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Winnie the Pooh and Tigger Too Quotes

Winnie the Pooh and Tigger Too is a TV program that was first aired in 1970 . Winnie the Pooh and Tigger Too stopped airing in 1970.

It features Wolfgang Reitherman as producer, and Buddy Baker (composer) (score) in charge of musical score.

Winnie the Pooh and Tigger Too is recorded in English and originally aired in United States. Each episode of Winnie the Pooh and Tigger Too is 25 minutes long. Winnie the Pooh and Tigger Too is distributed by Buena Vista Distribution.

The cast includes: John Fiedler as Piglet, Paul Winchell as Tigger, Junius Matthews as Rabbit, Timothy Turner as Christopher Robin, Sterling Holloway as Winnie the Pooh, Dori Whitaker as Roo, and Barbara Luddy as Kanga.

Winnie the Pooh and Tigger Too Quotes

Paul Winchell as Tigger

  • (Paul Winchell) "Oh, good old terra firma."
  • (Paul Winchell) "Say, I'm so happy I feel like bouncing."
  • (Junius Matthews) "Uh-uh-uh. You promised. You promised."
  • (Paul Winchell) "Oh, I did, didn't I? You mean I-I can't; ever bounce again?"
  • (Junius Matthews) "Never."
  • (Paul Winchell) "N-Never?"
  • (Paul Winchell) "N-Not even just; one, teensy-weensy bounce?"
  • (Junius Matthews) "Not even a smidgen of a bounce."
  • (Paul Winchell) "If I ever get outta this, I promise never to bounce again. N-Never."
  • (Junius Matthews) "I heard that, Tigger."
  • (Junius Matthews) "He promised. Did you hear him promise? I heard him. I heard him. You heard him, didn't ya? Didn't ya?"
  • (Paul Winchell) "Uh, pew. Ree-yuck. Tiggers don't like ice skating."
  • (Paul Winchell) "Hoo-hoo-hoo-hoo. I almost bounced clear outta the book. Some bouncin', huh?"
  • (Paul Winchell) "Say, how did this tree get so high?"
  • (Paul Winchell) "I "recoggonize" you. You're the one that's stuffed with fluff."
  • (Sterling Holloway) "Yeah. And you're sitting on it."
  • (Paul Winchell) "Yeah. And it's comfy, too."
  • (Paul Winchell) "Come on, Rabbit. Let's you and me bounce, huh?"
  • (Junius Matthews) "Good heavens. M-m-m-me bounce?"
  • (Paul Winchell) "Why, certainly. And look, you've got the feet for it."
  • (Junius Matthews) "I have?"
  • (Paul Winchell) "Sure. Come on, try it. It makes ya feel just grrreat."
  • (Paul Winchell) "Hello, Rabbit. I'm Tigger. T-I double guh --"
  • (Junius Matthews) "Please. Please. Don't spell it. Oh dear, will you just -- just look at my beautiful garden."
  • (Paul Winchell) "Yyyyyuck. M-messy, isn't it?"
  • (Junius Matthews) "Messy? Messy? It's ruined. It's ruined, Tigger. Why won't you ever stop bouncing?"
  • (Paul Winchell) "Why? That's what Tiggers do best. Hoo-hoo-hoo-hoo."
  • (Paul Winchell) "That's funny. They must be lost."
  • (Paul Winchell) "HELLO. Hey, you blokes. Where are ya?"
  • (Sterling Holloway) "In --"
  • (Junius Matthews) "Shush."
  • (Sterling Holloway) "I am shushed."
  • (Paul Winchell) "Well, I gotta go now. I've got a lotta bouncin' to do. Hoo-hoo-hoo-hoo. T-T-F-N: ta-ta for now."
  • (Paul Winchell) "Hello, Piglet. I'm Tigger."
  • (John Fiedler) "Oh, Tigger. You sc-c-c-cared me."
  • (Paul Winchell) "Oh, shucks. That was just one of my little bounces."
  • (John Fiedler) "It was? Oh. Thank you, Tigger."
  • (Paul Winchell) "Yeah, I'm saving my best bounce for ole Long Ears."
  • (Paul Winchell) "Ta-ta."
  • (Unnamed) "Well, Tigger, your bouncing really got you into trouble this time."
  • (Paul Winchell) "Say, who're you?"
  • (Unnamed) "I'm the narrator."
  • (Paul Winchell) "Oh well, please, for goodness sakes, narrate me down from here."
  • (Unnamed) "Very well. Hold on tight."
  • (Timothy Turner) "You can let go now, Tigger."
  • (Paul Winchell) "N-n-n-n-n-n-n-never."
  • (Unnamed) "But Tigger, look for yourself. You're perfectly safe."
  • (Unnamed) "What did I tell you, Tigger?"
  • (Unnamed) "Come on."
  • (Unnamed) "There we go."
  • (Paul Winchell) "The wonderful thing about tiggers / Is tiggers are wonderful things / Their tops are made out of rubber / Their bottoms are made out of springs / They're bouncy, trouncy, flouncy, pouncy fun, fun, fun, fun, fun / But the most wonderful thing about tiggers is I'm the only one / IIIII'm the only one."

Sterling Holloway as Winnie the Pooh

  • (Sterling Holloway) "Uh, R-Rabbit?"
  • (Junius Matthews) "Yes?"
  • (Sterling Holloway) "Say, Rabbit, how would it be if as soon as we're out of sight of this old pit, we just try to find it again?"
  • (Junius Matthews) "What's the good of that?"
  • (Sterling Holloway) "Well, you see, we keep looking for home, but we keep finding this pit, so I just thought that if we looked for this pit, we might find home."
  • (Junius Matthews) "Hm, I don't see much sense in that. If I were to walk away from this pit, and then walk back to it; of course I should find it. I'll prove it to you. Wait here."
  • (Sterling Holloway) "Look, l-look, Piglet. There's something in that tree over there."
  • (John Fiedler) "Is it one of the f-f-fiercer animals?"
  • (Paul Winchell) "Halloo."
  • (Sterling Holloway) "Yes. It's a "jagular.""
  • (John Fiedler) "W-What do "jagulars" d-do, Pooh?"
  • (Sterling Holloway) "Well, "jagulars" always call, "Halloo." And when you look up, they drop on you."
  • (John Fiedler) "I'm looking down, P-P-Pooh."

John Fiedler as Piglet

  • (John Fiedler) "W-w-what was that, Pooh?"
  • (Sterling Holloway) "My tummy rumbled. Now then; come on, let's go home."
  • (John Fiedler) "But Pooh, do you know the way?"
  • (Sterling Holloway) "No, Piglet, but I've got twelve pots of honey in my cupboard, and they've been calling to my tummy."
  • (John Fiedler) "They have?"
  • (Sterling Holloway) "Yes, Piglet. I couldn't hear them before because Rabbit would talk. I think I know where they're calling from, so come on. We'll just follow my tummy."
  • (John Fiedler) "Pooh. Haven't you been listening to what Rabbit's been saying?"
  • (Sterling Holloway) "I listened, but then I had a small piece of fluff in my ear. Could you say it again, please, Rabbit?"
  • (Junius Matthews) "Well, where should I start from?"
  • (Sterling Holloway) "Well, from the moment the fluff got in my ear."
  • (Junius Matthews) "Well, when was that?"
  • (Sterling Holloway) "I don't know. I couldn't hear properly."

Dori Whitaker as Roo

  • (Dori Whitaker) "Christopher Robin, I like the old, bouncy Tigger best."
  • (Timothy Turner) "So do I, Roo."
  • (John Fiedler) "I do, too."
  • (Dori Whitaker) "Me, too."
  • (Barbara Luddy) "Of course, we all do. Don't you agree, Rabbit?"
  • (Junius Matthews) "I uh --"
  • (Timothy Turner) "Well, Rabbit?"
  • (Junius Matthews) "Well, uh, uh, that is, I-uh, what I mean --"
  • (Sterling Holloway) "Well?"
  • (Junius Matthews) "Uh, I uh --"
  • (Junius Matthews) "Oh, all right. I guess I like the old Tigger better, too."
  • (Paul Winchell) "Oh, boy. You mean I can have my bounce back? Hoo-hoo-hoo-hoo."

Timothy Turner as Christopher Robin

  • (Timothy Turner) "Hello, Pooh. Hello, Piglet. What's up?"
  • (Sterling Holloway) "Tigger and Roo are up."
  • (Barbara Luddy) "Oh, my goodness. Roo, how did you get up there?"
  • (Dori Whitaker) "Easy, Mama. We bounced up."
  • (Barbara Luddy) "Oh, my goodness. Do be careful, dear."
  • (Dori Whitaker) "I'm all right, Mama, but Tigger's stuck."
  • (Barbara Luddy) "Oh, what a shame. That's too bad."
  • (Junius Matthews) "No, that's good. You see, he can't bounce anybody up there."
  • (Timothy Turner) "Oh, dear. We'll just have to get him down somehow."
  • (Junius Matthews) "Down? Down? Do we have to?"

Junius Matthews as Rabbit

  • (Junius Matthews) "Tigger. B-b-but you're supposed to be lost."
  • (Paul Winchell) "Aw, tiggers never get lost, Bunny Boy."
  • (Junius Matthews) "Never -- get -- lost?"
  • (Paul Winchell) "Of course not."
  • (Junius Matthews) "Oh, no."

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