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Maverick (film) Quotes

Maverick (film) is a TV program that appeared on TV in 1970 . Maverick stopped airing in 1970.

It features Bruce Davey as producer, Randy Newman in charge of musical score, and Vilmos Zsigmond as head of cinematography.

Maverick (film) is recorded in English and originally aired in United States. Each episode of Maverick (film) is 127 minutes long. Maverick (film) is distributed by Warner Bros..

The cast includes: Graham Greene as Joseph, Paul L. Smith as The Archduke, Jodie Foster as Annabelle, James Garner as Marshal Zane Cooper & Bret Maverick, Jr., James Coburn as Commodore, James Garner as Zane Cooper, and Alfred Molina as Angel.

Maverick (film) Quotes

Jodie Foster as Annabelle

  • (Jodie Foster) "There isn't a Mrs. Maverick is there?"
  • (Maverick) "Oh I'm sure I would have remembered."
  • (Jodie Foster) "How'd you know I was bluffing? I didn't do any of my tells. I didn't shuffle my cards, I didn't pull my hair, I didn't even flick my teeth."
  • (Maverick) "You held your breath. If you'd been excited, you would have started breathing harder."
  • (Jodie Foster) "I did not."
  • (Jodie Foster) "Did I?"
  • (Jodie Foster) "Did I?"
  • (Jodie Foster) "Did I?"
  • (Jodie Foster) "Well, I'll just pretend I was playin' with someone else's money."
  • (Maverick) "That shouldn't be too hard."
  • (James Garner) "You did hold your breath, ma'am."
  • (Jodie Foster) "A shouldn't be doin' this."
  • (Maverick) "You're just standing in the hallway, Mrs. Bransford, I think that's still legal in this state."
  • (Jodie Foster) "What kind of animal are you?"
  • (Maverick) "Vulture."
  • (Maverick) "I've just noticed something."
  • (Jodie Foster) "What?"
  • (Maverick) "You can't help it can you? You are irresistible."
  • (Maverick) "See that hawk? You know what it means?"
  • (Jodie Foster) "No. What does it mean?"
  • (Maverick) "Nothing. But you didn't know that did you?"
  • (Jodie Foster) "You thought that was fast? I thought it was fast. Well was it?"
  • (Mary Margret) "2,500 2,600 2,800 --"
  • (Jodie Foster) "2,700."
  • (Mary Margret) "Are you sure?"
  • (Jodie Foster) "Oh, I'm sure"
  • (Jodie Foster) "If I can't touch you, I can touch your shirt and dream."
  • (Jodie Foster) "Well look at this. Here's a lot of money and your gun is six feet away."
  • (James Garner) "Eight."
  • (Jodie Foster) "What a remarkable family."
  • (Maverick) "How'd she; how'd she figure that?"
  • (Jodie Foster) "Well, you all don't have the exclusive on tells. You both have the same height, the same build, you both talk the same, you both kiss the same, you both draw your guns the same, and you both sing the same wrong words to 'Amazing Grace'."
  • (Unnamed) "Do not."
  • (Jodie Foster) "My, such splendid similarities. Now from the looks of things, I'll have the lady come in with some more hot water."
  • (Maverick) "Now, there's something I want you to do for me."
  • (Jodie Foster) "Never. I am a lady. Not if you were a hundred years old, not if I was a hundred years old --"
  • (Maverick) "Calm down. I don't want to go to bed with you, lady."
  • (Jodie Foster) "Why not?"
  • (Maverick) "Why; Why not? I'd be too frightened. God knows what parts of me you'd steal. I'd wake up with all sorts of things missing."
  • (Maverick) "So, are you gonna miss me?"
  • (Jodie Foster) "Are you gonna miss me?"
  • (Maverick) "You ARE gonna miss me."

James Garner as Zane Cooper

  • (Maverick) "I don't know why I kept the rest of the money in the satchel, though."
  • (James Garner) "I do."
  • (Maverick) "So do I. Sure will be a whole lot of fun getting it back."
  • (Maverick) "My old pappy always used to say, "there is no more deeply satisfying religious experience -- than cheatin' on a cheater.""
  • (James Garner) "I never said that once. You've been misquoting me all your life."
  • (Maverick) "What, we're going to quibble over fine points?"
  • (James Garner) "You never even get close. Give me some credit."
  • (James Garner) "Oh, I suppose somebody ought to say something nice about the deceased."
  • (Jodie Foster) "How do you know he was nice? We don't know anything about him. The only thing he's got in his wallet is a bunch of names of whorehouses."
  • (James Garner) "I've never committed a cold blooded murder in my life"
  • (James Garner) "and I won't. Not till I find Maverick."
  • (James Garner) "Well, Bret, you know what we ended up with? A half a million dollar silk shirt."
  • (Maverick) "Nope, we ended up with a quarter million dollar silk shirt, because my old pappy always used to say "Don't put the chicken in front of" -- no, wait "Never cut the cards before" -- no, wait, "Don't put all you eggs in one basket"."
  • (James Garner) "Now that, I said."
  • (James Garner) "I'm sorry, ma'am, but these aren't allowed."
  • (Couple with Concealed Guns) "Oh, that's my gun."
  • (James Garner) "Oh, yours? Well, do you swim?"
  • (Couple with Concealed Guns) "Swim -- uh, no, but she does, and it's her gun."
  • (James Garner) "Oh, hers?"
  • (Couple with Concealed Guns) "Just holding it for her."
  • (Couple with Concealed Guns) "I can't believe you."

Paul L. Smith as The Archduke

  • (Paul L. Smith) "What's greatest Western thrill of all?"
  • (Graham Greene) "Kill Indians."
  • (Paul L. Smith) "Kill Indians? Is it legal?"
  • (Graham Greene) "Oh, white man been doing it for years."

Alfred Molina as Angel

  • (Alfred Molina) "Almost got hung once myself. Didn't care for it much."
  • (Alfred Molina) "You boys should have seen me first. I'd have let you fall down for free."

Graham Greene as Joseph

  • (Maverick) "Oh, you sure do pick the spots."
  • (Graham Greene) "Yeah, I know. You know the next time you people come and drive us off our land I'm gonna find a nice piece of swamp that's so God-awful, maybe then you'll leave us the hell alone."

James Coburn as Commodore

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