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Ghosts of Mars Quotes

Ghosts of Mars is a television program that was first aired in 1970 . Ghosts of Mars stopped airing in 1970.

It features Sandy King as producer, John Carpenter in charge of musical score, and Gary B. Kibbe as head of cinematography.

Ghosts of Mars is recorded in English and originally aired in United States. Each episode of Ghosts of Mars is 98 minutes long. Ghosts of Mars is distributed by Screen Gems.

The cast includes: Natasha Henstridge as Melanie Ballard, Clea DuVall as Bashira Kincaid, Jason Statham as Jericho Butler, Duane Davis as Uno, Rodney A. Grant as Tres, Pam Grier as Commander Helena Braddock, and Lobo Sebastian as Dos.

Ghosts of Mars Quotes

Natasha Henstridge as Melanie Ballard

  • (Natasha Henstridge) "Look, if we even get back to Chryse, those things will just keep coming. We've got a chance here. We got a chance to stop this thing before it goes any further. This is about one thing: dominion. It's not their planet anymore."
  • (Clea DuVall) "What about him? Isn't it our job to take him back?"
  • (Jason Statham) "Is he still a prisoner, or is he one of us?"
  • (Desolation Williams) "I can give a damn about saving this planet. Seems like it was after me since the day I was born. If I'm gonna die, I'm gonna die fighting, not running."
  • (Natasha Henstridge) "Well, introduce us to your friends."
  • (Desolation Williams) "These are my compadres, Uno, Dos and Tres."
  • (Natasha Henstridge) "Uno must be the nice one."
  • (Duane Davis) "You got that right, butchy. I'm not as nice as Desolation. And I'll cut your f***ing titties off."
  • (Desolation Williams) "If you ever want to come to the other side, you'd make a hell of a crook."
  • (Natasha Henstridge) "You'd make a hell of a cop."
  • (Natasha Henstridge) "Naaah."
  • (Desolation Williams) "Let's just kick some ass."
  • (Natasha Henstridge) "It's what we do best."
  • (Desolation Williams) "Where the hell's the train?"
  • (Natasha Henstridge) "I don't know."
  • (Duane Davis) "You don't know? What the f*** is that supposed to mean?"
  • (Natasha Henstridge) "Lieutenant to the train."
  • (Desolation Williams) "Plan A is f***ed up. You got a Plan B?"
  • (Natasha Henstridge) "Yeah, it's the same as Plan A. You got any fresh ideas?"
  • (Desolation Williams) "Yeah, what we should of done in the first place."
  • (Natasha Henstridge) "s***."
  • (Desolation Williams) "COME ON YOU MINDLESS MOTHER f***ERS."
  • (Desolation Williams) "That's the second time I've saved your life."
  • (Natasha Henstridge) "Yeah, run a tab."
  • (Natasha Henstridge) "Let me put it this way. Maybe I'd sleep with you if you were the last man on Earth. But we're not on Earth."

Jason Statham as Jericho Butler

  • (Jason Statham) "It's pretty solid. One way in, back door out, leading to rear entrance."
  • (Jason Statham) "A good, sturdy door."
  • (Natasha Henstridge) "So, what's your point?"
  • (Jason Statham) "It's rather cozy. Don't you think?"
  • (Natasha Henstridge) "I don't believe this. You lured me back here to seduce me?"
  • (Jason Statham) "Yeah, well, the way things are going, I thought this might be our last chance to, uh, to dance."
  • (Natasha Henstridge) "Yeah."

Pam Grier as Commander Helena Braddock

  • (Pam Grier) "So, where is everybody?"
  • (Natasha Henstridge) "Yeah, Friday night, the whole place should be packed. A whole twelve hours before sun up and there's money to burn, whores to f*** and drugs to take."

Rodney A. Grant as Tres

  • (Rodney A. Grant) "Where's your brother?"
  • (Desolation Williams) "He didn't make it."
  • (Rodney A. Grant) "Oh God."

Duane Davis as Uno

  • (Duane Davis) "So, you're just gonna stand there and watch her break my s***?"
  • (Lobo Sebastian) "Yeah, and now you're done mopping the floor, why don't you get me a beer, killer?"

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