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Sith Apprentice Quotes

Sith Apprentice is a television show that was first aired in 1970 . Sith Apprentice ended its run in 1970.

It features John E. Hudgens as producer.

Each episode of Sith Apprentice is 12 min long. Sith Apprentice is distributed by Z-Team Productions.

Sith Apprentice Quotes

  • (Count Dooku) "Come on, metalbum. Fight."
  • (Darth Vader) "Fight? you've lost your hands."
  • (Count Dooku) "It's only a flesh wound"
  • (Darth Vader) "That's it. No more cross-references"
  • (Darth Vader) "There can be only one -- apprentice"
  • (The Emperor) "Jar-Jar --"
  • (JarJar Binks) "Me-sa fired?"
  • (The Emperor) "No. You-sa fried."
  • (Count Dooku) "I thought Peter Cushing was going to be here."
  • (Darth Vader) "And what's with this constant, "Revenge of The Sith" thing? It's like it's the only line he knows."
  • (Darth Maul) "At last I will reveal my true talents to the Jedi. At last I will have revenge."
  • (The Emperor) "Lord Vader. Red."
  • (Darth Vader) "Sorry, master. Always happens."
  • (Darth Vader) "But tonight, tonight I will show them. Tonight I will have my rev.."
  • (Darth Vader) "Oh, crap. Now I'm doing it too."
  • (The Emperor) "Now these final four will go head to head in the most demanding job audition ever. Only one will get the job of a lifetime. Only one will prevail to become my Sith Apprentice."
  • (Darth Vader) "Enough with the revenge thing, Maul. You need to reach your centre. Go to your dark place."
  • (The Emperor) "But I have to address one issue. You Jar-Jar."
  • (JarJar Binks) "Mesa?"
  • (The Emperor) "Yes. Despite being an idiot, despite failing at nearly every task, despite being disliked by nearly everyone, you have managed to make it almost to the finals. I cannot let this go on. I cannot imagine you working at my side."
  • (JarJar Binks) "But wait. Mesa gave you complete control of the senate. Yousa have ultimate power now because of mesa."
  • (The Emperor) "Yes, that was a brilliant gamble on your part. I never understand how you pulled that off. But your usefulness to me has ended. You performed that task thinking you were doing good. I just can't condone that. I am. Evil you know."
  • (Darth Maul) "At last I will have --"
  • (Darth Vader) "We know."
  • (Count Dooku) "We know."
  • (JarJar Binks) "Wesa know."
  • (JarJar Binks) "Mesa gonna show everyone how bombad mesa really is."
  • (Count Dooku) "I was wielding supernatural powers when these two Darth-wannabes were both in diapers."
  • (The Emperor) "Excellent, You have done well, Lord Vader. You truly are the Dark Lord of the Dance."

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