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Winchester '73 Quotes

Winchester '73 is a TV show that debuted in 1970 . Winchester '73 stopped airing in 1970.

It features Aaron Rosenberg as producer, and William Daniels (cinematographer) as head of cinematography.

Winchester '73 is recorded in English and originally aired in United States. Each episode of Winchester '73 is 92 minutes long. Winchester '73 is distributed by Universal Pictures.

The cast includes: Millard Mitchell as High-Spade Frankie Wilson, Dan Duryea as Waco Johnnie Dean, Shelley Winters as Lola Manners, James Stewart as Lin McAdam, Will Geer as Wyatt Earp, John McIntire as Joe Lamont, Jay C. Flippen as Sgt. Wilkes, Stephen McNally as Dutch Henry Brown, and Rock Hudson as Young Bull.

Winchester '73 Quotes

Jay C. Flippen as Sgt. Wilkes

  • (Jay C. Flippen) "You're a man after my stamp. Wish we'd have had you with us at Bull Run. We might not have run so fast."
  • (James Stewart) "Well, I wanna tell you somethin'. I was with you at Bull Run. So was High-Spade."
  • (Millard Mitchell) "Only we was on the other side."

Millard Mitchell as High-Spade Frankie Wilson

  • (Millard Mitchell) "Well, that's the way it was. The old man sired two sons. One was no good -- never was any good. Robbed a bank -- a stagecoach. Then when he came home and wanted to hide out, the old man wouldn't go for it. So Dutch shot him -- in the back."
  • (Millard Mitchell) "It was such pretty hair. I've had it ever since I was a kid. A little thin on top -- but I sure would like to keep it."
  • (Millard Mitchell) "You're about ready to fall out of the saddle. Why don't we rest up a little?"
  • (James Stewart) "I'm not that tired."
  • (Millard Mitchell) "Four or five hours ain't gonna make any difference. We have been chasin' since -- since I can't remember."
  • (Millard Mitchell) "Where's that Steve boy? Drinkin' whiskey?"
  • (Shelley Winters) "He's dead."
  • (Millard Mitchell) "Sudden, wasn't it?"
  • (Shelley Winters) "Very. He was killed by that gentleman standing at the bar. The one that's looking at us."
  • (Millard Mitchell) "Don't seem right for people to go around killing nice folks like --"
  • (Shelley Winters) "He's not "people". He's Waco Johnnie Dean."
  • (Millard Mitchell) "Did you ever wonder what he'd think about you hunting down Dutch Henry?"
  • (James Stewart) "He'd understand. He taught me to hunt."
  • (Millard Mitchell) "Not men. Hunting for food, that's alright. Hunting a man to kill him? You're beginning to like it."
  • (James Stewart) "That's where you're wrong. I don't like it. Some things a man has to do, so he does 'em."
  • (Millard Mitchell) "We've hit a lot of towns, Lin. What makes you think he'll be here?"
  • (James Stewart) "He'll be here."
  • (Millard Mitchell) "We've been wrong before."
  • (James Stewart) "He'll be here."
  • (Millard Mitchell) "On account of that?"
  • (James Stewart) "If he isn't here already, that gun'll bring him."
  • (Bartender) "Who would you be?"
  • (Millard Mitchell) "High-Spade Frankie Wilson -- with a hyphen. That's what I sit on when I get tired."

Stephen McNally as Dutch Henry Brown

  • (Stephen McNally) "What happened at the Little Big Horn?"
  • (John McIntire) "Haven't you heard? Sioux jumped Custer; wiped out his whole command. Yes sir, it's getting to be mighty tough country to travel -- without a gun."
  • (Stephen McNally) "How much will you take for it?"
  • (James Stewart) "It's not for sale."
  • (Stephen McNally) "That's too bad. That's too much gun for a man to have just for -- shootin' rabbits."
  • (James Stewart) "Or for shootin' men in the back."
  • (Stephen McNally) "Haven't I seen you somewhere?"
  • (Shelley Winters) "I've been somewhere."
  • (Stephen McNally) "Do you want in on this Tascosa deal?"
  • (Dan Duryea) "I didn't ride out here to pick blueberries."

John McIntire as Joe Lamont

  • (John McIntire) "Indian smoke always means the same thing -- trouble."

James Stewart as Lin McAdam

  • (James Stewart) "Awful lot of law for a little cowtown."
  • (Will Geer) "This is the kind of cowtown that needs a lot of law."
  • (James Stewart) "You've been real fine people, High-Spade, riding along with me."
  • (Millard Mitchell) "That's what friends are for, isn't it. At leastways, that's the way you dad always said it."
  • (James Stewart) "Yeah, he did, didn't he? He said if a man had one friend, he was rich. I'm rich."
  • (James Stewart) "Yeah, I hear 'em."
  • (Millard Mitchell) "I told you night riding wasn't smart."
  • (James Stewart) "I guess you did."
  • (Millard Mitchell) "Now we're smack in the middle of 'em."
  • (James Stewart) "I guess you're right again."
  • (Millard Mitchell) "Being right ain't gonna do us any good. What do we do now?"
  • (James Stewart) "Well, keep riding."
  • (Millard Mitchell) "With injuns all around us?"
  • (James Stewart) "Maybe you'd feel better if we stopped?"
  • (Millard Mitchell) "Ah -- no."
  • (James Stewart) "Well, then maybe we better just keep riding."
  • (James Stewart) "Say, ah, about these Indians. It seems like they hardly ever attack at night."
  • (Jay C. Flippen) "Why?"
  • (James Stewart) "Well, they figure if they are killed in the dark, the Great Spirit can't find their souls and whip 'em up into heaven -- or something like that."

Shelley Winters as Lola Manners

  • (Shelley Winters) "Do you mind if I kiss you?"
  • (Jay C. Flippen) "No, ma'am, I'd like it. Providin' your man don't mind."
  • (Shelley Winters) "That's for savin' my life."
  • (Jay C. Flippen) "Now you disappoint me. I thought it was 'cause I'm pretty. Got some coffee boilin' on the fire. Wanna just sorta help yourself?"
  • (Shelley Winters) "Oh, coffee. You know, now that I look at you -- you ARE pretty."

Will Geer as Wyatt Earp

  • (Will Geer) "Pick out a name and write it down."
  • (James Stewart) "All right if I use my own name?"
  • (Will Geer) "Some folks do."
  • (James Stewart) "Yeah -- some folks do."
  • (Will Geer) "That's Dutch Henry Brown. I thought you said you didn't know him."
  • (James Stewart) "I said I didn't recall the name."

Rock Hudson as Young Bull

  • (Rock Hudson) "All white men are thieves. In peace, they steal our land; in war, they steal our women. And you are a white man."

Dan Duryea as Waco Johnnie Dean

  • (Dan Duryea) "What was I saying?"
  • (Shelley Winters) "You were talking about yourself."
  • (Dan Duryea) "Where did I stop?"
  • (Shelley Winters) "You didn't. But you can now. I already know all about Waco Johnnie Dean, the fastest gun in Texas."
  • (Dan Duryea) "Texas? Lady, why limit me?"

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