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Footloose (1984 film) Quotes

Footloose (1984 film) is a TV show that appeared on TV in 1970 . Footloose completed its run in 1970.

It features Lewis J. Rachmil; Craig Zadan as producer, Tom Snow; Jim Steinman; Kenny Loggins; Dean Pitchford in charge of musical score, and Ric Waite as head of cinematography.

Footloose (1984 film) is recorded in English and originally aired in United States. Each episode of Footloose (1984 film) is 110 minutes long. Footloose (1984 film) is distributed by Paramount Pictures.

The cast includes: Kevin Bacon as Ren, Chris Penn as Willard, Lori Singer as Ariel, Jim Youngs as Chuck, Dianne Wiest as Vi Moore, Sarah Jessica Parker as Rusty, Elizabeth Gorcey as Wes, Frances Lee McCain as Ethel, Timothy Scott as Amy, Timothy Scott as Andy Beamis, and John Laughlin as Woody.

Footloose (1984 film) Quotes

Lori Singer as Ariel

  • (Lori Singer) "Do you wanna kiss me?"
  • (Kevin Bacon) "Someday."
  • (Lori Singer) "What's this "someday" s***?"
  • (Kevin Bacon) "Well, it's just I get the feeling you've been kissed a lot, and I'm afraid I'd suffer by comparison."
  • (Lori Singer) "How come you don't like me?"
  • (Kevin Bacon) "What makes you think that I don't like you?"
  • (Lori Singer) "You never talk to me at school. You never look at me."
  • (Kevin Bacon) "Yeah, well maybe that's because if I did, your boyfriend would remove my lungs with a spoon."
  • (Lori Singer) "I just don't know that I believe in everything you believe in. But I believe in you."
  • (Lori Singer) "Hey Ren. When this hat flies in the air, you better have your butt in gear."
  • (Reverend Shaw Moore) "I think it's Heyden, a chamber piece."
  • (Lori Singer) "And that kind of music's okay?"
  • (Reverend Shaw Moore) "It's uplifting. It doesn't confuse people's minds and bodies."
  • (Reverend Shaw Moore) "Were you drinking?"
  • (Lori Singer) "No."
  • (Reverend Shaw Moore) "Smoking something?"
  • (Lori Singer) "No. I wasn't stealing, I wasn't gambling, I wasn't dancing, I wasn't reading books I'm not supposed to. I am late."
  • (Reverend Shaw Moore) "Who were you with?"
  • (Lori Singer) "Ren McCormick."
  • (Reverend Shaw Moore) "I don't want you to see him anymore."
  • (Lori Singer) "Why not?"
  • (Reverend Shaw Moore) "Because I've heard he's a troublemaker."
  • (Lori Singer) "Just because he hasn't lived in this town for 20 years doesn't make him a troublemaker."
  • (Reverend Shaw Moore) "Ariel, I don't know what I'm going to do with you."
  • (Lori Singer) "There ain't nothing to do with me, Daddy. You like it or not, this is it. It doesn't get much better."
  • (Lori Singer) "I'm no saint you know. I'm not even a virgin."
  • (Reverend Shaw Moore) "Don't you talk like that here."
  • (Lori Singer) "Why not? Isn't this where I'm supposed to come to confess my sins to my preacher? In CHURCH. I ask to be forgiven. Am I?"

Chris Penn as Willard

  • (Chris Penn) "People think she's a hellraiser."
  • (Kevin Bacon) "Is she?"
  • (Chris Penn) "I think she's been kissed a lot."
  • (Chris Penn) "You won't get any dancing here, it's illegal."
  • (Kevin Bacon) "Jump back."
  • (Chris Penn) "Hey, I came with this girl."
  • (Fat Cowboy) "Well it doesn't look like you're leaving with her."
  • (Chris Penn) "Hey, I guess you didn't hear me the first time."
  • (Sarah Jessica Parker) "Willard, no fights, you don't even know this guy."
  • (Fat Cowboy) "Why don't you just flake off, huh?"
  • (Chris Penn) "Woody over here don't know a dance from a dipstick."
  • (John Laughlin) "And you do? You do, huh? Which way is left? Willard, which way is your left?"
  • (John Laughlin) "He don't know his left foot from his right foot."

Elizabeth Gorcey as Wes

  • (Elizabeth Gorcey) "Ethel, are you sure you're not tired?"
  • (Frances Lee McCain) "No, Ren did most of the driving."
  • (Timothy Scott) "If you ask me, Ren is a total fox."
  • (Lulu) "Amy."
  • (Elizabeth Gorcey) "Where did you hear that? Ethel, do you see how television and those kinds of books influence children? You see?"
  • (Elizabeth Gorcey) ""Burn in Hell?" This says "Burn in Hell"."
  • (Elizabeth Gorcey) "Seems that a bunch of kids was raising some hell over at Burlington Cranton's property a few days back. Tore up the fields, turned over a tractor and everything. Today someone suggested to me there's been some trouble up at the high school. I think it was drugs. You don't happen to know anything about that, do you."
  • (Kevin Bacon) "No."
  • (Elizabeth Gorcey) "What was that? I can't hear you."
  • (Timothy Scott) "He said no."
  • (Lulu) "Amy."
  • (Kevin Bacon) "I said no, sir."
  • (Elizabeth Gorcey) "It seems that a lot of people are pointing the finger in your direction lately."
  • (Kevin Bacon) "And what have they said?"
  • (Elizabeth Gorcey) "What I have been telling you about the trouble and the drugs and -- It just seems like you've had a lot of problems since you moved here. And I figured --"
  • (Kevin Bacon) "You figured where there's smoke there's fire, right?"
  • (Elizabeth Gorcey) "Usually works like that. Now look Ren, you know that I would never try to take the place of your father."
  • (Kevin Bacon) "Yeah well, there's no chance of that."
  • (Lulu) "Ren."
  • (Sarah) "Uh oh, he's taking the car."

Kevin Bacon as Ren

  • (Kevin Bacon) "Up on the roof, oh yeah. 100 proof, oh yeah. I'm feelin' fine, oh yeah. Drink cherry wine, oh yeah."
  • (Kevin Bacon) "Did you ever get busted for bopping?"
  • (Kevin Bacon) "Hey, I like that hat, man. They sell men's clothes where you got that?"
  • (Kevin Bacon) "I'll tell you, there was this place called the Blue Heaven. It was great. Had to steal IDs to get in, but it was incredible. It was like a huge underground circus, you know. Hot pink neon climbin' up the walls. And astro music. And millions of girls, like from the university mostly. If we could get one to dance, just one, then that was it. We'd get out on the floor and we'd really start to smoke. We'd start cuttin' in, and these girls would stop.; And they'd look."
  • (Chris Penn) "They'd look how?"
  • (Kevin Bacon) "You know, they'd start to warm up a little. Right? Pretty soon, they'd start buying us beers."
  • (Chris Penn) "They're buying you guys beers?"
  • (Kevin Bacon) "Oh, yeah. Wait. There was this one. This was the best. Ginger. Listen. We started dancing, right? Slow dancing, like we're stuck to each other. Eventually it's obvious to me that she wants to do more than dance. Right? So we left the place. On the way to the car, she's already got her tongue in my ear. We get to the car. She says we can't go to her place 'cause of her roommate, right? But she says, ''Hey, that's no problem.'' She's got seats in the car that recline back. All the way back.; If you know what I'm saying.; All the way? Would I s*** you? Right? She rips my shirt open. She's clawing my chest. She's biting my neck, and I'm trying to get over the stick shift -- 'cause we're goin' like a freight train now. All of a sudden, she starts screaming at the top of her lungs -- ''Oh, God. Oh, God. Don't stop. Make Ginger pop.''"
  • (Chris Penn) "Oh, s***, really?"
  • (Kevin Bacon) "No."
  • (Kevin Bacon) "But we did dance. We danced our asses off."
  • (Mr. Gurntz) "He was trying to teach that book down at the school."
  • (Mrs. Allyson) "Slaughterhouse-Five, isn't that an awful name?"
  • (Kevin Bacon) "Yeah it's a great book -- Slaughterhouse-Five, it's a classic."
  • (Mr. Gurntz) "Do you read much?"
  • (Mrs. Allyson) "Maybe in another town, it's a classic."
  • (Kevin Bacon) "In any town."
  • (Mr. Gurntz) "Tom Sawyer is a classic."
  • (Kevin Bacon) ""From the oldest of times, people danced for a number of reasons. They danced in prayer -- or so that their crops would be plentiful -- or so their hunt would be good. And they danced to stay physically fit -- and show their community spirit. And they danced to celebrate." And that is the dancing we're talking about. Aren't we told in Psalm 149 "Praise ye the Lord. Sing unto the Lord a new song. Let them praise His name in the dance"? And it was King David; King David, who we read about in Samuel; and what did David do? What did David do?"
  • (Kevin Bacon) "What did David do?"
  • (Kevin Bacon) ""David danced before the Lord with all his might -- leaping and dancing before the Lord.""
  • (Kevin Bacon) "Leaping and dancing."
  • (Kevin Bacon) "Ecclesiastes assures us -- that there is a time for every purpose under heaven. A time to laugh -- and a time to weep. A time to mourn -- and there is a time to dance. And there was a time for this law, but not anymore. See, this is our time to dance. It is our way of celebrating life. It's the way it was in the beginning. It's the way it's always been. It's the way it should be now."
  • (Kevin Bacon) "You like Men at Work?"
  • (Chris Penn) "Which man?"
  • (Kevin Bacon) "Men at Work."
  • (Chris Penn) "Well where do they work?"
  • (Kevin Bacon) "No, they don't, they're a music group."
  • (Chris Penn) "Well what do they call themselves?"
  • (Kevin Bacon) "Oh no. What about the Police?"
  • (Chris Penn) "What about 'em?"
  • (Kevin Bacon) "You ever heard them?"
  • (Chris Penn) "No, but I seen them."
  • (Kevin Bacon) "Where, in concert?"
  • (Chris Penn) "No, behind you."
  • (Kevin Bacon) "What are you doing here?"
  • (Lori Singer) "Watching."
  • (Kevin Bacon) "I thought I was alone."
  • (Lori Singer) "Not in this town. There's eyes everywhere."

Sarah Jessica Parker as Rusty

  • (Sarah Jessica Parker) "What is wrong about getting a little psyched over Ren? He's cute. He's from out of town, and don't tell me that doesn't curl your toes, Ariel, I know you too well. You want out of here so bad you probably memorize bus schedules."

Jim Youngs as Chuck

  • (Jim Youngs) "Is that what I get, huh? I treated you decent."
  • (Jim Youngs) "Huh? I was about through with you anyway."

Dianne Wiest as Vi Moore

  • (Reverend Shaw Moore) "We're losing her, Vi. Don't you see that?"
  • (Dianne Wiest) "No. I see you chasing after her and I see her running from you."
  • (Reverend Shaw Moore) "She's become so willful, so obstinate."
  • (Dianne Wiest) "She's like her father. The two of you were so wonderful once. You had so much to talk about. I was almost jealous."
  • (Reverend Shaw Moore) "It's not as if we don't talk. It's just that sometimes people run out of things to say."
  • (Dianne Wiest) "Shaw, it's 20 years now I've been a minister's wife. And I've been quiet, supportive, unobtrusive and after 20 years I still think you're a wonderful, a wonderful preacher. You can lift a congregation up so high they have to look down to see heaven. But it's the one to one where you need a little work."
  • (Dianne Wiest) "None of this is going to undue one stupid accident."
  • (Reverend Shaw Moore) "I'm responsible for the spiritual life of this community."
  • (Dianne Wiest) "Shaw, you can't be a father to everybody. You can't do that."
  • (Reverend Shaw Moore) "I thought that at least you believed in me."
  • (Dianne Wiest) "I never stopped."

Frances Lee McCain as Ethel

  • (Frances Lee McCain) "You gonna wear that tie?"
  • (Kevin Bacon) "Yeah."
  • (Frances Lee McCain) "I think you might want to dress down for now."
  • (Kevin Bacon) "Why? I like the tie."
  • (Frances Lee McCain) "September, when you go to college, you can dress like David Bowie. Come on, let's go."

Timothy Scott as Andy Beamis

  • (Timothy Scott) "You're the last folks I expected to see around here tonight."
  • (Reverend Shaw Moore) "Hi Andy."
  • (Dianne Wiest) "Hi Andy."
  • (Timothy Scott) "It was a good thing you did here tonight, Reverend"
  • (Reverend Shaw Moore) "I'm still not sure it was the right thing to do."
  • (Timothy Scott) "Comes pretty close."

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