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The Next Three Days Quotes

The Next Three Days is a TV show that was first aired in 1970 . The Next Three Days ended in 1970.

It features Michael Nozik, Olivier Delbosc, Paul Haggis, and Marc Missonnier as producer, Danny Elfman in charge of musical score, and Stéphane Fontaine as head of cinematography.

The Next Three Days is recorded in English and originally aired in United States. Each episode of The Next Three Days is 133 minutes long. The Next Three Days is distributed by Lions Gate Entertainment.

The cast includes: Russell Crowe as John Brennan, Liam Neeson as Damon Pennington, Lennie James as Lieutenant Nabulsi, Allan Steele as Sergeant Harris, Elizabeth Banks as Lara Brennan, Moran Atias as Erit, Tyrone Giordano as Mike, Jonathan Tucker as David, Aisha Hinds as Detective Collero, and Jason Beghe as Detective Quinn.

The Next Three Days Quotes

Tyrone Giordano as Mike

  • (Tyrone Giordano) "You were supposed to leave."
  • (Russell Crowe) "I need them."
  • (Tyrone Giordano) "You notice that guy was a cop?"
  • (Russell Crowe) "Which guy?"
  • (Tyrone Giordano) "The one with the red light in his back window."
  • (Tyrone Giordano) "Just give me the money."
  • (Tyrone Giordano) "You want this too much. You're going to f*** it up."
  • (Tyrone Giordano) "What do you need?"
  • (Russell Crowe) "Passports, driver's license, a social security number that'll take a credit check."
  • (Tyrone Giordano) "$3,700."
  • (Russell Crowe) "That's too much."
  • (Tyrone Giordano) "It is if you never get them."

Aisha Hinds as Detective Collero

  • (Aisha Hinds) "You really thought you were going to find it --"

Elizabeth Banks as Lara Brennan

  • (Elizabeth Banks) "Do you think he'll ever kiss me again?"
  • (Elizabeth Banks) "You know, you never even asked me if I did it -- if I murdered her."
  • (Russell Crowe) "Because I know you didn't."
  • (Elizabeth Banks) "Well, you'd be wrong."
  • (Elizabeth Banks) "Can you do me a favor?"
  • (Russell Crowe) "I don't know, I'm kind of busy."
  • (Elizabeth Banks) "I need you to run for governor."
  • (Russell Crowe) "I can do that."
  • (Elizabeth Banks) "You can change this rule about no conjugal visits, 'cause I don't think I can last another 20 years."
  • (Elizabeth Banks) "Why didn't you tell me?"
  • (Russell Crowe) "You would've stopped me."
  • (Elizabeth Banks) "Uh."

Jonathan Tucker as David

  • (Jonathan Tucker) "Please, get me to a hospital. I can't breathe. I --"

Liam Neeson as Damon Pennington

  • (Liam Neeson) "No prison in the world is airtight."
  • (Liam Neeson) "The police can have the centre of the city sealed tight in fifteen minutes."
  • (Liam Neeson) "But before you do anything, you have to ask yourself if you can do it. Can you forget about ever seeing your parents again? Can you kill a guard? Leave your kid at a gas station? Push some nice old lady to the ground just because she gets between you and the door? Because to do this thing, that's who you have to become. And if you can't, don't start, 'cause you'll just get someone killed."
  • (Russell Crowe) "How did you get caught?"
  • (Liam Neeson) "I gave myself up. I couldn't take wondering when someone was gonna come through the bedroom door."

Lennie James as Lieutenant Nabulsi

  • (Lennie James) "Go wider -- Send their photos to every train station -- bus station -- and airports in a 300 mile radius"
  • (Aisha Hinds) "So Ohio -- Maryland -- West Virginia -- New York -- New Jersey -- Virginia -- Michigan -- Kentucky -- and Indiana"
  • (Lennie James) "You know what direction they're going in -- smart ass"
  • (Lennie James) "What kind of criminal drives a Prius?"
  • (Allan Steele) "A socially responsible one?"

Jason Beghe as Detective Quinn

  • (Jason Beghe) "Was it raining that day?"

Moran Atias as Erit

  • (Moran Atias) "Don't apologize, it's genetics. Women are always competing with each other. That's why you're having problems with your boss."
  • (Elizabeth Banks) "Because she's a woman --"
  • (Moran Atias) "Exactly. Women should work under men, men under women. That's it."
  • (Russell Crowe) "What about men under men?"
  • (Moran Atias) "That's fine too, I mean they can deal with it."

Russell Crowe as John Brennan

  • (Russell Crowe) "So, the life in times of Don Quixote, what is it about?"
  • (Unnamed) "That someone's belief in virtue is more important than virtue itself?"
  • (Russell Crowe) "Yes -- that's in the there. But what is it about? Could it be how rational thought destroys your soul? Could it be about the triumph of irrationality and the power that is in that? You know, we spend a lot of time trying to organize the world. We build clocks and calendars and we try to predict the weather. But what part of our life is truly under our control? What if we choose to exist purely in a reality of our own making? Does that render us insane? And if it does, isn't that better than a life of despair?"

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