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Rocket Robin Hood Quotes

Rocket Robin Hood is a Fantasy that was first aired in 1970 on CBC. Rocket Robin Hood ended its run in 1969.

Rocket Robin Hood was on for 3 seasons and 52 episodes. It features Al Guest as producer, and Carl Banas; Ed McNamara; Chris Wiggins; Bernard Cowan; Len Birman; Paul Kligman, Gillie Fenwick, and John Scott doing voices.

Rocket Robin Hood is recorded in English and originally aired in Canada. Each episode of Rocket Robin Hood is 22 minutes long. Rocket Robin Hood is produced by Trillium Productions, and Krantz Films; Grantray-Lawrence Animation.

The cast includes: Paul Kligman as Friar Tuck, Bernard Cowan as Narrator, Len Birman as Rocket Robin Hood, Ed McNamara as Little John, and Chris Wiggins as Will Scarlet.

Rocket Robin Hood Quotes

Bernard Cowan as Narrator

  • (Bernard Cowan) "Strongest member of Rocket Robin Hood's band is Little John, the brawniest spaceman ever to rocket through the cosmos in the fantastic years to come. This goliath of the galaxy has the might of a cosmic Hercules, the brute force of an unleashed meteor combined with a truly super weapon: the electro-quarter staff. Little John, whose great strength is tempered with a simple good-hearted kindness towards all living things. Mightiest of Rocket Robin Hood's Merry Men in the amazing years to come: Little John."
  • (Bernard Cowan) "Soaring through the far reaches of outer-planetary space is New Sherwood Forest Asteroid. Fantastic headquarters of that swashbuckling cosmic highwayman of the thirtieth century Rocket Robin Hood. Yes, here comes the one and only Rocket Robin Hood, gliding through galaxies in his search for star-shattering adventure. The interplanetary villains quiver in their space boots when they hear the merry ring of his laughter and feel the blast of his mighty electro-quarter staff. Rocket Robin Hood; fun loving astral adventurer in the astonishing years to come."
  • (Bernard Cowan) "Arch enemy of Rocket Robin Hood is the cruel space tyrant Prince John, despot ruler of the National Outerspace Terrestrial Territories. With the help of the wicked Sherrif of N.O.T.T., the black prince plans for that terrible day when he will destroy and conquer the entire solar system. Well, he might if it were not for Rocket Robin Hood. Rocket Robin Hood; outlaw defender of right in the astounding years to come."

Len Birman as Rocket Robin Hood

  • (Len Birman) "Good fighting, Little John, but if I catch you off guard, I'll make your head ring like a gong."
  • (Ed McNamara) "Almost got you that time."
  • (Len Birman) "Right, no wonder Maid Marion is watching you so admiringly."
  • (Ed McNamara) "She is?"
  • (Len Birman) "My mistake, she's laughing at you. Let that be a lesson to you, spaceman. Always be on your toes."
  • (Ed McNamara) "Strange, you aren't on your toes, Robin."
  • (Len Birman) "I must remember to follow my own advice."
  • (Len Birman) "What happened?"
  • (Unnamed) "He was hurting you so I stopped him."
  • (Len Birman) "You stopped him? But how?"
  • (Unnamed) "I gear stripped him or whatever."
  • (Len Birman) "You stripped his gears -- You stripped his gears? But how?"
  • (Unnamed) "I just used my compact, my lipstick, and my mirror. Now my make-up is a mess and I can't make myself look pretty for you because you won me in a contest and --"
  • (Len Birman) "Maid Marion, you're wonderful."
  • (Unnamed) "I am?"
  • (Len Birman) "Yes, you are. Never underestimate the power of a woman with make-up."

Paul Kligman as Friar Tuck

  • (Paul Kligman) "If there's one thing I cannot abide is being interrupted at mealtime."

Chris Wiggins as Will Scarlet

  • (Chris Wiggins) "I'd like to get my hands on the man who invented the wheel."
  • (Len Birman) "Why do you say that, Will?"
  • (Chris Wiggins) "Because if it wasn't for him, we never would have gotten into this mess in the first place."

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