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Saw (2004 film) Quotes

Saw (2004 film) is a TV show that appeared on TV in 1970 . Saw completed its run in 1970.

It features Gregg Hoffman, Oren Koules, and Mark Burg as producer, Charlie Clouser in charge of musical score, and David A. Armstrong as head of cinematography.

Saw (2004 film) is recorded in English and originally aired in United States. Each episode of Saw (2004 film) is 103 minutes long. Saw (2004 film) is distributed by Lionsgate.

The cast includes: Leigh Whannell as Adam, Cary Elwes as Dr. Lawrence Gordon, Dina Meyer as Kerry, Michael Emerson as Zep Hindle, and Alexandra Bokyun Chun as Carla.

Saw (2004 film) Quotes

Cary Elwes as Dr. Lawrence Gordon

  • (Cary Elwes) "I wouldn't lie to you --"
  • (Cary Elwes) "He doesn't want us to cut through our chains. He wants us to cut through our feet."
  • (Cary Elwes) "That clock. It's brand new."
  • (Leigh Whannell) "So?"
  • (Cary Elwes) "So someone obviously wanted us to know the time."
  • (Cary Elwes) "You tell anyone you were here?"
  • (Alexandra Bokyun Chun) "No."
  • (Alexandra Bokyun Chun) "Hello? It's for you."
  • (Cary Elwes) "Me?"
  • (Cary Elwes) "Hello?"
  • (John) "I know what you're doing, doctor."
  • (Cary Elwes) "I have to go."
  • (Alexandra Bokyun Chun) "What happened?"
  • (Cary Elwes) "I got to go."
  • (Cary Elwes) "Did you find anything?"
  • (Leigh Whannell) "No solids."
  • (Cary Elwes) "Who was it?"
  • (Leigh Whannell) "Who was who?"
  • (Cary Elwes) "The person who paid you to photograph me who was it?"
  • (Leigh Whannell) "He calls himself "Bob" and he gives me the money upfront. 200 bucks a night. If I had known I was gonna end up in here I would've asked for a hell of a lot more."
  • (Cary Elwes) "What does that mean? Does that mean you saw what happened to me?"
  • (Leigh Whannell) "What I saw was you get into your car, that's it. I didn't ask your name, I didn't know who you were, I don't know how I got here, I don't know how you got here. I just took the shots and went straight home to develop them. Next thing I know I'm chained to a pipe in some prehistoric bathroom, staring at the guy I've been taking shots of all day."
  • (Cary Elwes) "Clearly whoever paid you to take pictures of me -- is the one who put us here."
  • (Leigh Whannell) "Maybe."
  • (Cary Elwes) "What do you mean "Maybe"? Of course it is. What did this guy look like?"
  • (Leigh Whannell) "Well he's just a guy."
  • (Cary Elwes) "Was he tall,dark,skinny,obese?"
  • (Leigh Whannell) "I don't take notes on his appearance."
  • (Cary Elwes) "Clearly you must remember something about him."
  • (Leigh Whannell) "I can't."
  • (Cary Elwes) "You mean you're telling me you can't remember a thing about the guy."
  • (Leigh Whannell) "I told you I --"
  • (Cary Elwes) "Oh for f***'s sake. I give up."
  • (Leigh Whannell) "He's a tall black guy, he's got a scar around his neck. Okay?"
  • (Cary Elwes) "Tapp, Detective Tapp."
  • (Leigh Whannell) "Whoa, guy who paid me to take these photos was not a cop."
  • (Cary Elwes) "No no no, he was discharged from the police force, broked down after his partner got killed. That didn't stop him from harassing me -- he convinced himself that I must have somehow been involved with the murders and he's crazy -- and you helped him. You took money from him to invade my privacy -- how could you do that?"
  • (Leigh Whannell) "I call it my need to eat."
  • (Cary Elwes) "Right, ya know what Adam? You are not a victim of this game, YOU'RE A PART OF IT."
  • (Cary Elwes) "What's your name?"
  • (Leigh Whannell) "My name is Very f***ing Confused; what's your name?"
  • (Cary Elwes) "Okay, this patient has an inoperable frontal lobe tumor extending across the midline, started as colon cancer. The patient had come in for a standard check-up, which we were able to monitor the rate at which his condition is declining. The patient ha --"
  • (Michael Emerson) "His name is John, Dr.Gordon. He's a very interesting person."
  • (Cary Elwes) "Thank you for that information Zep; as you can see our orderlies form very special bonds with the patients."

Michael Emerson as Zep Hindle

  • (Michael Emerson) "You're too late."
  • (Cary Elwes) "Why?"
  • (Michael Emerson) "It's the Rules."
  • (Michael Emerson) "Goodnight little girl."
  • (Michael Emerson) "Dr. Gordon's time is up, now I gotta do what I gotta do and -- I'm afraid it has to be you that tells him he's failed."
  • (Cary Elwes) "Is that you, Zep, you bastard? I know it's you, you son of a bitch."
  • (Alison Gordon) "Larry."
  • (Cary Elwes) "Ali?"
  • (Alison Gordon) "You failed."
  • (Michael Emerson) "Dont look at me -- I can't help you."

Leigh Whannell as Adam

  • (Leigh Whannell) "My last girlfriend was a feminist, vegan punk who broke up with me because she thought I was too angry."
  • (Leigh Whannell) "I'm having a blast. This is the most fun I've had without lubricant."
  • (Leigh Whannell) "Face it Larry, we're both bulls***ers. My camera, it doesn't know how to lie. It only shows you what's put right in front of it"
  • (Leigh Whannell) "Look -- we're out of time."
  • (John) "Rise and shine, Adam. You're probably wondering where you are. I'll tell you where you might be. You might be in the room that you die in. Up until now, you've simply sat in the shadows watching others live out their lives. But what do voyeurs see when they look into the mirror? Now I see you as a strange mix of someone angry, yet apathetic. But mostly just pathetic. So are you going to watch yourself die here today, Adam, or do something about it?"
  • (Leigh Whannell) "I don't get it."
  • (Leigh Whannell) "I don't give a crap if you covered yourself in peanut butter and had a 15 hooker gang bang."
  • (Leigh Whannell) "Are they ok?"
  • (Cary Elwes) "My wife -- , she, uh she mentioned your name."
  • (Leigh Whannell) "What did she say?"
  • (Cary Elwes) "She told me not to believe you."
  • (Leigh Whannell) "Believe me about what?"
  • (Cary Elwes) "She told me you knew me. Who are you?"
  • (Leigh Whannell) "You know who I am."
  • (Cary Elwes) "Stop the lies. You're a liar. I need to know the truth."
  • (Leigh Whannell) "I'm a liar? What did you do last night, Lawrence? Work at the hospital? Saving sick children? You told me last night, that after you left your house last night, you went to work at the hospital."
  • (Cary Elwes) "That's because it's the truth."
  • (Leigh Whannell) "No, it's not. Your wife was right, Larry. You don't recall getting your picture taken in that parking lot?"
  • (Leigh Whannell) "I can prove you didn't go anywhere near a hospital last night. he shows Larry the pictures from the tub. It's not the first time I've done it either, Larry. I've been taking pictures of you for a few days now."
  • (Cary Elwes) "But -- why?"
  • (Leigh Whannell) "You wanna know what I do? I get paid to take pictures of rich guys like you who go to seedy, out-of-the-way motels to f*** their secretaries"
  • (John) "Most people are so ungrateful to be alive, but not you, not any more --"
  • (John) "GAME OVER."
  • (Leigh Whannell) "Don't. Don't."
  • (Leigh Whannell) "NO."
  • (Leigh Whannell) "No. Oh, my God. What are you doing? Lawrence, what are you doing? What are you -- Oh, my God. Lawrence, don't. No. Lawrence, please. I'm begging you. Lawrence, it's not me who did this to you."
  • (Cary Elwes) "You have to die"
  • (Leigh Whannell) "No, I want to live."
  • (Cary Elwes) "I'm sorry --"
  • (Leigh Whannell) "I want to live."
  • (Cary Elwes) "My family --"
  • (Cary Elwes) "I've done it, now show them to me."

Dina Meyer as Kerry

  • (John) "I'm sick from the disease eating away at me inside --"
  • (Dina Meyer) "Sounds like our friend Jigsaw."
  • (John) "I'm sick of people who don't appreciate their blessings --"
  • (Dina Meyer) "-- looks like our guy like's to book himself front row seats to his own sick little games"
  • (John) "Hello Mark,Paul, Amanda, Zep, Adam, Dr.Gordon."
  • (John) "I want to play a game."

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