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Thank God It's Friday (film) Quotes

Thank God It's Friday (film) is a television show that debuted in 1970 . Thank God It's Friday completed its run in 1970.

It features Neil Bogart; Rob Cohen, Phillip M. Goldfarb, and Lauren Shuler Donner as producer, Giorgio Moroder in charge of musical score, and James Crabe as head of cinematography.

Thank God It's Friday (film) is recorded in English and originally aired in United States. Each episode of Thank God It's Friday (film) is 89 minutes long. Thank God It's Friday (film) is distributed by Columbia Pictures.

The cast includes: Ray Vitte as Bobby Speed, Andrea Howard as Sue, Mark Lonow as Dave, Paul Jabara as Carl, John Friedrich as Ken, Robin Menken as Maddy, Debra Winger as Jennifer, Mews Small as Jackie, Chick Vennera as Marv Gomez, DeWayne Jessie as Floyd, Donna Summer as Nicole Sims, Chuck Sacci as Gus, Hilary Beane as Shirley, Valerie Landsburg as Frannie, Terri Nunn as Jeannie, and Jeff Goldblum as Tony Di Marco.

Thank God It's Friday (film) Quotes

Ray Vitte as Bobby Speed

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Mark Lonow as Dave

  • (Mark Lonow) "What are you doing? That dress."
  • (Andrea Howard) "This is the way the designer intended the dress to be worn."
  • (Mark Lonow) "Did the designer intend for every other guy in here to look at your tits?"
  • (Andrea Howard) "Dave, they're my tits, not yours."
  • (Mark Lonow) "You're my wife. That makes them our tits. And our tits should be home where they belong, not out on the town. And I do mean out."
  • (Mark Lonow) "If she can experience, I can experience."
  • (Mark Lonow) "You always stand like that?"
  • (Mews Small) "Only when I feel my energy being drained. Standing on one leg doesn't allow the energy complete flow. You can lose it in the floor. Would you like to dance?"
  • (Mark Lonow) "Well, uh --"
  • (Mews Small) "Yes. You would."
  • (Mark Lonow) "Yeah, O.K."

Donna Summer as Nicole Sims

  • (Donna Summer) "Look it, you got your chance. Give me mine. Let me sing."
  • (Ray Vitte) "Are you --."
  • (Donna Summer) "Just listen to my demo. Don't you remember when you first started? Well everybody got to start somewhere. Why not here?"
  • (Ray Vitte) "You honest, lady, don't you understand? This is going on live. There are millions of people listening to my golden tones. I ain't gonna blow it. This ain't amateur night."
  • (Donna Summer) "Listen, Mr. Big Shot DJ, I ain't no amateur. I've paid my dues. All I'm asking for is a chance."
  • (Ray Vitte) "Lady, please. Hey Bear."
  • (Donna Summer) "Alright, alright, I'll go, but my mind's made up, and when it's made up, it stays made up."

Chuck Sacci as Gus

  • (Chuck Sacci) "Hey, whaddya hangin' around here for? You think some fairy godmother's gonna show up at midnight and turn me into a lawyer?"
  • (Hilary Beane) "I'm not hanging around you, I just haven't left yet."
  • (Chuck Sacci) "Hmmm."
  • (Hilary Beane) "What's wrong with you anyway?"
  • (Chuck Sacci) "Hey, don't make fun of my height."
  • (Hilary Beane) "I'm not talking about your height. I don't care that you're a shrimp. I do care that you're an insensitive shrimp."
  • (Chuck Sacci) "Well let me tell you something, lady. I bust my hump all week working. Come Friday night ain't got time to be Mr. Nice Guy."
  • (Hilary Beane) "Oh, well let me tell you something. I feel sorry for you because you're an unhappy person."
  • (Chuck Sacci) "What the hell I got to be happy about? I'm out with an old maid."
  • (Hilary Beane) "An old maid with a great right hook, you bastard. We were two lonely people, and we should have been nice to each other, but no, you work too hard. You creep."

DeWayne Jessie as Floyd

(We don't have any quotes for this character)

Chick Vennera as Marv Gomez

  • (Chick Vennera) "You ain't gonna be happy until you're free. And the only way you're going to be free is to get loose. And the only way you're going to get loose is to dance."
  • (Chick Vennera) "Excuse me, lady, could you shave over here?"

Valerie Landsburg as Frannie

  • (Unnamed) "IDs?"
  • (Valerie Landsburg) "Is he kidding, dear?"
  • (Terri Nunn) "He must be, dear."
  • (Terri Nunn) "We haven't been carded in years."
  • (Unnamed) "Let's see."
  • (Unnamed) "What kind of IDs are these?"
  • (Valerie Landsburg) "The regular kind."
  • (Terri Nunn) "They're Idaho driver's licenses."
  • (Unnamed) "You ladies are a long way from home."
  • (Terri Nunn) "Well, there ain't much dancin' in Idaho?"
  • (Unnamed) "According to these,"
  • (Unnamed) "you're 34,"
  • (Unnamed) "and you're 37."
  • (Terri Nunn) "Well something about that Idaho water, you know?"
  • (Unnamed) "Take a hike."

Jeff Goldblum as Tony Di Marco

  • (Jeff Goldblum) "I have a little hunch about something. Are you a stewardess for TWA?"
  • (Mark Lonow) "No. She's a wife -- with the PTA. You know, uh, supermarkets, church, McDonald's. You know the type."

Paul Jabara as Carl

  • (Paul Jabara) "Here. Put this on."
  • (John Friedrich) "What is this?"
  • (Paul Jabara) "Lip gloss. Makes you look hot."
  • (John Friedrich) "Sick."

Robin Menken as Maddy

  • (Robin Menken) "Now the absolute proof of creephood: does he come in a friend's car? Oh, come on."
  • (Debra Winger) "Maddy, Maddy, you came in my car."
  • (Robin Menken) "That's different."

John Friedrich as Ken

  • (John Friedrich) "You know something, what this place reminds me of? Disneyland with tits."

Andrea Howard as Sue

  • (Andrea Howard) "Dave, it's good for us to experience new things. We have to reach out together, be more open to things."
  • (Mark Lonow) "Oh God, you've been reading Cosmopolitan again."

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