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Wonder Woman (TV series) Quotes

Wonder Woman is a Science fantasy; Action; Adventure fiction; Superhero fiction that was first aired in 1975 on American Broadcasting Company, and CBS. Wonder Woman ended its run in 1979.

Wonder Woman was on for 3 seasons and 59 + movie pilot episodes. It features Bruce Lansbury, Charles B. Fitzsimons, and Mark Rodgers as producer, and Charles Fox, and Norman Gimbel as theme composer. Wonder Woman is executive produced by Douglas S. Cramer, and Wilford Lloyd Baumes.

Each episode of Wonder Woman is 42-51 minutes long. Wonder Woman is produced by The Douglas S. Cramer Co., Bruce Lansbury Productions, Ltd., and Warner Bros. Television; DC Comics and distributed by Warner Bros. Television Distribution.

The cast includes: Carolyn Jones as Queen Hippolyte, Lynda Carter as Wonder Woman, and Lynda Carter as Diana.

Wonder Woman Quotes

Lynda Carter as Wonder Woman

  • (Marcia) "You may be fast, Wonder Woman, but nobody can be in two places at the same time."
  • (Lynda Carter) "It's over, Marcia, you're through."
  • (Marcia) "You may have me, but the Third Reich will never be through. It will go on a thousand years."
  • (Lynda Carter) "I heard the Greeks and the Romans say the same thing."
  • (Marcia) "You heard that?"
  • (Lynda Carter) "You wanted to see me, Mother?"
  • (Carolyn Jones) "You may leave his care to others."
  • (Lynda Carter) "Well thank you, but I would prefer to stay on until I'm certain that he's well."
  • (Carolyn Jones) "That was a command, not a request."
  • (Lynda Carter) "Am I allowed to ask why?"
  • (Carolyn Jones) "You are very intelligent."
  • (Lynda Carter) "I am your daughter."
  • (Carolyn Jones) "There are so many things you don't know. Do you have any idea of your age?"
  • (Lynda Carter) "By what standard?"
  • (Carolyn Jones) "By the earth's clock."
  • (Lynda Carter) "No."
  • (Carolyn Jones) "You are immortal, as are all of us on Paradise Island. If you should ever leave here, you could revert to a human being."
  • (Lynda Carter) "Why are you telling me this now, Mother?"
  • (Carolyn Jones) "Because I sense what might happen between you and that man. We are stronger, wiser and more advanced than all those people in their jungles out there. Our civilization is perfection."
  • (Lynda Carter) "No. There's something missing, Mother. When I look at Steve Trevor, I feel things. Things I've never known before."
  • (Carolyn Jones) "There are some things that are better not known. Young Amazon minds are best occupied with athletic discipline and higher learning."
  • (Carolyn Jones) "We now know why he was in the area. That man must be returned to his own country."
  • (Lynda Carter) "But why, Mother?"
  • (Carolyn Jones) "For his safety; and ours. One of our young Amazon girls will escort him to his country, and then return to Paradise Island."
  • (Lynda Carter) "But all the girls will want that task."
  • (Carolyn Jones) "I know. To forestall any ill feelings, I have planned a tournament of athletic games, by which I alone shall determine the strongest, nimblest, and most likely aspirant for the assignment."
  • (Lynda Carter) "A tournament. That's a wonderful idea, Mother. I look forward to participating in the games myself."
  • (Carolyn Jones) "You? Never."
  • (Lynda Carter) "But, Mother. I don't understand --"
  • (Carolyn Jones) "I cannot risk my only begotten child, our princess, on a mission in behalf of the life of a -- a savage."
  • (Lynda Carter) "I knew it was you all the time."
  • (Marcia) "You didn't know anything."
  • (Lynda Carter) "Well I knew that you've had a friend who carried a machine gun in her purse, and you won't get away with whatever you're doing."
  • (Marcia) "Oh, then whose gonna stop me?"
  • (Lynda Carter) "You, of all people, should realize how useless that gun is against me."
  • (Marcia) "I don't need a gun to take you, Wonder Woman. I was Nuremberg Judo Champ."
  • (Lynda Carter) "I assume,"
  • (Lynda Carter) "that that is suppose to impress me."
  • (Marcia) "Hah."
  • (Lynda Carter) "They didn't teach you to fight fear."
  • (Lynda Carter) "Now, you are going to tell the truth."
  • (Marcia) "I -- I --"
  • (Lynda Carter) "Don't bother fighting it, that lasso compels you to be honest, and you must answer every question. Where is Steve Trevor?"
  • (Marcia) "M-M-My apartment, 20-2809 West 20th Street, Chevy Chase."
  • (Lynda Carter) "You obviously have little regard for womanhood. You must learn respect."
  • (Lynda Carter) "Women are the wave of the future, and sisterhood is stronger than anything."

Carolyn Jones as Queen Hippolyte

  • (Carolyn Jones) "I named this island "Paradise" for an excellent reason. There are no men on it. Thus, it is free of their wars, their greed, their hostility, their -- barbaric -- masculine -- behavior."
  • (Carolyn Jones) "You're too young to remember how we women were slaves in Rome, and Greece -- I promised myself it would never happen again."
  • (Carolyn Jones) "And this is your Golden Lasso. Besides being made from an indestructible material, it also carries with it the power to compel people to tell the truth. Use it well, and with compassion."
  • (Carolyn Jones) "Go in peace my daughter. And remember that, in a world of ordinary mortals, you are a Wonder Woman."

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