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Nashville (film) Quotes

Nashville (film) is a television show that appeared on TV in 1970 . Nashville stopped airing in 1970.

It features Robert Altman as producer, Richard Baskin in charge of musical score, and Paul Lohmann as head of cinematography.

Nashville (film) is recorded in English and originally aired in United States. Each episode of Nashville (film) is 160 minutes long. Nashville (film) is distributed by Paramount Pictures.

The cast includes: Thomas Hal Phillips as Opal, Allen Garfield as Barnett, Lily Tomlin as Linnea Reese, Thomas Hal Phillips as Hal Philip Walker, Thomas Hal Phillips as Bill, Cristina Raines as Mary, Bert Remsen as Star, Karen Black as Connie White, Henry Gibson as Haven Hamilton, Barbara Harris as Albuquerque, Barbara Baxley as Lady Pearl, Dave Peel as Bud Hamilton, Scott Glenn as Pfc. Glenn Kelly, Robert DoQui as Wade, and Gwen Welles as Sueleen Gay.

Nashville (film) Quotes

Karen Black as Connie White

  • (Karen Black) "You're English, aren't you?"
  • (Julie Christie) "Yes."
  • (Karen Black) "I could tell."

Robert DoQui as Wade

  • (Robert DoQui) "What's the matter with you? Ain't you gonna talk to me? Did it go all right?"
  • (Gwen Welles) "Oh, Wade."
  • (Robert DoQui) "What?"
  • (Gwen Welles) "I had to do me a striptease tonight in front of all those men -- in order to get to sing at the Parthenon with Barbara Jean."
  • (Robert DoQui) "Oh, s***, Sueleen, I -- That's dreadful. That's terrible, girl. I mean -- I don't know how to tell you this, but I been meanin' to -- you can't sing. You may as well face the fact you cannot sing. You ain't never gon' be no star. I wish you'd give it up. They gon' kill ya. They gon' tear your heart out if you keep on. They gon' walk on your soul, girl."
  • (Gwen Welles) "What are you talkin' about?"
  • (Robert DoQui) "You can't sing. Do you understand that?"
  • (Gwen Welles) "Yeah? You wanna make a bet? You wanna come to the Parthenon and watch me sing with Barbara Jean?"
  • (Robert DoQui) "I am leavin' for Detroit Wednesday."
  • (Gwen Welles) "You just come and watch, Wade."
  • (Robert DoQui) "I'm leavin' for Detroit, and if you wanna go you just come on. They gonna kill you in this town."
  • (Gwen Welles) "Well, you come and see."
  • (Robert DoQui) "They gon' use you. You know that."
  • (Gwen Welles) "Bye, Wade."
  • (Robert DoQui) "Dumb bitch. I don't know why I stick around. She just makes me so god**** mad I could spit."

Allen Garfield as Barnett

  • (Allen Garfield) "Do I tell you how to sing, darlin'? Hmm? Have I ever told you how to sing a song?"
  • (Barbara Jean) "That ain't the point. I know why you're goin' over there."
  • (Allen Garfield) "Don't tell me how to run your life. I been doin' pretty good with it."
  • (Barbara Jean) "Thank you. I wanna tell you all a little secret which you might not know, and that is that last night I thanked my lucky stars that I could be here at all to sing for ya. I heard on the radio this little boy, nine years old. Sometimes a deejay'll play a tune and ask everybody to phone in and say how they like it. I was listenin', and this little nine-year-old called in. The song had voices in the background, like the way they use backup voices these days, soundin' like little munchkins. He called up, the deejay said, "How old are you, son?" The boy said, "I'm nine, and I think it's gonna be a hit. " The deejay said, "Why?" "Because it had those chipmunks in it. " And I thought that was so cute, because, well, I can sing like a munchkin myself. I'm real fond of The Wizard of Oz. Plus, I live out, you know, just a ways off of Interstate on the road to Chattanooga. So you can see why I kinda related to that. I think me and the boys are gonna strike up another tune for you now. Let's go, boys. I think there's a storm -- seems like it's a-brewin'. That's what my grandaddy used to say before he lost his hearin'. Once he got deaf, he never talked much no more. 'Cept sometimes he'd say "Oh, gosh" or "Durn it" or "My word." My granny'd go around clickin' her teeth to the radio all day. Boy, was she a lot of fun, and cooked my favorite, roast beef. She was a sweetheart. She raised chickens too. She, um -- Did you ever hear a chicken sound? You know how chickens go? Here, chick, chick, chick. Here, chick, chick, chick. Anyway, I guess we'd better strike up this tune before it's too late. Okay, boys. The first job I ever really got -- Grandma -- She's the one who clacked her false teeth to the radio. She taught my mama how to sing, and my mama taught me. One time she took me, 'cause we was gonna get a new Frigidaire. She took me to the Frigidaire store where the man was advertisin'. This record was goin' 'round, and Mama told him I knew how to sing. He said, "If she learns this tune, I'll give y'all a quarter. " So Mama and I went home -- And then what happened? Let's see, I think -- Uh, yeah. We went home and I learned both sides of the record in half an hour. We went back and told him that I'd learned 'em, and he said, "Let me hear," so I sang both sides of the record instead of just one. So he gave us cents, and we went across the street and had us a soda. Ever since then I been workin'. I don't -- I think ever since then I been workin' and doin' my --; Come on, come on.; Supportin'myself. Anyway --"
  • (Allen Garfield) "Hey, hey. Hey, hey."
  • (Barbara Jean) "Am I all right? Am I all right?"
  • (Allen Garfield) "Oh, you're fine, darlin'."

Barbara Baxley as Lady Pearl

  • (Barbara Baxley) "Now the problem we got here is anti-Catholicism. These dumb-heads around here; they're all Baptists and whatever, I don't know. Even to teach 'em to make change over at the bar, you gotta crack their skulls, let alone to teach 'em to vote for the Catholic just because he happens to be the better man --"
  • (Barbara Baxley) "All I remember, the next few days was us just lookin' at that TV set and seein' that great fat-bellied sheriff sayin' 'Ruby, you son of a bitch.' And Oswald. And her in her little pink suit --"
  • (Barbara Baxley) "Mister, uh, Triplette. Now I'm real sorry ol' Delbert went and told you Haven would appear at the political rally. He knows better'n that. Well, we never let Haven Hamilton take sides, politically."
  • (Henry Gibson) "You understand we give contributions to ever'body. And they are not puny contributions."
  • (Barbara Baxley) "Only time I ever went hog-wild, around the bend, was for the Kennedy boys. But they were different."

Thomas Hal Phillips as Opal

  • (Thomas Hal Phillips) "Oh, you've got a Hal Phillip Walker button. No, it's Kennedy. Isn't that rather ancient? Strange. I thought that everybody in the South didn't go for Kennedy."
  • (Barbara Baxley) "It's John Fitzgerald Kennedy. Well, he, he took the whole South except for Tennessee, Florida, Kentucky. And there's a reason he didn't take Tennessee but he got 481,453 votes and the asshole got 556,577 votes --"
  • (Thomas Hal Phillips) "Who do you think is running Congress? Farmers? Engineers? Teachers? Businessmen? No, my friends. Congress is run by lawyers. A lawyer is trained for two things and two things only. To clarify; that's one. And to confuse; that's the other. He does whichever is to his client's advantage. Did you ever ask a lawyer the time of day? He told you how to make a watch, didn't he? Ever ask a lawyer how to get to Mr. Jones' house in the country? You got lost, didn't you? Congress is composed of five hundred and thirty-five individuals. Two hundred and eighty-eight are lawyers. And you wonder what's wrong in Congress. No wonder we often know how to make a watch, but we don't know the time of day."
  • (Thomas Hal Phillips) "Let me see. Um, have you any children?"
  • (Lily Tomlin) "Yes, I have two children. I have a boy and a girl."
  • (Thomas Hal Phillips) "Oh, isn't that nice. How old are they?"
  • (Lily Tomlin) "Twelve and eleven."
  • (Thomas Hal Phillips) "Do they want to be singers like their mummy?"
  • (Lily Tomlin) "Uh, well, my children are deaf. They're -- They are deaf. They were born deaf."
  • (Thomas Hal Phillips) "Oh, my God, how awful. It's so depressing."
  • (Lily Tomlin) "Now, just a minute. That's not so. I wish you could see my boy."
  • (Thomas Hal Phillips) "Oh, I couldn't."
  • (Lily Tomlin) "He has the most incredible personality."
  • (Thomas Hal Phillips) "It's the sadness of it."
  • (Thomas Hal Phillips) "This is Bergman. Pure, unadulterated Bergman. Of course, the people are all wrong for Bergman, aren't they?"
  • (Thomas Hal Phillips) "I'm wandering in a graveyard. The dead here have no crosses, nor tombstones, nor wreaths to sing of their past glory, but lie in rotting, decaying, rusty heaps, their innards ripped out by greedy, vulturous hands. Their vast, vacant skeletons -- sadly sighing to the sky. The rust on their bodies -- is the color of dried blood. Dried blood. I'm reminded of -- of an elephant's secret burial ground. Yes. Cette aire de mystère. Cette essence de I'irréel. These cars are trying to communicate. O cars, are you trying to tell me something? Are you trying to convey to me some secret --"
  • (Kenny Fraiser) "What -- Excuse me?"
  • (Thomas Hal Phillips) "Oh, excuse me. I thought I was completely alone. How embarrassing. Oh, you're a musician."
  • (Thomas Hal Phillips) "Have you been in Vietnam?"
  • (Scott Glenn) "Huh?"
  • (Thomas Hal Phillips) "Yes, you have. I can tell by your face. Was it awful?"
  • (Scott Glenn) "It was kinda -- hot and wet."
  • (Thomas Hal Phillips) "The buses. The buses are empty and look almost menacing, threatening, as so many yellow dragons watching me with their hollow, vacant eyes. I wonder how many little black and white children have yellow nightmares, their own special brand of fear for the yellow peril -- Damn it, it's got to be more -- positive. No, more negative. Start again. Yellow is the color of caution. No. Yellow is the color of cowardice. Yellow is the color of sunshine. And yet I see very little sunshine in the lives of all the little black and white children. I see their lives, rather, as a study in grayness, a mixture of black and -- Oh, Christ, no. That's fascist. Yellow. Yellow, yellow, yellow. Yellow fever --"
  • (Thomas Hal Phillips) "Is this just network or is it, uh?"
  • (John Triplette) "No, it's better, it's really better than network. It's going to be syndicated, so I mean, hell, they're going to be showing it for a year and a half"
  • (Thomas Hal Phillips) "You're supposed to wear the blue dress when I wear this."
  • (Cristina Raines) "I don't want to dress like twins anymore."
  • (Thomas Hal Phillips) "We're not twins. We're a trio."
  • (Thomas Hal Phillips) "Good Lord love a duck."
  • (Dave Peel) "This is a choir -- a black choir -- from, uh, part of -- from Fisk University here in town."
  • (Thomas Hal Phillips) "Good Lord. The lady singing is -- is she a missionary?"
  • (Dave Peel) "No, she's not. She's a gospel singer. She's the wife of our attorney."
  • (Thomas Hal Phillips) "I was making a documentary in Kenya -- and there was this marvelous woman who was a missionary. That's why I asked if she was a missionary. She was sensational. She was converting Kukuyos by the dozens. She was trying to convert Masais. Of course, they were hopeless. They have their own sort of religion. Look at that. That rhythm is fantastic. It's funny -- You can tell it's come down in the genes -- through ages and ages and hundreds of years, but it's there. I mean, take off those robes and one is in -- in -- in darkest Africa. I can just see their naked, frenzied bodies -- dancing to the beat of -- Do they carry on like that in church?"
  • (Dave Peel) "Depends on which church you go to."
  • (Thomas Hal Phillips) "God, I thought I was in Israel. I don't know why. Certainly not the decor, was it? Must have been dreaming. I was there for about a year on a kibbutz. I was feeling very romantic about that kind of socialism at the time. I thought I'd like to have a bash at it."

Barbara Harris as Albuquerque

  • (Barbara Harris) "Well, I know it sounds arrogant, but I'm on my way to town, if I ever make it, to become a country-western singer or star."
  • (Kenny Fraiser) "Yeah? What are you gonna do if you don't?"
  • (Barbara Harris) "If I don't? I don't kn -- Oh, I could always go into sales."
  • (Kenny Fraiser) "Like ladies' clothes? Like what you're wearing?"
  • (Barbara Harris) "No -- I don't know. Well, I know all about trucks, so I'd go into trucking, I guess."
  • (Kenny Fraiser) "You're kidding me."
  • (Barbara Harris) "No, I'm not kiddin' you. I'm in a truck enough. And I know how to fix motors and all that."
  • (Kenny Fraiser) "Nobody'd buy trucks from a girl."
  • (Barbara Harris) "I been fixin' motors a long time. They'd buy 'em from me 'cause I know all about motors. Why do you say that? See, what's happenin' is, if I can't sell trucks and I can't go --"
  • (Kenny Fraiser) "Nobody'd buy a truck from a girl."
  • (Barbara Harris) "I knew this was gonna happen. Don't say you saw me."
  • (Bert Remsen) "Hey, you haven't seen my wife, have ya? She's sort of ordinary-lookin'."
  • (Kenny Fraiser) "Uh-uh. Are you going into town?"
  • (Bert Remsen) "You're not one of them country singers, are ya?"
  • (Kenny Fraiser) "No. Can you give me a ride?"
  • (Bert Remsen) "All right, get in. You look like a guy I was in the navy with. He wouldn't bathe, so we had to pee in his bed to get him discharged."
  • (Barbara Harris) "Now, if we don't -- we don't live peaceful, there's gonna be nothin' left in our graves except Clorox bottles and plastic fly swatters with red dots on 'em."

Bert Remsen as Star

  • (Bert Remsen) "You look like a guy I was in the navy with. He wouldn't bathe, so we had to pee in his bed to get him discharged."

Henry Gibson as Haven Hamilton

  • (Henry Gibson) "What a surprise. Julie Christie."
  • (Karen Black) "Who's Julie Christie?"
  • (Henry Gibson) "Who's Julie Christie? She's a star. She's won an Academy Award."
  • (Karen Black) "Oh."
  • (Henry Gibson) "No, I'm not kiddin'. For one of those pictures. I don't know which one. She's done so many."
  • (Karen Black) "Isn't he a gem? He's got the worst sense of humor."
  • (Henry Gibson) "No, she's lovely."
  • (Karen Black) "Oh, come on. She can't even comb her hair."
  • (Henry Gibson) "I don't know who you are or what you're doing here, but I will not tolerate rudeness in the presence of a star --"
  • (Henry Gibson) "Two stars."
  • (Henry Gibson) "Y'all take it easy now. This isn't Dallas, it's Nashville. They can't do this to us here in Nashville. Let's show them what we're made of. Come on everybody, sing. Somebody, sing."

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