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Good Bye, Lenin! Quotes

Good Bye, Lenin! is a television show that first aired in 1970 . Good Bye, Lenin! ended in 1970.

It features Stefan Arndt as producer, Yann Tiersen; Claire Pichet, and Antonello Marafioti in charge of musical score, and Martin Kukula as head of cinematography.

Good Bye, Lenin! is recorded in German and originally aired in Germany. Each episode of Good Bye, Lenin! is 121 minutes long. Good Bye, Lenin! is distributed by X Verleih AG (Germany).

The cast includes: Daniel Brühl as Alexander Kerner, Florian Lukas as Denis, Maria Simon as Ariane Kerner, Katrin Saß as Christiane Kerner, and Eberhard Kirchberg as Dr. Wagner.

Good Bye, Lenin! Quotes

Daniel Brühl as Alexander Kerner

  • (Daniel Brühl) "The future lay in our hands. Uncertain, yet promising."
  • (Daniel Brühl) "My mother outlived the GDR by three days. I believe it was a good thing she never learned the truth. She died happy. She wanted us to scatter her ashes to the winds. That's prohibited in Germany, both East and West. But we didn't care."
  • (Daniel Brühl) "She's up there somewhere now. Maybe looking down at us. Maybe she sees us as tiny specks on the Earth's surface, just like Sigmund Jähn did back then. The country my mother left behind was a country she believed in; a country we kept alive till her last breath; a country that never existed in that form; a country that, in my memory, I will always associate with my mother."
  • (Daniel Brühl) "On the evening of October 7, 1989 several hundred people got together for some evening exercise and marched for the right to go for walks without the Berlin Wall getting in their way."
  • (Daniel Brühl) "All this stuff has to go. Are the old curtains in the cellar?"
  • (Maria Simon) "You can't be serious."

Florian Lukas as Denis

  • (Florian Lukas) "Denis"
  • (Florian Lukas) "It's my best production ever. A pity your Mom will be the only audience --"
  • (Florian Lukas) "Eighth floor?"
  • (Daniel Brühl) "Yup."
  • (Florian Lukas) "Elevator?"
  • (Daniel Brühl) "Broken."
  • (Florian Lukas) "s***."
  • (Daniel Brühl) "You can say that again."

Maria Simon as Ariane Kerner

  • (Maria Simon) "You were in a coma. Eight months ago."
  • (Katrin Saß) "Eight months? What happened?"
  • (Maria Simon) "Yeah, it was --"
  • (Daniel Brühl) "It was in October, in the supermarket. There was this enormous queue and it was really hot and you just passed out."
  • (Katrin Saß) "In October?"
  • (Daniel Brühl) "It was a really hot October. At the time."

Eberhard Kirchberg as Dr. Wagner

  • (Eberhard Kirchberg) "You must protect her from any kind of excitement. And I do mean any kind, Mr. Kerner."
  • (Daniel Brühl) "Any kind of excitement."
  • (Eberhard Kirchberg) "It would be life-threatening."
  • (Daniel Brühl) "And this here?"
  • (Daniel Brühl) "Wouldn't you call this exciting?"

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