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Three's Company Quotes

Three's Company is a television program that debuted in 1977 on American Broadcasting Company. Three's Company completed its run in 1984.

Three's Company aired for 8 seasons and 172 episodes. It features Joe Raposo as theme composer. Three's Company is executive produced by Michael Ross.

Three's Company is recorded in English and originally aired in United States. Each episode of Three's Company is 25 minutes long. Three's Company is produced by NRW Productions and distributed by Donald L. Taffner. Spinoffs for this show include The Ropers.

The cast includes: John Ritter as Jack Tripper, Suzanne Somers as Chrissy, Audra Lindley as Helen Roper, Norman Fell as Stanley Roper, Don Knotts as Ralph Furley, Richard Kline as Larry, Priscilla Barnes as Terri, and Jenilee Harrison as Cindy Snow.

Three's Company Quotes

Norman Fell as Stanley Roper

  • (Norman Fell) "I just want to tell you that it's three o'clock in the morning --."
  • (Suzanne Somers) "Thank you."
  • (Norman Fell) "I want my rent."
  • (Audra Lindley) "Stanley, where are your manners? You're supposed to say hello when you walk into a room."
  • (Norman Fell) "Hello, I want my rent."
  • (Norman Fell) "What's the cake for?"
  • (Audra Lindley) "We're celebrating."
  • (Norman Fell) "Celebrating what?"
  • (Audra Lindley) "The tenth anniversary of my new spring outfit."
  • (Norman Fell) "I bet this cot told some great stories."
  • (Mrs. Roper) "I wish ours could."
  • (Norman Fell) "Will you put some clothes on? My wife's here."
  • (Audra Lindley) "Mind your own business, Stanley."
  • (Norman Fell) "What if the towel slips?"
  • (Audra Lindley) "Mind your own business, Stanley."
  • (Suzanne Somers) "Jack, you have some shaving cream on your face."
  • (John Ritter) "Oh, thank you."
  • (Suzanne Somers) "No, Jack."
  • (Audra Lindley) "Mind your own business, Chrissy."
  • (Mrs. Roper) "I need a new stove"
  • (Norman Fell) "There's nothing wrong with the stove you have, it works just fine."
  • (Mrs. Roper) "Well, I better not break up the set."
  • (Norman Fell) "What set?"
  • (Mrs. Roper) "An old stove, and old husband, and they both take too long to heat up."
  • (Norman Fell) "Not in my building."
  • (John Ritter) "I swear, it will be completely platonic."
  • (Norman Fell) "I don't care what it; What does that mean?"
  • (Audra Lindley) "Like you and me, Stanley."
  • (Norman Fell) "Helen, I just wanted to prove to you that other woman found me attractive. And I proved it."
  • (Mrs. Roper) "Well, fine, go to her. See if I care. I hope you're happy."
  • (Norman Fell) "I don't want to be happy; I want to be with you."

John Ritter as Jack Tripper

  • (John Ritter) "I have a surprise for you girls."
  • (Suzanne Somers) "Oh, I love surprises. It's funny that you never suspect them."
  • (Janet Wood Dawson) "Oh, no, no, no, no. Don't tell anybody you're a chef, okay?"
  • (John Ritter) "Okay, mum's the word."
  • (Janet Wood Dawson) "Well, it's not that there's anything wrong with what you do, Jack. It's just that -- everybody here looks so important and we want to make a good impression. Well, you understand, don't you?"
  • (John Ritter) "Of course, pumpkin."
  • (Janet Wood Dawson) "Oh, thanks."
  • (John Ritter) "You're ashamed of me."
  • (Unnamed) "Janet, do you know what I do for a living?"
  • (Janet Wood Dawson) "Of course I do. It's right here on your card in black and white. Diane McMillan, The Rapist."
  • (John Ritter) "That's therapist."
  • (Unnamed) "She always did have trouble with her reading."
  • (John Ritter) "Good news girls. We're getting married."
  • (Suzanne Somers) "You rotten rat."
  • (John Ritter) "Rotten rat? Janet, why did she call me a rat?"
  • (Janet Wood Dawson) "Because you're a pig."
  • (John Ritter) "Larry, haven't you ever thought of telling a girl the truth?"
  • (Richard Kline) "Well, I figure, anyone who gets up an hour early to put on eyeliner, fake eyelashes, and plastic nails isn't someone who wants to hear the truth."
  • (John Ritter) "Is something burning?"
  • (Janet Wood Dawson) "Oh NO. I left my underwear in the oven."
  • (Suzanne Somers) "Too bad hot pants are not in style."
  • (John Ritter) "It's time to toast the bride and groom. To Gloria and Larry, happy days."
  • (Janet Wood Dawson) "Good times."
  • (Suzanne Somers) "Little House on the Prairie."
  • (John Ritter) "And speaking of current events, did you read the big news in the paper this morning?"
  • (Suzanne Somers) "The May Company is having a huge sale on pantyhose."
  • (John Ritter) "Excuse me, Chrissy, that's not exactly a current event."
  • (Suzanne Somers) "It is so, it's going on right now."

Suzanne Somers as Chrissy

  • (Suzanne Somers) "Men are so unsympathetic."
  • (John Ritter) "Baloney."
  • (Suzanne Somers) "Oh yeah? Then how come there are more women nurses than men?"
  • (John Ritter) "Because there are more men who get sick because of women."
  • (Suzanne Somers) "Eat your salad before it gets cold."
  • (Suzanne Somers) "You know, if women ran the world there'd be none of these stupid wars."
  • (Janet Wood Dawson) "Yeah."
  • (Norman Fell) "Yeah, all the countries would nag each other to death."
  • (Janet Wood Dawson) "Chrissy, your dad is a minister, what does he usually say to couples in trouble?"
  • (Suzanne Somers) "He tells them to keep the baby."
  • (Suzanne Somers) "Jack, that smells good."
  • (John Ritter) "Chrissy, I haven't even started cooking yet."
  • (Suzanne Somers) "Well, you better hurry up and start cooking so you can catch up with the smell."

Richard Kline as Larry

  • (Richard Kline) "What the heck am I gonna do without a friend like you?"
  • (John Ritter) "Well, Larry, I'm only moving about a mile away."
  • (Richard Kline) "You shoulda told me that before I made a fool of myself."
  • (Richard Kline) "I just wanted to know if you wanted to spend an evening with a beautiful, young lady."
  • (John Ritter) "No thanks, pal. I'd rather spend an evening with Janet."

Audra Lindley as Helen Roper

  • (Audra Lindley) "Now, you should say you're sorry."
  • (Norman Fell) "All right, all right. Listen kids, I'm really very sorry."
  • (Audra Lindley) "And you'll never do it again."
  • (Norman Fell) "And I'll never do it again."
  • (Audra Lindley) "And you'll take fifty dollars off this month's rent."
  • (Norman Fell) "And I'll never do it again."

Don Knotts as Ralph Furley

  • (Don Knotts) "Who's killing a cat up here?"
  • (Don Knotts) "This is a respectable building. NO ROMAN ORGIES."
  • (Don Knotts) "Ohhhh, I'm through with women."
  • (John Ritter) "Aww."
  • (Don Knotts) "Don't you get any ideas."

Jenilee Harrison as Cindy Snow

  • (Jenilee Harrison) "If my man was cheating on me I'd break every bone in his body."
  • (John Ritter) "You'll do that on your wedding night."

Priscilla Barnes as Terri

  • (Priscilla Barnes) "I just felt sorry for you."
  • (John Ritter) "Sorry for me? Why would anybody feel sorry for me?"
  • (Janet Wood Dawson) "Oh, lots of reasons."

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