."
  • (Joel Courtney) "We're not clear."
  • (Kyle Chandler) "What'd you say?"
  • (Joel Courtney) "We're not clear. You and I aren't clear about anything. We couldn't be less clear."

Ron Eldard as Louis Dainard

  • (Ron Eldard) "Where're we going?"
  • (Kyle Chandler) "We're going to find our kids."
  • (Ron Eldard) "I came to your house that day to tell you that I never meant to hurt anyone. I swear to God. I'm sorry, Jack. About what happened to your wife."
  • (Kyle Chandler) "It was an accident."
  • (Kyle Chandler) "It was an accident."

Glynn Turman as Dr. Woodward

  • (Glynn Turman) "If you speak of this, you and your parents will be killed."

Jessica Tuck as Mrs. Kaznyk

  • (Jessica Tuck) "I'm so worried for that boy."
  • (Jessica Tuck) "Joe's gonna be okay."
  • (Jessica Tuck) "She was everything to him."
  • (Jessica Tuck) "Jack's gonna step up. He's a good man."
  • (Jessica Tuck) "But he's never had to be a father before. I don't think he understands Joe."

Noah Emmerich as Nelec

  • (Noah Emmerich) "I swear to God on my mother's life, if you help us now, we will take care of you."
  • (Glynn Turman) "I've seen what happens, Mr. Nelec, when you take care of people."

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