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Judgment Night (film) Quotes

Judgment Night (film) is a TV program that was first aired in 1970 . Judgment Night ended in 1970.

It features Gene Levy as producer, Alan Silvestri in charge of musical score, and Peter Levy (cinematographer) as head of cinematography.

Judgment Night (film) is recorded in English and originally aired in United States. Each episode of Judgment Night (film) is 109 minutes long. Judgment Night (film) is distributed by Universal Studios.

The cast includes: Jeremy Piven as Ray Cochran, Emilio Estevez as Frank Wyatt, Denis Leary as Fallon, Cuba Gooding Jr. as Mike Peterson, Stephen Dorff as John Wyatt, and Peter Greene as Sykes.

Judgment Night (film) Quotes

Denis Leary as Fallon

  • (Denis Leary) "Let me tell you something, Ray. You don't understand s***, OK? Nothing. Guys like you check to see if they got a dick. I got one. You and your friends are the kind of spoon-fed f***ing fruit bait that I f***ing HATE."
  • (Jeremy Piven) "I don't think you understood me."
  • (Denis Leary) "Shut the f*** up. You speak when f***ing spoken to, okay. This is not f***ing high school, motherf***er. I'll eat your f***ing friends for f***ing lunch. You know who we are? You got no f***ing idea, do you? No. Jerks like you sail through life, reading about people like me in the newspaper. HEY. You're in a different place now, motherf***er. $ 100,000 might buy you out of North Shore. Here, that means s***. This is my f***ing world."
  • (Jeremy Piven) "Two hundred thousand."
  • (Denis Leary) "All right."
  • (Denis Leary) "I'm getting off this roof in one piece"
  • (Jeremy Piven) "Oh yeah -- yeah"
  • (Denis Leary) "Don't move, don't whisper, don't even BREATHE."
  • (Denis Leary) "No, you can't take my money. But you can -- take my money."
  • (Denis Leary) "Attention, food shoppers. We have a special over at the frozen food department, dead meat."
  • (Denis Leary) "You know what I hate? I hate whiners you know? I hate people who just complain, complain, complain. I know a guy in the joint once one time, cell next to me you know he'd just. He'd just used to yap about everything, he used to yap about the food and yap about the guards, and yap about this and yap about that and yap, yap, yap all night long. f***ing yap, yap, yap -- like a f***ing 747 you know what I mean? Like an engine stuck right between your f***ing ears and you can't get rid of it because he's right next to you. Know what I mean?"
  • (Unnamed) "I don't think he's getting up?"
  • (Denis Leary) "Francis Howard Wyatt. I used to have a girlfriend named Frances. She had blue eyes just like you."
  • (Denis Leary) "You guys are really pissing me off. This is cutting into my drinking time."

Emilio Estevez as Frank Wyatt

  • (Emilio Estevez) "You better believe it."
  • (Emilio Estevez) "By the way, don't call me "Francis"."

Jeremy Piven as Ray Cochran

  • (Jeremy Piven) "All aboard."
  • (Emilio Estevez) "That's a conductor, not a bus driver."
  • (Jeremy Piven) "Hey, why don't you sit down and shut up."
  • (Emilio Estevez) "Now THAT's a bus driver."
  • (Jeremy Piven) "Un-f***ing-believable."
  • (Stephen Dorff) "Ray, calm down."
  • (Jeremy Piven) "Calm down? This stuff's gonna cost me a fortune. I'm now the proud owner of this piece of s***."
  • (Jeremy Piven) "We're stuck in this piece of s*** which I NOW OWN."

Cuba Gooding Jr. as Mike Peterson

  • (Cuba Gooding Jr.) "What the hell do I gotta do to shut him up?"
  • (Cuba Gooding Jr.) "It's all right, John's a good guy."
  • (Jeremy Piven) "He's a good guy? He's a pain in the ASS."

Stephen Dorff as John Wyatt

  • (Stephen Dorff) "Hey f*** you, man. What are you doing?"
  • (Unnamed) "f*** YOU."
  • (Stephen Dorff) "Let us in."

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