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She's the Man Quotes

She's the Man is a television program that appeared on TV in 1970 . She's the Man ended in 1970.

It features Lauren Shuler Donner; Tom Rosenberg; Gary Lucchesi as producer, Nathan Wang in charge of musical score, and Greg Gardiner as head of cinematography.

She's the Man is recorded in English and originally aired in United States. Each episode of She's the Man is 105 minutes long. She's the Man is distributed by DreamWorks.

The cast includes: Clifton Murray as Andrew, Alexandra Breckenridge as Monique, Amanda Bynes as Viola, Mark Acheson as Duke, Brandon Jay McLaren as Toby, James Kirk as Sebastian, James Snyder as Malcolm, John Pyper-Ferguson as Roger, Emily Perkins as Eunice, David Cross as Principal Gold, Robert Hoffman as Justin, Jonathan Sadowski as Paul, Laura Ramsey as Olivia, Lynda Boyd as Cheryl, Vinnie Jones as Coach Dinklage, Robert Torti as Coach Pistonek, Mark Acheson as Groundskeeper, Julie Hagerty as Daphne, and Amanda Crew as Kia.

She's the Man Quotes

James Kirk as Sebastian

  • (James Kirk) "Folks, I'm a boy. I promise."
  • (James Snyder) "Prove it."
  • (James Kirk) "Okay."
  • (James Kirk) "Folks, I'm a boy. I promise."
  • (James Snyder) "Prove it."
  • (James Kirk) "Okay."
  • (John Pyper-Ferguson) "That's my boy."
  • (Emily Perkins) "Soccer is the world's favorite sport."
  • (James Kirk) "Sebastian but actually Viola: Ask me if I like Cheese"
  • (Mark Acheson) "Duke: Um, ok. Do you like cheese?"
  • (James Kirk) "Sebastian but actually Viola: Why yes I do, my favorite's Gouda."
  • (James Kirk) "Are those real?"
  • (Amanda Bynes) "Oh yeah, I'm growing sideburns now- NO."
  • (James Kirk) "Besides, if you want to chase your dreams, sometimes you gotta break the rules, right?"

Amanda Bynes as Viola

  • (Amanda Bynes) "-- and when I close my eyes, I see you for who you truly are, which is UUUG-LAY."
  • (Amanda Bynes) "I can do this. I am a dude. I am a hunky dude. I'm a badass hunky dude."
  • (Amanda Bynes) "What does your heart tell you?"
  • (Mark Acheson) "What?"
  • (Amanda Bynes) "I mean -- which one would you rather see NAKED?"
  • (Amanda Bynes) "Quit blushing. That's lame."
  • (Mark Acheson) "Shut up, I'm not blushing."
  • (Amanda Bynes) "You kill it. Your the man. Er -- The -- Bigger -- Man."
  • (Amanda Bynes) "Be a man. Suck it up and rub some dirt in IT."
  • (Mark Acheson) "All right, I'll rub some dirt on it --"
  • (Amanda Bynes) "I'd tap that."
  • (Amanda Bynes) "Speaking as a completely third party objective with absolutely no personal interest in the matter, I'm not really sure that you and Olivia really mesh well together."
  • (Amanda Bynes) "No man -- if you wanna kiss her -- You go right ahead and you kiss her. I mean, knock your self out. You just take her -- then kiss her. Then kiss the crap out of her."
  • (Mark Acheson) "Okay"
  • (Amanda Bynes) "You are messing with the wrong man."
  • (Amanda Bynes) "Okay, who's your daddy?"
  • (Mark Acheson) "Huh?"
  • (Amanda Bynes) "I got her to consider you. You're half way in man."
  • (Mark Acheson) "Um, uh, ok, so, should I ask her out?"
  • (Amanda Bynes) "No. You don't want to freak her out, you've got to have a casual conversation first, hello?"
  • (Amanda Bynes) "Why do I get the feeling you don't do this very often?"
  • (Mark Acheson) "Man, I just, I'm not really good at talking to girls."
  • (Amanda Bynes) "Why? You're hot."
  • (Mark Acheson) "What?"
  • (Amanda Bynes) "Ya know, you're an appealing guy- man- guy- guy man."
  • (Mark Acheson) "Look, I don't know, I just always say the wrong- I just always say the wrong thing."
  • (Amanda Bynes) "OK. Alright, come on, get up. I wanna trying something where I'm gonna act like a girl and you're gonna talk to me, ok?"
  • (Mark Acheson) "Ew. Do, do I have to?"
  • (Amanda Bynes) "Yes. Cause, "I'm Viola. Duke, nice to meet you.""
  • (Mark Acheson) "OK, that was creepy. You really just sounded like a girl just then."
  • (Amanda Bynes) "I used to imitate my sister all the time. I got really good at it. Come on, get up. Ask me some questions and if the chemistry's right, things will just start flowin'."
  • (Mark Acheson) "Questions about what?"
  • (Amanda Bynes) "Anything. Ask me if I like -- cheese."
  • (Mark Acheson) "Um, ok. Do you -- like -- cheese?"
  • (Amanda Bynes) "Why yes I do. My favourite's gouda."
  • (Mark Acheson) "I like gouda too?"
  • (Amanda Bynes) "I didn't think you'd show up. It really means a lot to me that you're here. Say something."
  • (Mark Acheson) "I gotta turn the sprinklers on."
  • (Amanda Bynes) "What are you talking about? Why are you lying?"
  • (Robert Hoffman) "Viola. End of discussion."
  • (Amanda Bynes) "FINE. End of relationship."
  • (Robert Hoffman) "Baby, don't be like that. I just don't want to see you get hurt."
  • (Amanda Bynes) "Aww. You are so full of --"
  • (Robert Torti) "Back to practice."
  • (Amanda Bynes) "Echh. No. Sorry, Mom. I have a strict no-ruffles policy."
  • (Julie Hagerty) "Sometimes I just think you just might as well be your brother."
  • (Amanda Bynes) "Hi, Eunice. Sorry for running out on our date."
  • (Emily Perkins) "It's okay. My intensity scares some people."
  • (Amanda Bynes) "You know how it is. New school, new babe pool."
  • (Amanda Bynes) "I get to take a shower. I get to take a shower."
  • (James Snyder) "Malcolm Festes, Dorm Director. Shower shoes are to be worn in the bathroom at all times except when in the actual shower -- Did you not read your "Dorm Life" pamphlet? It was in your cubby."
  • (Amanda Bynes) "Sup dog?"
  • (Mark Acheson) "Yeah, what's kickin', homie?"
  • (Amanda Bynes) "Later."
  • (Mark Acheson) "Hey, you forgot, ew --"
  • (Mark Acheson) "This, coolio."
  • (Amanda Bynes) "Word, g-money."
  • (Amanda Bynes) "Eunice."
  • (Amanda Bynes) "Uh, Eunice. Why didn't you wake me?"
  • (Emily Perkins) "You looked so serene. I made breakfast, darling."
  • (Amanda Bynes) "I just can't do this."
  • (Jonathan Sadowski) "Just remember, inside every girl, there's a boy. That came out wrong but you know what I mean."
  • (Amanda Bynes) "You know it bro'"
  • (Amanda Bynes) "You know what? If you can't join 'em, beat 'em."
  • (Amanda Bynes) "Lady Pterodactyl"
  • (Amanda Bynes) "I gotta be completely honest. The whole dissecting thing kinda freaks me out, so uh -- I think you may have to take the reins on this one."
  • (Laura Ramsey) "Wow, most guys would have never admit that."
  • (Amanda Bynes) "Oh crap. You're right."
  • (Laura Ramsey) "No, don't worry I think it's refreshing."
  • (Amanda Bynes) "You do?"
  • (James Snyder) "No paper near the bunsen burner."
  • (Amanda Bynes) "Wait."
  • (Laura Ramsey) "What's this? poems?"
  • (Amanda Bynes) "Lyrics. They're his -- my, my old stuff."
  • (Laura Ramsey) ""Wake up I've been waiting for you"."
  • (Laura Ramsey) "Those are really good. So honest."
  • (Amanda Bynes) "I know. I keep telling him -- me -- meself -- my -- myself."
  • (James Snyder) "I write songs too, Olivia."
  • (Laura Ramsey) "Really? Wonderful."
  • (James Snyder) "Check it out."
  • (James Snyder) "I see you through your window, while I'm standing on a tree outside"
  • (Amanda Bynes) "So, what brings you here?"
  • (Mark Acheson) "Well, a few days ago I kissed this girl at a kissing booth. And now, I just can't seem to stop thinking about it."
  • (Amanda Bynes) "Neither can she."
  • (Mark Acheson) "Plus, I miss my roommate. I really liked him."
  • (Amanda Bynes) "Well, he's right in here."
  • (Amanda Bynes) "Listen, I know I should have told you who I was, but I was afraid. I'm sorry."
  • (Mark Acheson) "Well, you know maybe if I had known you were a girl, we wouldn't have talked like we did, and got to know each other the same way. And that would've been a shame."
  • (Amanda Bynes) "Just so you know, everything you told me when I was a guy, just made me like you so much more as a girl."
  • (Mark Acheson) "Ok, but just from here on in, everything would just be alot easier if you stayed a girl."
  • (Amanda Bynes) "Hey. HEY. What up? You must be my room-mates."
  • (Mark Acheson) "What-what's your name?"
  • (Amanda Bynes) "Sebastian Hastings."
  • (Mark Acheson) "Duke Orsino."
  • (Mark Acheson) "Um, ok, ok, ok, ok. Um, this is Andrew and Toby. They live next door."
  • (Clifton Murray) "Yeah, freshman dorms thattaway, twiglet."
  • (Brandon Jay McLaren) "Seriously, how old are you?"
  • (Amanda Bynes) "I skipped a couple of grades. I'm brilliant, shh. Anyway, you know when our soccer try-outs start?"
  • (Mark Acheson) "Noon. You play?"
  • (Amanda Bynes) "Absolutely. Centre-forward. You know it, bra. So, uh, you play the beautiful sport, bro? Brothers? Brethren?"
  • (Mark Acheson) "Yeah, I'm a striker. Andrew and Toby are half-backs."
  • (Amanda Bynes) "Schveet."
  • (Mark Acheson) "Ok, w-why do you have tampons in your boot?"
  • (Amanda Bynes) "Um, I get really bad nose bleeds?"
  • (Clifton Murray) "So you stick 'em up your nose?"
  • (Amanda Bynes) "Yeah. What, you've, you've never done that?"
  • (Amanda Bynes) "Oh my. Beckhem does it all the time."
  • (Mark Acheson) "Serious?"
  • (Amanda Bynes) "Yes. Look, let me show you how to do it. Take that off and whatever that is, and, and you stick it right in. It absorbs right up."
  • (Mark Acheson) "That's disgusting."
  • (Clifton Murray) "Oh my god. You're room-mates a freak."

Robert Torti as Coach Pistonek

  • (Robert Torti) "Yeah. Yeah. NO. No playing. You have to forfeit. There's no girls in this league. Here, look in the manual."
  • (Robert Torti) "Hi girls, heard the bad news."
  • (Amanda Bynes) "Bad? It's a disaster."
  • (Robert Torti) "I know. Well if there's anything I can help you with, you just say the word."
  • (Amanda Bynes) "As a matter of fact, there is. We want to try out for the boy's team."
  • (Robert Torti) "Uh, anything besides that."
  • (Amanda Bynes) "Coach, come on. You know that we're good enough."
  • (Robert Torti) "I don't know that that's a thing that I know."
  • (Amanda Bynes) "All we're asking for is one shot."
  • (Robert Torti) "Girls, we have two weeks before school starts. Then we open against Illyria, a rivalry game. We have to win."
  • (Amanda Bynes) "And we can help you win."
  • (Robert Hoffman) "Hey, baby. What's going on coach?"
  • (Robert Torti) "Umm, girls here want to try out for the team."
  • (Robert Torti) "I don't know that that's a thing that I know."

Clifton Murray as Andrew

  • (Clifton Murray) "Some guys just walk in the light you know."
  • (Clifton Murray) "Well hey there pretty lady."
  • (Alexandra Breckenridge) "Ew. What -- what are you hitting on me?"
  • (Clifton Murray) "I was just --"
  • (Alexandra Breckenridge) ""I was just -- nyuh". OK, let me put a stop to that little brain fart right now. Girls with asses like mine do not talk to boys with faces like yours"
  • (Clifton Murray) "Freshman dorm's that-a-way, twiglet."
  • (Clifton Murray) "Yea, she gives great nods."

Julie Hagerty as Daphne

  • (Julie Hagerty) "You did all this to play soccer?"
  • (Julie Hagerty) "Nonsense. You don't need a man to wear a beautiful dress."
  • (Jonathan Sadowski) "But it doesn't hurt --"
  • (Jonathan Sadowski) "Viola Hastings it would be my pleasure to escort you."
  • (Julie Hagerty) "So Monique's getting you all excited about being a debutant, huh?"
  • (Amanda Bynes) "Thuper duper exthited. Have a good carnival."

Mark Acheson as Duke

  • (Mark Acheson) "So, uh, do you -- like cheese?"
  • (Emily Perkins) "More than almost any other animal by-product."
  • (Mark Acheson) "You know -- it's crazy how wrong you can be about a person -- just crazy -- You think that they are one thing and then they turn out to be the exact opposite. You know what? Save it. We were suppose to be friends."
  • (Amanda Bynes) "We are friends."
  • (Mark Acheson) "You dont even know the meaning of the word."
  • (Mark Acheson) "Just my luck."
  • (Mark Acheson) "No, no, no, no. I didn't mean it like that. I just mean, she's -- you know -- Ok. Um, on the other hand you're also --"
  • (Amanda Bynes) "I am? Thanks, I, guess."
  • (9 Year Old Boy) "You don't have to flirt with her first, okay, genius? You're paying for it."
  • (Mark Acheson) "Haha, why don't you just; relax."
  • (Mark Acheson) "Um, um, um- maybe I should kiss you now, I gave that girl my ticket and I waited in line."
  • (Amanda Bynes) "Well, it's the least I can do."
  • (Mark Acheson) "Uh, ok; here I go. Um; uh --"
  • (Mark Acheson) "Ok, I think that was one ticket's worth."
  • (Amanda Bynes) "Na-uh, you need a little bit more."
  • (Mark Acheson) "Dude you know her?"
  • (Amanda Bynes) "Talked to her for like a second."
  • (Mark Acheson) "What're you gonna do, drown me in your tears?"
  • (Robert Hoffman) "I did not cry during that game. I had something in my eye."
  • (Mark Acheson) "So -- do you like cheese?"
  • (Mark Acheson) "Yeah. You did it."
  • (Mark Acheson) "I'm going out with Olivia --"
  • (Amanda Bynes) "What the hell, I thought you like Viola now."
  • (Mark Acheson) "Dude, come on, you're a guy. What would you do?"
  • (Mark Acheson) "If the hottest girl in school came to you and asked you on a date?"
  • (Amanda Bynes) "I'll be right back."
  • (Mark Acheson) "Its not gonna be that bad, Olivia's gonna be there. the perfect opportunity for me to lay some groundwork."
  • (Amanda Bynes) "Oh, Olivia's gonna be there. And my sister, and Monique, and you, and my mom. great."
  • (Mark Acheson) "I gotta go change my feet."
  • (Mark Acheson) "This is perfect. You spend an hour with her every other day. You can convince her to go out with me."
  • (Amanda Bynes) "Dude, she's had that option for, like, three and a half years."
  • (Mark Acheson) "Why, why do you always talk about girls in such graphic terms?"
  • (Mark Acheson) "It's just like what Coach says before every game: Be not afraid of greatness, some are born great, some achieve greatness, and some have greatness thrust upon them. I think our best chance to be great here today, is to have you play."

Robert Hoffman as Justin

  • (Robert Hoffman) "That's right. Didn't score on me last half won't score on this half. I'm a ninja. Ninja Goalie."
  • (Robert Hoffman) "Oh. She shoots, she scores. Goal."
  • (Robert Hoffman) "Could you be a girl for just 5 seconds"
  • (Amanda Bynes) "Ok -- First of all it's not a stupid soccer issue and -- you're a jerk. Oh look at that, times up."
  • (Robert Hoffman) "Ok, you are really getting good."
  • (Amanda Bynes) "Aw, you too. I mean when we first started going out, you couldn't kiss at all."
  • (Robert Hoffman) "I meant at soccer."
  • (Amanda Bynes) "Aw, really?"
  • (Robert Hoffman) "Absolutely. You're already better than half the guys on my team."
  • (Amanda Bynes) "Hmm -- probably more than half."
  • (Robert Hoffman) "What do you mean I couldn't kiss at all?"
  • (Amanda Bynes) "Don't worry, I've taught you well."

James Snyder as Malcolm

(We don't have any quotes for this character)

Brandon Jay McLaren as Toby

  • (Brandon Jay McLaren) "Is your sister hot?"
  • (Amanda Bynes) "Uh -- I guess so -- she's got a great personality"
  • (Brandon Jay McLaren) "Ew"
  • (Brandon Jay McLaren) "How come when I wanted to ask Eunice out everyone made fun of me, but then Sebastian likes her and suddenly she's cool? Screw you guys. I hate high school."
  • (Brandon Jay McLaren) "Incoming."
  • (Amanda Bynes) "Check out the booty on that blondie."

Vinnie Jones as Coach Dinklage

  • (Vinnie Jones) "The rest of you. Get out there and play some real football -- You bunch of girls."
  • (David Cross) "Alright the rest of you, get out there and play some real football like a bunch of girls."
  • (Vinnie Jones) "LET'S GO. KICK. KILL."
  • (Vinnie Jones) "At ease, Gentlemen. I've seen a lot of energy and commitment out there today. And that makes a coach proud. Now, I wanna split us up into first string and second string. You second-stringers, don't take it too hard. You're just as much part of this team as the first-stringers. Apart from, of course, playing the game part."
  • (Vinnie Jones) "Break it up. Break it up. Okay, tough guys. You want to box, then get out of my stadium. Or otherwise, get on with the game. All right? That goes for the rest of ya. Now get on and play some real football. Like a bunch of girls."
  • (Vinnie Jones) "OK, shirts and skins."
  • (Amanda Bynes) "Pardon me, sir. I have to be a shirt."
  • (Vinnie Jones) "What?"
  • (Amanda Bynes) "I'm allergic to the sun."
  • (Vinnie Jones) "-- You're allergic to the sun?"
  • (Amanda Bynes) "Very, very, very deathly, deathly allergic."
  • (Vinnie Jones) "Well, we like to accomodate here in Illiria, so I'll follow you around with a parasol. Alright, Nancy boy?"
  • (Vinnie Jones) "You're a shirt."

Jonathan Sadowski as Paul

  • (Jonathan Sadowski) "Vi- be a good boy."

David Cross as Principal Gold

  • (David Cross) "He's probably halfway to China by now, I mean, he showed his "willis and doodleberries" --"
  • (James Kirk) "Present."
  • (David Cross) "What is? Oh -- Getting to know the opposite sex are we? Male female dynamics, all that. Sexual tension -- it's all part of the high school experience -- Continue, continue, please. But keep it cleaned up. Abstinence is key, abstinence is the best way to not is to not."
  • (David Cross) "I played soccer once -- or was it chess?"
  • (David Cross) "There you go. Have a great apple and sandwich."

Lynda Boyd as Cheryl

  • (Lynda Boyd) "Viola, darling. Remember, chew like you have a secret --"
  • (Lynda Boyd) "Who's ready to come out?"
  • (Amanda Bynes) "Kill me."

Laura Ramsey as Olivia

  • (Laura Ramsey) "We could double. I'm sure Eunice is available."
  • (Emily Perkins) "I am so there, it's insane."
  • (Laura Ramsey) "Beware the old guy chewing gum -- it's not gum."

Emily Perkins as Eunice

  • (Emily Perkins) "I know tricks."

John Pyper-Ferguson as Roger

  • (John Pyper-Ferguson) "Is it just me or this soccer game have more nudity than most?"

Alexandra Breckenridge as Monique

  • (Alexandra Breckenridge) "Hello, Viola."
  • (Amanda Bynes) "Oh, boy. This isn't good."
  • (Alexandra Breckenridge) "And hello to you little -- homewrecker."
  • (Laura Ramsey) "Uh, who are you?"
  • (Alexandra Breckenridge) "I am Sebastian's girlfriend."
  • (Amanda Bynes) "Ex-Girl-Friend."
  • (Alexandra Breckenridge) "Okay. Everybody's gotta stop saying that."
  • (Laura Ramsey) "Oh. You were the one he dumped at the pizza parlor the other day."
  • (Alexandra Breckenridge) "Nonononononono, he did not dump me. We're just going through a little bit of a rough patch."
  • (Laura Ramsey) "Oh? I heard he dumped you. He dumped you big. It was just like a big, huge dumping."
  • (Alexandra Breckenridge) "What's that?"
  • (Jonathan Sadowski) "Kia, don't look."
  • (Alexandra Breckenridge) "Sebastian."
  • (Amanda Bynes) "Ow."
  • (Alexandra Breckenridge) "Eww -- It's you. God you and your brother look scarily alike from the back. I think it's your total lack of curves."
  • (Amanda Bynes) "Hey Monique, it's so good to see you too."
  • (Alexandra Breckenridge) "Hmm. I'm looking for Sebastian. Where is he?"
  • (Amanda Bynes) "I don't know."
  • (Alexandra Breckenridge) "Just remind your brother how lucky he is to be in my life. And tell him to give me a all if he wants to stay in it, okay?"
  • (Amanda Bynes) "Okay. Does he have your number? 1-800-BEE-OTCH?"
  • (Alexandra Breckenridge) "Nyenyenyenyenyeh?"
  • (Amanda Bynes) "She will do great things."

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