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The Ice Pirates Quotes

The Ice Pirates is a television program that debuted in 1970 . The Ice Pirates ended its run in 1970.

It features John Foreman (producer) as producer, Bruce Broughton in charge of musical score, and Matthew F. Leonetti as head of cinematography.

The Ice Pirates is recorded in English and originally aired in United States. Each episode of The Ice Pirates is 91 minutes long. The Ice Pirates is distributed by Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer/United Artists Entertainment Co..

The cast includes: Robert Urich as Jason, Michael D. Roberts as Roscoe, Ron Perlman as Zeno, John Carradine as Supreme Commander, Anjelica Huston as Maida, Mary Crosby as Princess Karina, Bruce Vilanch as Wendon, John Matuszak as Killjoy, and Mary Crosby as Old Karina.

The Ice Pirates Quotes

Anjelica Huston as Maida

  • (Anjelica Huston) "It says here that the water planet has so much moisture on its surface that it continuously creates cycles of clouds and falling rain."
  • (John Matuszak) "Sure. You know what that means. That means that we will both be able to take hot wet baths together."
  • (Anjelica Huston) "I think you owe the lady and me an apology"
  • (Unnamed) "My apologies."
  • (Anjelica Huston) "You didn't sound to sincere to me."
  • (Unnamed) "I'm sorry."
  • (Parrot) "Don't believe him. He's lying."

Bruce Vilanch as Wendon

  • (Bruce Vilanch) "People without water will do anything."
  • (Bruce Vilanch) "I'm afraid I have some bad news -- well maybe its not that bad. The princess is pregnant."
  • (Robert Urich) "Pregnant? How'd the hell that happen?"
  • (Bruce Vilanch) "Well you can be sure I had nothing to do with it. She's asking to see you."

Robert Urich as Jason

  • (Robert Urich) "It's really not that dangerous."
  • (Mary Crosby) "That's not what I've been told."
  • (Robert Urich) "The manifest"
  • (Michael D. Roberts) "Box B-28"
  • (Robert Urich) "28? -- 25, 26, 27 -- B28 -- oh no"
  • (Michael D. Roberts) "What is it?"
  • (Robert Urich) "Space Herpe."
  • (Michael D. Roberts) "herpe?"
  • (Robert Urich) "Dormant form. uh; Keep away from heat and; uh; moisture. Extremely dangerous when activated. Antibody; oh boy; unknown."
  • (Robert Urich) "Why'd you make him black?"
  • (Michael D. Roberts) "Because I wanted him to be perfect."
  • (Robert Urich) "Whatever happened to "we rape, we pillage"?"
  • (Unnamed) "Jason, you never keep any of your promises."
  • (Robert Urich) "Oh really, well I will -- next time."
  • (Unnamed) "Promise?"
  • (Robert Urich) "I don't mean anything by this but is there any particularly reason that he is black."
  • (Michael D. Roberts) "Sure, I wanted him to be perfect."

Mary Crosby as Old Karina

  • (Mary Crosby) "How long have you known about this?"
  • (Robert Urich) "First we've heard of it."
  • (Michael D. Roberts) "Couple of days."
  • (Robert Urich) "Couple of days."
  • (Michael D. Roberts) "First we've heard of it."
  • (Mary Crosby) "Jason?"
  • (Robert Urich) "Yeah, what's going on?"
  • (Mary Crosby) "Big surprise. Daddy."
  • (Mary Crosby) "Your he is a she and she thinks you're wonderful."
  • (Robert Urich) "She does?"
  • (Mary Crosby) "I think you better get over there and see what you can do, Jason."
  • (Robert Urich) "No Way."
  • (Mary Crosby) "No Water then."
  • (Robert Urich) "You wouldn't."
  • (Mary Crosby) "Try me."

Michael D. Roberts as Roscoe

(We don't have any quotes for this character)

John Matuszak as Killjoy

  • (Unnamed) "That's barbaric."
  • (John Matuszak) "Oh, yeah."
  • (John Matuszak) "I was cuttin' 'em to pieces 10 minutes ago."

John Carradine as Supreme Commander

  • (John Carradine) "Even their robots are insolent."

Ron Perlman as Zeno

  • (Ron Perlman) "I hope no one minds but I have no intention of facing this sober."

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