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The Circle (Star Trek: Deep Space Nine) Quotes

The Circle (Star Trek: Deep Space Nine) is a TV program that first aired in 1970 . The Circle ended its run in 1970.

It features Dennis McCarthy (composer) in charge of musical score.

The Circle (Star Trek: Deep Space Nine) Quotes

  • (Minister Jaro) "Think of the prestige of having the new leader of Bajor being a member of your order."
  • (Vedek Winn) "If you are the new leader."
  • (Minister Jaro) "Have the Prophets given you reason to doubt it?"
  • (Vedek Winn) "I didn't say that."
  • (Minister Jaro) "Then let them bless my ascension. Tell the people the Prophets are with me."
  • (Vedek Winn) "That's a lot to ask."
  • (Minister Jaro) "I know that."
  • (Vedek Winn) "I need more than just prestige, Essa."
  • (Minister Jaro) "I know that too."
  • (Vedek Winn) "The people need leadership to return to the old values; yours and mine."
  • (Minister Jaro) "I can think of no one more worthy of being the next Kai than you, Winn. I shall do everything in my power to see that you are."
  • (Vedek Winn) "The Prophets are smiling on you today, Minister."
  • (Commander Sisko) "General Krim. I'm Benjamin Sisko. We met during a session of the Executive Committee last year."
  • (Krim) "I remember, Commander. I was impressed by your talk."
  • (Commander Sisko) "As I recall, you disagreed with all of it."
  • (Major Kira) "Is this a joke? Did you plan this?"
  • (Doctor Bashir) "Nobody could have planned this."
  • (Quark) "It's over."
  • (Odo) "What're you talking about?"
  • (Quark) "Everything. Bajor, the provisional government, the Federation being here, all of it. We got to leave. Well, I do anyway. You can just turn into a couch."
  • (Minister Jaro) "We're a match made by the Prophets."
  • (Li Nalas) "Commander, anything you need from me, I will try my best to do. But I know that I can never replace Major Kira."
  • (Commander Sisko) "No one could."
  • (Vedek Bareil) "It is the third orb; the orb of prophecy and change."
  • (Major Kira) "What do I do?"
  • (Vedek Bareil) "Be useless, Nerys. Allow the Prophets to guide you."
  • (Commander Sisko) "I'm going to get you back, Major. I promise that to both of us."
  • (Krim) "Commander Sisko -- You told me about the Kressari before you asked the favor regarding Kira -- You could've tried to trade that information -- for the favor."
  • (Commander Sisko) "I wouldn't do that."
  • (Krim) "I'll remember that about you."
  • (Doctor Bashir) "I came to give you my best."
  • (Lieutenant Jadzia Dax) "Well, that's rather dull."
  • (Doctor Bashir) "I beg your pardon?"
  • (Major Kira) "Dull is a polite word for it."
  • (Odo) "Doctor, if you were Kira, wouldn't you at least be complaining to Commander Sisko?"
  • (Doctor Bashir) "Look, I just wanted to wish you good luck."
  • (Major Kira) "Thank you, Doctor."
  • (Doctor Bashir) "Complaining, about what?"
  • (Odo) "Never mind, Doctor. If she doesn't care, why should we?"
  • (Doctor Bashir) "Have they given you any reason yet?"
  • (Lieutenant Jadzia Dax) "Did they give you any alternative?"
  • (Major Kira) "I do care.; No, they haven't.; No, they didn't. I -- I really ought to finish packing."
  • (Major Kira) "How can you betray your own government?"
  • (Minister Jaro) "Major, I don't have to tell you. I've heard your opinion of this government. Government. They can't even agree it is a government, so they call it provisional. It's just another word for 'powerless'."
  • (Odo) "Quark, I hate to do this, but I guess I'll have to --"
  • (Quark) "That's not fair."
  • (Odo) "I haven't done anything yet."
  • (Quark) "Whatever you're going to do, it's not fair."
  • (Odo) "You're a deputy."
  • (Quark) "It's not; what?"
  • (Odo) "You're a deputy. I want you to find out where the weapons are going on Bajor. Meanwhile, I'm going to find out exactly where they're coming from."
  • (Quark) "You and me, a team?"
  • (Odo) "That's right."
  • (Quark) "Uh, goodbye."
  • (Odo) "Either that or I'm putting you in a cell."
  • (Quark) "That's not fair. On what charge?"
  • (Odo) "Impeding an investigation. Unless you want to reveal the identities of the people you've been talking to."
  • (Quark) "You know I can't do that."
  • (Odo) "It's your choice. You're a deputy or you're a prisoner."
  • (Quark) "I'm a deputy."
  • (Odo) "Have you asked Sisko for help?"
  • (Major Kira) "I'm sure he'll do whatever he thinks is best for the station."
  • (Odo) "You haven't even gone to him?"
  • (Major Kira) "Well, what do you want me to do, Odo?"
  • (Odo) "Fight for what you want. It's what you do best."
  • (Doctor Bashir) "Will someone please explain this conversation to me?"
  • (Major Kira) "I'm useless here."
  • (Vedek Bareil) "So?"
  • (Major Kira) "So? I -- I need to feel useful."
  • (Vedek Bareil) "It might be interesting to explore 'useless' for a while; see how it feels."
  • (Major Kira) "If you want to change the government, Minister Jaro, you vote to change it. You don't sneak up from behind it with a dagger."
  • (Odo) "Idiotic bureaucracy. Now I suppose they'll expect me to break in a new man."
  • (Major Kira) "A great man. Li Nalas can handle the job, believe me."
  • (Odo) "Well, you did fairly well at it once I smoothed your rough edges."
  • (Major Kira) "Ha."
  • (Odo) "What's so funny?"
  • (Major Kira) "I thought you did fairly well; once I smoothed your rough edges."

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