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A Free Soul Quotes

A Free Soul is a television program that was first aired in 1970 . A Free Soul ended in 1970.

It features Clarence Brown as producer, and William Daniels (cinematographer) as head of cinematography.

A Free Soul is recorded in English and originally aired in United States. Each episode of A Free Soul is 91 minutes long. A Free Soul is distributed by Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer.

The cast includes: Norma Shearer as Jan Ashe, James Gleason as Eddie, and Leslie Howard as Dwight Winthrop.

A Free Soul Quotes

Norma Shearer as Jan Ashe

  • (Norma Shearer) "Don't run away from things. Don't hide. Get out in the middle of life and if the wind blows you over; pick yourself up again. Make your own mistakes and learn by them."
  • (Ace Wilfong, Gangster Defendant) "Do you think you could like me?"
  • (Norma Shearer) "I don't quite know what's happened? Whether its just the end of a perfect day; or; whether I'm just a little mad."
  • (Ace Wilfong, Gangster Defendant) "Frightened?"
  • (Norma Shearer) "No, I love it."
  • (Ace Wilfong, Gangster Defendant) "You love what?"
  • (Norma Shearer) "Oh, I don't know. You're just a new kind of man in a new kind of world."
  • (Norma Shearer) "Oh, I love you. I love you as much as I despise myself."
  • (Norma Shearer) "I just don't want to get married, Dwight. I don't want life to settle down around me like a pan of sour dough. I don't want it one little bit."
  • (Ace Wilfong, Gangster Defendant) "You think you're quite a gal, don't you?"
  • (Norma Shearer) "Oh, it doesn't matter what I think."
  • (Ace Wilfong, Gangster Defendant) "You can cut out the kiddin', Jan. You used to get away with that half-kiddin' stuff. I figured it was your language over my head."
  • (Stephen Ashe, Defense Attorney) "Where do you live?"
  • (Norma Shearer) "St. Patrick's Hotel, San Francisco."
  • (Stephen Ashe, Defense Attorney) "On the day of the killing, did you see Ace Wilfong?"
  • (Norma Shearer) "Yes, I did."
  • (Stephen Ashe, Defense Attorney) "Where?"
  • (Norma Shearer) "St. Francis Hotel, he came there."
  • (Stephen Ashe, Defense Attorney) "Tell us exactly what happened -- in your own words."
  • (Norma Shearer) "He'd been very brutal the night before --"
  • (Prosecuting Attorney) "I object, your honor."
  • (Stephen Ashe, Defense Attorney) "It's alright, I'm not trying to juggle with this witness, your honor."
  • (Judge) "Objection sustained."
  • (Stephen Ashe, Defense Attorney) "Alright, strike out the answer about Wilfong's brutality."
  • (Norma Shearer) "No, I'm not cheap. Not even you can say I am. I can't let you."
  • (Ace Wilfong, Gangster Defendant) "How much do you love me?"
  • (Norma Shearer) "How much? Let me see how much -- well, it's about ten feet high and about seven feet wide."
  • (Ace Wilfong, Gangster Defendant) "No, no, never mind that."
  • (Norma Shearer) "Oh, I can't measure it now, its a storm at sea."
  • (Norma Shearer) "Tell me, Eddie. Has he been drinking?"
  • (James Gleason) "Well -- uh --"
  • (Norma Shearer) "A lot?"
  • (James Gleason) "Well, it wouldn't be a lot for a camel or one of them things."
  • (Norma Shearer) "What's the tricks? What's the tricks?"
  • (Norma Shearer) "Said he, and suddenly the moonbeams turn to worms; and crawl away."
  • (Ace Wilfong, Gangster Defendant) "I was just wondering what I'd do if you stopped dropping in?"
  • (Norma Shearer) "Very interesting. You just talked yourself out of the warmest osculation."
  • (Ace Wilfong, Gangster Defendant) "Why, if I told you how often I wished I'd have you like this, you wouldn't believe it."
  • (Norma Shearer) "Why me? The world's full of girls."
  • (Ace Wilfong, Gangster Defendant) "Well, why'd Romeo take on so much grief?"
  • (Ace Wilfong, Gangster Defendant) "You do love me, don't you?"
  • (Norma Shearer) "It's just madness, nothing else."
  • (Prosecuting Attorney) "Did he threaten to kidnap you?"
  • (Norma Shearer) "Yes, he did."
  • (Prosecuting Attorney) "Was he truthful when he said you went to his place and stayed there?"
  • (Norma Shearer) "Yes."
  • (Prosecuting Attorney) "Did he kidnap you the first time you went there and stayed?"
  • (Norma Shearer) "No."
  • (Prosecuting Attorney) "You went because you wanted to, didn't you?"
  • (Norma Shearer) "Yes."
  • (Prosecuting Attorney) "Over how long a period did you go to his place and stay because you wanted to?"
  • (Norma Shearer) "Several months."
  • (Prosecuting Attorney) "You've been to school, haven't you Miss Ashe?"
  • (Norma Shearer) "Yes."
  • (Prosecuting Attorney) "Good American schools?"
  • (Norma Shearer) "Yes."
  • (Prosecuting Attorney) "And you were over 21 when you went to Wilfong and belonged to him, weren't you?"
  • (Norma Shearer) "Yes, sir."
  • (Prosecuting Attorney) "And he only became a beast, after you were through with the experience and he wasn't. Isn't that it?"
  • (Johnson - Defense Attorney) "You're honor, I object to this form of bullying."
  • (Prosecuting Attorney) "I'm through."
  • (Norma Shearer) "Wait a little while, darling. I'll be in New York, working at something."
  • (Norma Shearer) "I know how you're suffering, dear, but just a little time, and then --"
  • (Stephen Ashe, Defense Attorney) ""Suffering" -- it isn't suffering, it's madness. All this is really driving me to stark insanity."
  • (Norma Shearer) "Dad, if you don't stand now, dear, you never will."
  • (Stephen Ashe, Defense Attorney) "Say, you're assuming a lot, Jan. I don't want a drink. It's this bargain I resent that cuts me off from all normal living. A bargain I had to make to keep you from playing with rattlesnakes."
  • (Norma Shearer) "Not very fair, darling."
  • (Stephen Ashe, Defense Attorney) "A crook. With the mob. Mixed in to everything from opium to white slavery. Huh. What kind of a "bargain" do you call that?"
  • (Norma Shearer) "I know it isn't much of a bargain, dear, but we thought we ought to try it now, didn't we?"
  • (Stephen Ashe, Defense Attorney) "Oh, I can't stand it. If I could only get a little sleep. I'm going mad for sleep. I can't get a -- just a few minutes and I'm wide awake again. It's frightful."
  • (Ace Wilfong, Gangster Defendant) "Say, don't women ever want to talk?"
  • (Norma Shearer) "Is it, eh, physiology or biology?"
  • (Ace Wilfong, Gangster Defendant) "What do you mean?"
  • (Norma Shearer) "Ha-ha. Men of action are better in action, they don't talk well."
  • (Norma Shearer) "Come on, put 'em around me."
  • (Norma Shearer) "Hello, there."
  • (Ace Wilfong, Gangster Defendant) "Hello, yourself. Say, it's great to come up and find you here like this."
  • (Norma Shearer) "Is it now? Well, what are you going to do about it?"
  • (Norma Shearer) "What's on your mind, darling?"
  • (Ace Wilfong, Gangster Defendant) "I want to marry you."
  • (Norma Shearer) "Why?"
  • (Ace Wilfong, Gangster Defendant) "Why? What do you think, why? I'm off my nut about you."
  • (Norma Shearer) "I didn't know until last night what I was really doing to myself. What a beast you were when the surface is scratched. I found out that only swines should travel with swines."
  • (Ace Wilfong, Gangster Defendant) "Say, you're talkin' to the man you love."
  • (Norma Shearer) "It makes me sick to even hear you say the word. I've lost the right ever again to think of what love can be or what it means. Marry you? For, the rest of my life can't wash the filthy mark of you out of my soul."
  • (Norma Shearer) "Marrying you is serious, darn serious. It would mean the end of a lot of things for me. My world would close up on me in a minute."
  • (Ace Wilfong, Gangster Defendant) "Oh, why worry about 'em. A lot of high hat chislers."

Leslie Howard as Dwight Winthrop

  • (Leslie Howard) "The key to my success is to never say die."
  • (Leslie Howard) "Jan, darling, don't cry. There's so little to say, isn't there. Except, I love you."
  • (Norma Shearer) "You ought to hate me. I wish you did. I'm not worth what you've done."
  • (Ace Wilfong, Gangster Defendant) "Sit down, this is a good place to talk."
  • (Leslie Howard) "You're not going to talk, any more."

James Gleason as Eddie

  • (James Gleason) "It's leopard sweat. You can't trust it."

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