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Philadelphia (film) Quotes

Philadelphia (film) is a television program that first aired in 1970 . Philadelphia ended in 1970.

It features Jonathan Demme as producer, Howard Shore in charge of musical score, and Tak Fujimoto as head of cinematography.

Philadelphia (film) is recorded in English and originally aired in United States. Each episode of Philadelphia (film) is 126 minutes long. Philadelphia (film) is distributed by TriStar Pictures.

The cast includes: Tom Hanks as Andrew Beckett, Denzel Washington as Joe Miller, Charles Napier as Judge Garrett, Anna Deavere Smith as Anthea Burton, Bradley Whitford as Jamey Collins, Joanne Woodward as Sarah Beckett, Jason Robards as Charles Wheeler, Mary Steenburgen as Belinda Conine, Robert Ridgely as Walter Kenton, and Ron Vawter as Bob Seidman.

Philadelphia (film) Quotes

Tom Hanks as Andrew Beckett

  • (Tom Hanks) "What do you call a thousand lawyers chained together at the bottom of the ocean?"
  • (Denzel Washington) "I don't know."
  • (Tom Hanks) "A good start."
  • (Tom Hanks) "I appreciate your faith in my abilities."
  • (Jason Robards) "Faith, Andy, is the belief in something for which we have no evidence. It doesn't apply to this situation."
  • (Tom Hanks) "Miguel, I'm ready."
  • (Tom Hanks) ""I misplaced an important compliant" that's their story my side of the story is: the night before it was due I worked on the compliant in my office and I left a copy of it on my desk, the next day the compliant vanished no hard copy, all traces of it mysteriously gone from my computer, miraculously a copy was located at the last minute and we got it to court on time but the next day I was summoned to a meeting with the managing partners who were waiting for me in the conference room"
  • (Librarian) "Sir, wouldn't you be more comfortable in a study room?"
  • (Tom Hanks) "No. Would it make you more comfortable?"
  • (Tom Hanks) "That's their story. Wanna hear mine?"
  • (Denzel Washington) "How many lawyers did you go to before me?"
  • (Tom Hanks) "Nine."
  • (Denzel Washington) "Go on."
  • (Tom Hanks) "Do you like opera?"
  • (Denzel Washington) "I'm not that familiar with opera."
  • (Tom Hanks) "This is my favorite aria. This is Maria Callas. This is "Andrea Chenier", Umberto Giordano. This is Madeleine. She's saying how during the French Revolution, a mob set fire to her house, and her mother died -- saving her. "Look, the place that cradled me is burning." Can you hear the heartache in her voice? Can you feel it, Joe? In come the strings, and it changes everything. The music fills with a hope, and that'll change again. Listen -- listen -- "I bring sorrow to those who love me." Oh, that single cello. "It was during this sorrow that love came to me." A voice filled with harmony. It says, "Live still, I am life. Heaven is in your eyes. Is everything around you just the blood and mud? I am divine. I am oblivion. I am the god -- that comes down from the heavens, and makes of the Earth a heaven. I am love --. I am love.""

Denzel Washington as Joe Miller

  • (Denzel Washington) "Forget everything you've seen on television and in the movies."
  • (Denzel Washington) "Now, explain it to me like I'm a four-year-old."
  • (Denzel Washington) "What do you love about the law, Andrew?"
  • (Tom Hanks) "I -- many things -- uh -- uh -- What I love the most about the law?"
  • (Denzel Washington) "Yeah."
  • (Tom Hanks) "It's that every now and again; not often, but occasionally; you get to be a part of justice being done. That really is quite a thrill when that happens."
  • (Denzel Washington) "I don't buy it counselor."
  • (Tom Hanks) "That's very disappointing."
  • (Denzel Washington) "I don't see a case."
  • (Tom Hanks) "I have a case."
  • (Denzel Washington) "Have you ever felt discriminated against at Wyatt Wheeler?"
  • (Anna Deavere Smith) "Well, yes."
  • (Denzel Washington) "In what way?"
  • (Anna Deavere Smith) "Well, Mr. Wheeler's secretary, Lydia, said that Mr. Wheeler had a problem with my earrings."
  • (Denzel Washington) "Really?"
  • (Anna Deavere Smith) "Apparently Mr. Wheeler felt that they were too -- "Ethnic" is the word she used. And she told me that he said that he would like it if I wore something a little less garish, a little smaller, and more "American.""
  • (Denzel Washington) "What'd you say?"
  • (Anna Deavere Smith) "I said my earrings are American. They're African-American."
  • (Denzel Washington) "Who did you get?"
  • (Tom Hanks) "What?"
  • (Denzel Washington) "Did you find a lawyer?"
  • (Tom Hanks) "I'm a lawyer."
  • (Denzel Washington) "What's wrong with your face?"
  • (Tom Hanks) "I have AIDS."
  • (Denzel Washington) "Some of these people make me sick. But a law's been broken here. You do remember the law, don't you?"
  • (Denzel Washington) "Explain this to me like I'm a six year old, didn't you have an obligation to tell your employers you had this deadly infectious disease?"
  • (Tom Hanks) "That's not the point from the day they hired me to the day they fired me, I served my clients consistency thoroughly with absolute excellency if they hadn't fired me that's what I've be doing today."
  • (Denzel Washington) "And they don't want to fire you for having AIDS so in spite of your brilliance they make you look incompetent thus the mysterious is that what you're trying to tell me?"
  • (Tom Hanks) "Correct, I was sabotaged."
  • (Denzel Washington) "ladies and gentlemen of the jury: forget everything you've seen on television and in the movies. There's not going to be any last minute surprise witnesses, nobody's going to break down on the stand with a tearful confession, you're going to be presented with simple facts. Andrew Beckett was fired and you'll two explanations on why he was fired, ours and theirs it's up to you to sit through layer upon layer of truth until you determine for yourself which version sounds the most true. There's certain points I must prove to you: point number one: Andrew Beckett was -- is a brilliant lawyer, a great lawyer, point number two: my client afflicted with a disabling disease made the understandable, the personal, and the legal choice to keep the fact of his illness to himself point number three: his employers discovered his illness and ladies and gentlemen the illness I'm referring to is AIDS point number four: they panicked and in their panic they did what most would do which is just get "it" and everybody who has "it" as far as away as possible, the behavior of my client's employers seem reasonable to you, it does to me, after all AIDS is a deadly incurable disease but no matter how you come to judge Charles Wheeler and his partners in ethical and moral and inhuman terms, the fact of the matter is when they fired Andrew Beckett because he has AIDS they broke the law."
  • (Young Man in Pharmacy) "You want to try and kick my ass, Joe? Asshole."
  • (Denzel Washington) "No, YOU'RE the asshole, buddy."
  • (Denzel Washington) "What, you think I'm gay?"
  • (Young Man in Pharmacy) "Aren't you?"
  • (Denzel Washington) "Do I look gay to you?"
  • (Young Man in Pharmacy) "Do I look gay to you?"

Mary Steenburgen as Belinda Conine

  • (Mary Steenburgen) "I hate this case."
  • (Mary Steenburgen) "fact: Andrew Beckett's performance on the job varied from competent to good, to often times mediocre, to sometimes flagrantly incompetent fact: he claims he's the victim of lies and deceit, fact: it was Andrew Beckett who lied, going through lengths to conceal his disease from his employers, fact: Andrew Beckett was successful in his duplicity, the partners at Wyatt Wheeler did not fire Andrew Beckett because he had AIDS fact: Andrew Beckett is dying fact: Andrew Beckett is angry because his lifestyle, his reckless behavior has cut short his life and in his anger, in his rage he is lashing out and he wants someone to pay"

Jason Robards as Charles Wheeler

  • (Jason Robards) "Regarding Andy I want to know everything about his personal life does he frequent those pathetic bars? What other homosexual facilities does he go to? What deviant groups does he secretly belong to?"
  • (Robert Ridgely) "Let's make a fair settlement offer and just put this whole tragic business behind us"
  • (Jason Robards) "Andy brought AIDS into our offices, into our bathroom, brought AIDS to our annual God damn family picnic"
  • (Robert Ridgely) "We ought to be suing him"
  • (Ron Vawter) "Where is your compassion gentlemen?"
  • (Jason Robards) "we gave him the highline case, did Andrew Beckett say I might be able to serve our clients to the best of my ability? He said nothing and now Andrew Beckett proposes to hall me into court, to sling accusations at me, to call me a bigot in full view of the entire Philadelphia judicial establishment"
  • (Robert Ridgely) "Beckett doesn't want to go to court he's looking for a quick tasty settlement"
  • (Ron Vawter) "A jury might decide he has a case"
  • (Jason Robards) "wait a minute, he was fired for incompetence not because he has AIDS you didn't know he was sick, did you?"
  • (Robert Ridgely) "Holy s*** did you?"
  • (Ron Vawter) "No, not really"

Charles Napier as Judge Garrett

  • (Charles Napier) "In this courtroom, Mr.Miller, justice is blind to matters of race, creed, color, religion, and sexual orientation."
  • (Denzel Washington) "With all due respect, your honor, we don't live in this courtroom, do we?"

Joanne Woodward as Sarah Beckett

  • (Joanne Woodward) "Well, I didn't raise my kids to sit in the back of the bus. You get in there and you fight for your rights, okay?"

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