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The Greatest American Hero Quotes

The Greatest American Hero is a Comedy-drama that appeared on TV in 1981 on American Broadcasting Company. The Greatest American Hero ended its run in 1983.

The Greatest American Hero aired for 3 seasons and 45 (5 unaired) episodes. It features Mike Post as theme composer, and Mike Post as composer. The Greatest American Hero is created by Stephen J. Cannell.

The Greatest American Hero is recorded in English and originally aired in United States. Each episode of The Greatest American Hero is 60 minutes long.

The cast includes: William Katt as Ralph Hinkley, Robert Culp as Bill Maxwell, and Connie Sellecca as Pam Davidson.

The Greatest American Hero Quotes

William Katt as Ralph Hinkley

  • (William Katt) "They wanna do the Ralph Hinkley story, but they don't wanna do it realisticaly."
  • (Pam Davidson Hinkley) "Why should they, Ralph? There's nothing realistic about any of this."
  • (William Katt) "Oh, Holly, you have to be careful with your strength when you're wearing the suit. Bill, remember the time I broke your hand when I went to shake it?"
  • (Robert Culp) "Which time?"
  • (Alien) "Mr Hinkley, we saw you on the Dick Cavett show."
  • (William Katt) "Dick Cavett, huh?"
  • (William Katt) "I didn't know you could get that stuff up here. That's great."
  • (William Katt) "What am I saying, I mean, of course they get that stuff up here, you probably have eh, you probably have cable up here too, don't ya?"
  • (Holly Hathaway) "Ralph, you were right, this cape is so cumbersome and; you know, I'm not so sure about these little shoes, they're so blah. Maybe we could go with a nice pump?"
  • (William Katt) "Eh, Holly, I think you'd better forget redesigning the suit, I think the green guys are kinda locked into this model."
  • (William Katt) "Excuse me, about the instruction book --"
  • (Alien) "We''ve given you two already, Mr. Hinkley. Surely you haven't lost it again?"
  • (William Katt) "Eh, no, no of course not."
  • (Alien) "Good. Because we have no more to give."

Robert Culp as Bill Maxwell

  • (Robert Culp) "Ralph, you really did it to me didn't you? He did it, didn't he? You picked a skirt."
  • (Connie Sellecca) "He picked a woman."
  • (Robert Culp) "Ok, welcome to trouble with Maxwell. Failure to answer the question gets you an all expenses paid vacation at the fed pen of your choice. Courtesy of that super power to the South."
  • (Bartender) "F.B.I.?"
  • (Robert Culp) "F.B.I.."
  • (Holly Hathaway) "F.B.I."
  • (Robert Culp) "This is special agent Bill Maxwell, FBI. Audio report May 15, 1986."
  • (Sarah Hathaway) "You must be Mr. Maxwell. My name is Sarah, I live here. Can I get you something to drink?"
  • (Robert Culp) "Well, uh -- stiff scotch wouldn't be bad."
  • (Sarah Hathaway) "We don't encourage alcohol in our home, Mr. Maxwell. If you need scotch to help you through a situation, then you may have the beginnings of a serious social problem."
  • (Robert Culp) "How old are you?"
  • (Sarah Hathaway) "Almost seven. How about you?"
  • (Robert Culp) "None of your business."
  • (Sarah Hathaway) "You look about fifty. You ever have a facelift?"
  • (Robert Culp) "No, I never have. How about you?"
  • (Sarah Hathaway) "I'm too young."
  • (Robert Culp) "Oh."
  • (Sarah Hathaway) "You touch up your hair yourself or have it done?"
  • (Robert Culp) "I bet you got some chores to do somewhere or something, don't you?"
  • (Sarah Hathaway) "Are you trying to get rid of me?"
  • (Sarah Hathaway) "Yeah."
  • (Sarah Hathaway) "You're sort of an uptight kind of guy, aren't you Mr. Maxwell?"
  • (Robert Culp) "I'm not applying for a job here, kiddo. I can do without the interview, OK?"
  • (Sarah Hathaway) "I'm just trying to get to know you. You wanna hear the questions I ask the guys Holly dates?"
  • (Robert Culp) "I didn't know that you had any. Kids."
  • (Holly Hathaway) "Oh, eh, Sarah, she's not really mine. I'm her foster parent."
  • (Robert Culp) "Oh --"
  • (Holly Hathaway) "It's hard to believe that somebody would just throw a child like her out, isn't it?"
  • (Robert Culp) "Yeah, it's got me stumped."
  • (Robert Culp) "Ralph, you did it to me, didn't you?"
  • (Robert Culp) "He did it, didn't he?"
  • (Robert Culp) "You picked a skirt."
  • (Pam Davidson Hinkley) "He picked a woman."

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