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Hoffa Quotes

Hoffa is a TV program that debuted in 1970 . Hoffa completed its run in 1970.

It features Caldecot Chubb, Danny DeVito, and Edward R. Pressman as producer, David Newman (composer) in charge of musical score, and Stephen H. Burum as head of cinematography.

Hoffa is recorded in English and originally aired in United States. Each episode of Hoffa is 140 minutes long. Hoffa is distributed by 20th Century Fox.

The cast includes: Jack Nicholson as Jimmy Hoffa, Kevin Anderson as Robert Kennedy, Armand Assante as Carol D'Allesandro, Jack Nicholson as Jo Hoffa, John C. Reilly as Cop, J. T. Walsh as Frank Fitzsimmons, and Robert Prosky as Billy Flynn.

Hoffa Quotes

Jack Nicholson as Jimmy Hoffa

  • (Trucker in diner) "Mr. Hoffa?"
  • (Jack Nicholson) "Yeah, that's right."
  • (Bobby Ciaro) "I can't even scratch myself."
  • (Jack Nicholson) "Do you itch?"
  • (Bobby Ciaro) "No."
  • (Jack Nicholson) "What the f*** are you complaining about then?"
  • (Reporter) "You could've anticipated this."
  • (Jack Nicholson) "In every conflict there are casualties. The question is, what has been lost and what has been gained?"
  • (Reporter) "What about --"
  • (Jack Nicholson) "Make the rest of it up yourself."
  • (Jack Nicholson) "They been feeding ya dogs***. Been telling ya it's Cream of Wheat."
  • (Jack Nicholson) "You f***in' Wops --. You people -- Ya cocksucker, why you wanna be born into a race like this?"
  • (Jack Nicholson) "What do I want you to do? I want you to kill the cocksucker. I want you to stuff his arms up his ass, that's what I f***in' want."
  • (Bobby Ciaro) "Someday, your gonna be president of the United States."
  • (Jack Nicholson) "f*** that. Someday, I'm gonna be president of the Teamsters."
  • (Bobby Ciaro) "He wants to know what you're scared of."
  • (Jack Nicholson) "Tell him it's none of his f***ing business."
  • (Jack Nicholson) "Never let a stranger in your cab, in your house or in your heart -- unless he is a friend of labor."
  • (Jack Nicholson) "-- and f*** you, too. Guy need his brother elected f***in' President of the United States to get a job. You're a joke. You woulda been a bond salesman somewheres. You're the brother-in-law they make jokes about."
  • (Kevin Anderson) "I don't know what you're trying to prove, but you're proving it -- you're proving it, Hoffa."
  • (Jack Nicholson) "I'm provin' what? You got nothin' on me. You got a TV show."
  • (Kevin Anderson) "The Justice Department has plenty on you, Mr. Hoffa."
  • (Jack Nicholson) "You don't impress me, and your office don't impress me, and your family don't impress me. Bunch of rumrunners. And I don't need 300 million dollars and my brother elected President to whop your f***in' ass, you slimy little prick. I beat your ass, that trumped-up charge down south, I'm gonna beat you again. There is no organized crime, the Teamsters --"
  • (Kevin Anderson) "I am gonna see you in jail, Mr. Hoffa. In jail."
  • (Jack Nicholson) "For what? What did I f***in' do?"
  • (Government Attorney) "Your loans, Mr. Hoffa. Your loans, for one thing."
  • (Jack Nicholson) "The pension fund -- the pension fund has the best record in the country on loans."
  • (Kevin Anderson) "Aw, bulls***."
  • (Jack Nicholson) "Best record in the country."
  • (Kevin Anderson) "Bulls***."
  • (Jack Nicholson) "For the working man. You ever heard of work? You know what work is?"
  • (Kevin Anderson) "Look, I want this man in jail, and I'm not going to stop until I see you behind bars."
  • (Jack Nicholson) "Who in the f*** are you? Who the f*** are you? f*** you, and f*** your threats, and f*** your brother."
  • (Kevin Anderson) "What did you say?"
  • (Jack Nicholson) "You heard me."
  • (Kevin Anderson) "What the f*** did you say?"
  • (Kevin Anderson) "I don't succumb to pressure, and I don't succumb to threats."
  • (Jack Nicholson) "Life's a negotiation, it's all give and take."
  • (Jack Nicholson) "Someone oughtta shoot that motherf***er. Let 'im organize the dead."
  • (Jack Nicholson) "You know what they used to say in the old days, tell me now or else I'm going to find out about it anyway."

J. T. Walsh as Frank Fitzsimmons

(We don't have any quotes for this character)

Kevin Anderson as Robert Kennedy

  • (Kevin Anderson) "If James R. Hoffa is acquitted, I will, uh, jump from the top of the Capital Dome."

John C. Reilly as Cop

  • (John C. Reilly) "You think someday, you're gonna organize the cops?"
  • (Jack Nicholson) "Hey that's easy, someday, I'm gonna organize the crooks."

Robert Prosky as Billy Flynn

  • (Robert Prosky) "Give me the f***in' knife. You wanna go around, buy a gun. Go like a white man."

Armand Assante as Carol D'Allesandro

  • (Armand Assante) "They'd rather some people die -- for your mistake -- than that they lived -- but that they lacked a leader."

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