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Thirteen Ghosts Quotes

Thirteen Ghosts is a television show that first aired in 1970 . Thirteen Ghosts ended in 1970.

It features Robert Zemeckis as producer, John Frizzell (composer) in charge of musical score, and Gale Tattersall as head of cinematography.

Thirteen Ghosts is recorded in English and originally aired in United States. Each episode of Thirteen Ghosts is 91 minutes long. Thirteen Ghosts is distributed by Warner Bros..

The cast includes: Rah Digga as Maggie, Embeth Davidtz as Kalina, Matthew Lillard as Dennis Rafkin, Shawna Loyer as Dana Newman, The Angry Princess, Matthew Lillard as Rafkin, F. Murray Abraham as Cyrus, Embeth Davidtz as Kalina Oretzia, F. Murray Abraham as Cyrus Kriticos, Rah Digga as Maggie Bess, Shannon Elizabeth as Kathy Kriticos, Tony Shalhoub as Arthur Kriticos, Laura Mennell as Susan LeGrow, The Bound Woman, Daniel Wesley as Jean Kriticos, The Withered Lover, Mikhael Speidel as Billy Michaels, The First Born Son, and Craig Olejnik as Royce Clayton, The Torn Prince.

Thirteen Ghosts Quotes

Matthew Lillard as Dennis Rafkin

  • (Matthew Lillard) "Oh Cyrus, you crazy son of a bitch, what did you do?"
  • (Matthew Lillard) "Hey bro -- You ain't nothin' but a BITCH."
  • (Matthew Lillard) "There are ghosts in the basement."
  • (Rah Digga) "This basement?"
  • (Matthew Lillard) "Of course this basement. What is it with you people? If it was the basement next door I wouldn't give a s***, would I?"
  • (Matthew Lillard) "What the hell? Give me those."
  • (Matthew Lillard) "Let me see. Why are these open? I was down here before. They weren't open."
  • (Matthew Lillard) "Oh, God. I hate it when they do that."
  • (Rah Digga) "Do what?"
  • (Matthew Lillard) "They wait for your to stick your FACE right up against the glass. And then give you a big, fat "boo"."
  • (Matthew Lillard) "You son of a bitch. You said he only killed 9 people, there's over 40 victims here."
  • (F. Murray Abraham) "Nine while he was alive, he's added a few since then."
  • (Matthew Lillard) "Did I say there's a petting zoo downstairs? NO there are ghosts downstairs Arthur."
  • (Matthew Lillard) "I know this is gonna sound completely whacked, all right? But just; just stay with me. I used to hunt displaced spiritual energies with your uncle."
  • (Tony Shalhoub) "I'm sorry?"
  • (Matthew Lillard) "Uhh, P.K. agents. Revenants. Uh, uh, uh; Like wraiths. Wraiths? Do you have any idea what I'm talking about?"
  • (Tony Shalhoub) "Uhh --"
  • (Matthew Lillard) "That's okay. That's okay, I; I'll do this the easy way. Ghosts, Arthur. I used to; I used to hunt ghosts with your uncle Cyrus."
  • (Tony Shalhoub) "Goats?"
  • (Matthew Lillard) "GHOSTS. Ghosts, goddammit. Listen to me."
  • (Matthew Lillard) "I hate this job --"
  • (Embeth Davidtz) "Yeah, well, it doesn't seem to like you much either. I wonder why."
  • (Matthew Lillard) "You have something to say, say it."
  • (Embeth Davidtz) "Alright, let's start with, THIS IS ALL YOUR god**** FAULT. If you hadn't caught them we wouldn't be running from them, now would we?"
  • (Matthew Lillard) "It's his uncle that built the damn house."
  • (Embeth Davidtz) "Yeah, but you helped him. How could you help him without knowing what he was doing?"
  • (Matthew Lillard) "I had my reasons --"
  • (Embeth Davidtz) "Money, you parasite, you stole people's souls for money. How depraved is that?"
  • (Matthew Lillard) "If you hadn't noticed, I'M A LITTLE BIT OF A FREAK. I come within ten feet of anything dead I go into seizures. I touch somebody, and a whole life full of s*** flashes in front of my eyes. Alright? So yeah, I'm depraved. But Cyrus was my friend and he accepted me, so --"
  • (Embeth Davidtz) "He didn't accept you. You're so pathetic. He used you."
  • (Tony Shalhoub) "Shut up. Both of you. Cut him some slack, would you? What difference does it make?"
  • (Embeth Davidtz) "You didn't tell him, did you?"
  • (Tony Shalhoub) "Oh, God, what? What? Tell me what? What now?"
  • (Embeth Davidtz) "About the fourth ghost."
  • (Matthew Lillard) "No, don't do this -- I didn't tell him, don't do this."
  • (Embeth Davidtz) "He has a right to know."
  • (Tony Shalhoub) "What about the fourth ghost?"
  • (Embeth Davidtz) "St Luke's hospital. Six months ago."
  • (Tony Shalhoub) "You're saying -- my wife's spirit is -- trapped -- in this house?"
  • (Matthew Lillard) "I didn't know you -- I didn't know her. I didn't know she had a husband --"
  • (Tony Shalhoub) "Why? In God's name, why? Why her?"
  • (Matthew Lillard) "I don't know why. Cyrus handpicked them all, including your wife. I found out who you were, and God, I've been trying to help you."
  • (Tony Shalhoub) "You call this help? She's right. This is all your God damn fault."
  • (Matthew Lillard) "Hey, Glass Family Robinson, you're wasting your breath."
  • (Matthew Lillard) "I sure as hell hope I don't bleed to death. That, would suck."
  • (Matthew Lillard) "I hate my job."

Rah Digga as Maggie Bess

  • (Rah Digga) "Hey, Bobby, isn't that great, you got a late uncle."
  • (Unnamed) "What's he late for?"
  • (Shannon Elizabeth) "His next birthday."
  • (Rah Digga) "Bobby, don't call your sister a slut."
  • (Shannon Elizabeth) "Thank you, Maggie."
  • (Rah Digga) "I prefer the term 'bitch'."
  • (Rah Digga) "This is it for me. I am on the first f***in' plane back to Newark. Uh-uh. I am sorry, family, Kathy, Bobby, uncle, ghosts. I am sick of this nanny s***. I've had it. This was not in the job description. I quit."
  • (Rah Digga) "Is that half the lawyer?"
  • (Embeth Davidtz) "Here, take this."
  • (Rah Digga) "Oooh, god, he definitely looked better."
  • (Rah Digga) "Can I rely on you not to get me killed?"
  • (Matthew Lillard) "I guarantee nothing."
  • (Rah Digga) "Stuck in here, bunch of crazy white people --"
  • (Rah Digga) "Where? I can't see s*** without the glasses, idiot."
  • (Matthew Lillard) "-- Well, I can see. And I think you should go this way. Go, go, go, go, go."
  • (Rah Digga) "Family, just so we're all clear, Ms. Maggie does not do windows."

Tony Shalhoub as Arthur Kriticos

  • (Tony Shalhoub) "I told them not to leave this spot."
  • (Matthew Lillard) "They're kids; what do you expect?"
  • (Tony Shalhoub) "Yeah, well thank you Dr. Phil."
  • (Tony Shalhoub) "First rule: no throwing stones."
  • (Tony Shalhoub) "Okay, I want you guys to stay right here. Don't move."
  • (Shannon Elizabeth) "Dad, you're being paranoid and over-protective."
  • (Tony Shalhoub) "Yeah, of all this stuff."
  • (Tony Shalhoub) "He wasn't too popular. My dad said he squandered the family fortune."
  • (Shannon Elizabeth) "We have a family fortune?"
  • (Tony Shalhoub) "Well, no. Cyrus squandered it."

Mikhael Speidel as Billy Michaels, The First Born Son

  • (Mikhael Speidel) "I wanna play."

Shannon Elizabeth as Kathy Kriticos

  • (Shannon Elizabeth) "I sure hope the bathroom's in the basement --"
  • (Shannon Elizabeth) "Bathrooms. Bathrooms. Everyone gets their own bathrooms."

Laura Mennell as Susan LeGrow, The Bound Woman

(We don't have any quotes for this character)

Craig Olejnik as Royce Clayton, The Torn Prince

  • (Craig Olejnik) "Why did you leave me? Why did you leave me?"

Embeth Davidtz as Kalina

  • (Embeth Davidtz) "Who are you to play God?"
  • (F. Murray Abraham) "Playing is for children."
  • (Embeth Davidtz) "We have ten minutes until the ectoplasmic s*** hits the fan."

Shawna Loyer as Dana Newman, The Angry Princess

  • (Shawna Loyer) "I'm sorry --"

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