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The Cincinnati Kid Quotes

The Cincinnati Kid is a television show that appeared on TV in 1970 . The Cincinnati Kid ended its run in 1970.

It features Martin Ransohoff as producer, Lalo Schifrin in charge of musical score, and Philip H. Lathrop as head of cinematography.

Each episode of The Cincinnati Kid is 102 minutes long. The Cincinnati Kid is distributed by Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer.

The cast includes: Edward G. Robinson as Lancey Howard, Rip Torn as Slade, Karl Malden as Shooter, Tuesday Weld as Christian, Ann-Margret as Melba, and Joan Blondell as Lady Fingers.

The Cincinnati Kid Quotes

Ann-Margret as Melba

  • (Ann-Margret) "Ouch. You Bastard."
  • (Cincinnati Kid) "Cheers baby."
  • (Ann-Margret) "I hope you lose."

Edward G. Robinson as Lancey Howard

  • (Edward G. Robinson) "Gets down to what it's all about, doesn't it? Making the wrong move at the right time."
  • (Cincinnati Kid) "Is that what it's all about?"
  • (Edward G. Robinson) "Like life, I guess. You're good, kid, but as long as I'm around you're second best. You might as well learn to live with it."
  • (Edward G. Robinson) "Women are a universal problem in our business. Of course, uh, it's purely an academic question wuth me now, but, looking back, I think it's best not to look for a fixed thing. Just tie into something nice when you're away from the action and let it wear itself out."
  • (Edward G. Robinson) "No, Lady; he hasn't gotten to me. Not yet; but he might, he just might."
  • (Edward G. Robinson) "You're good, kid, but as long as I'm around, you're only second best."

Karl Malden as Shooter

  • (Karl Malden) "Melba, why do you do that?"
  • (Ann-Margret) "So it'll fit, stupid."
  • (Karl Malden) "No, I'm not talking about that. What I'm asking is -- do you, uh, have to cheat at everything?"
  • (Ann-Margret) "At everything?"
  • (Karl Malden) "Yes. At -- solitaire. I've yet to see you play one game of solitaire without cheating."
  • (Ann-Margret) "So what?"
  • (Karl Malden) "Look, you're just cheating yourself, don't you understand? You'll be the loser, no one else but yourself --. You've ruined the puzzle, now, that doesn't go in there."
  • (Ann-Margret) "Does now."
  • (Karl Malden) "Hey, why are you doing this? It can't be for money."
  • (Rip Torn) "Yes, for my kind of money, gut money. I wanta to see that smug old bastard gutted. Gutted."
  • (Karl Malden) "Like he gutted you."
  • (Rip Torn) "Yes, that's right, that's right."
  • (Karl Malden) "Well, Lancey, are we all set for Monday night?"
  • (Edward G. Robinson) "Uh-huh."
  • (Karl Malden) "I can get Lady Fingers to come."
  • (Edward G. Robinson) "Lady Fingers? I haven't seen that old bitch; oh, it must be at least ten years;long enough to think of her almost fondly."

Rip Torn as Slade

  • (Rip Torn) "Six stacks, is that right, Shooter?"
  • (Karl Malden) "Six."
  • (Rip Torn) "Well, we've been playing 30 hours -- uh, that rate, six thousand, that makes roughly, uh, $200 an hour. Thank you for the entertainment, gentlemen. I am particularly grateful to Lancey, here; it's been a rewarding experience to watch a great artist at work. Thank you for the privilege, sir."
  • (Edward G. Robinson) "Well now, you're quite welcome, son. It's a pleasure to meet someone who understands that to the true gambler, money is never an end in itself, it's simply a tool, as a language is to thought. Good evening, uh -- Mr. Slade."
  • (Rip Torn) "Good evening, Mr. Howard."
  • (Rip Torn) "How the hell did you know I didn't have the king or the ace?"
  • (Edward G. Robinson) "I recollect a young man putting the same question to Eddie the Dude. "Son," Eddie told him, "all you paid was the looking price. Lessons are extra.""
  • (Cincinnati Kid) "You call that an argument?"
  • (Rip Torn) "No, that's a fact. The argument's leaning over there against the door jamb."

Joan Blondell as Lady Fingers

  • (Joan Blondell) "How you holdin' up, Lancey?"
  • (Edward G. Robinson) "Lady Fingers, that young man is a stud poker playing son of a --"
  • (Joan Blondell) "He's gettin' to you, ain't he?"
  • (Edward G. Robinson) "No, Lady, he hasn't gotten to me."

Tuesday Weld as Christian

  • (Cincinnati Kid) "Listen, Christian, after the game, I'll be The Man. I'll be the best there is. People will sit down at the table with you, just so they can say they played with The Man. And that's what I'm gonna be, Christian."
  • (Tuesday Weld) "I know."

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